Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gray Skies Make Me Blue

Maybe it is from growing up in Phoenix, AZ where it was hot and sunny all the time, that makes me feel like I'm only half-alive when it is cloudy outside.  I'm naturally very energetic and perky, but I don't even recognize myself today.  I have had an urge all day to crawl back under the covers.  Won't do it though.  I'm not finishing my dartboard jacket, however, and may not get back to it until Friday.  Sure wish my dress form would come!

I'm so disappointed in Fabulous Fit.  The very nice lady named Jill seems to have disappeared and another lady whom I don't know at all keeps emailing me.  I had the idea that Jill was going to pad my form and INVOLVE me in it.  I haven't seen the dress form at all -- before, during or after.  I have no idea how it looks or how my clothes look on it.  I even asked for a picture, but nothing.  My happy bubble is slowly leaking here.

I may need to find some bright Springy fabric to buy on line to cheer myself up.  I LOVE the fabric in that clown's pants.  Am I two years old or what!?  I like bright and cheery and fun.  I don't care what Liz Claiborne, or whoever else, says is in style.  My Mother used to say, "If it is going to have someone's name on it, it is going to be mine!"  And wouldn't my crocs look so cute with that!?  I have a pair in every color in that clown picture--really, I do!

I think I'll run downstairs and take a pic so you can see I am telling you the truth!

Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee --  I have at least a dozen more pair at my other house.  If it wasn't for Jerry, I would never wear anything else.  On hard tile floors and wood floors, these are just the best for comfort.

Don't you LOVE the yellow ones?  Jerry despises those the most.  If I ever try to leave the house in my crocs, he abruptly stops and says, "You are NOT wearing THOSE!"  What a meany!  He doesn't mind the non-swiss-cheese styles as much.

Crocs has a NEW style called Carliana.  It is SOOOOOOOOOO darling, but I about fainted when I saw the price!  $45.00!  Yikes!  Add S&H to that, and it would be more than $50.00.  I really love them though.  Wonder if Jerry would like that style.  I'm telling myself they would probably hurt my toes, and I'm controlling my urge -- at least, for now.

Okay, I am going to make myself do something.  If I had those crocs, I would go find some fabric to match!

Hugs, Joy


  1. It's the accesories that make the outfit :) so you got have the right coloured shoes!

    (Wellingot NZ)

  2. Back to the crotch curve - what length flex ruler did you use?
    I love your blog and really enjoy and appreciate your tutorials.

    Thank you!!!!

  3. Mine is 40 inches, but you could do it very well with 30 inches. Thank you for the comments!
    Hugs, Joy


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