Monday, March 26, 2012

Dress Form LUCY Arrived Today!!!

Well, what can I say.  How can you be elated and downhearted at the same time???  The new dress form who I am calling "Lucy" arrived today.  Phylly and Margaret were both here to help me open the giant box she came in.  AND I had a special surprise helper:  Margaret's grandson, Alex.  He was a natural in front of the camera, don't you think?  I made a video for you if you are interested in watching us open a box.  You can be the FIRST to see Lucy, just like we were.  Here is the link:

Why am I ELATED?  Because she is very nicely clothed in her little jumper, and she is attractive insofar as how SHE looks.  Her shoulders are right as to one higher and the width of them.  That is very nice!

Why am I DOWNHEARTED?  Because I DO NOT look like that!  I sent them a video, pictures in my underwear, 8 pages of measurements, and this is what they came up with?  Her apex's were two inches too high.  Her bottom is round and full -- mine is flat.  Her stomach is as flat as a board.  Mine is very round and full.  I measure 34 around the upper chest.  She measures 37.  I have one hip HIGHER than the other -- hers are both exactly the same.  My bust is 41.  Hers is 40.  Her waist is the same as mine, and her hips are the same as mine at one location. 

I bet the lady that called me never even touched this dress form.  One side of her chest is inside the inner garment.  One side of her chest is inside the outer garment and slides up and down.  I know that the boss would not have let this go out like this if she had CHECKED her measurements and viewed the dress on me and the dress on her. 

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I am back to where I started.  I will have to pad her myself.  Of course, I won't have to start from scratch, but it may seem like it by the time I get down to her tummy area because all of the upper pads will fall off getting to it.  I should have known better than to get all exhilarated over this when Jill called me and made those promises to me over the phone. 

AND, still not a single picture.  I have FIVE emails from Fabulous Fit promising me pictures.  I NEVER got them.

I guess they figure that if they leave me alone this time, and they don't call and insult me telling me I can't sew and I can't measure, that I will keep the dress form -- and I will.  Jerry will help me and she will be exactly like me eventually.

My final review of Fabulous Fit is this:  Very nice dress form, but very poor customer service.  You cannot believe what they tell you on the phone or in an email.  I find this very disappointing as I was so looking forward to raving about the customer service after all the promises made to me.  I won't lie about it though.  I will post a full review over at, and you will see Lucy in future videos.

Other than that, Phylly and I had a BLAST today, and Margaret came over because we were all going to go to Johnnie's for lunch.  When Margaret arrived, she asked me when Lucy was coming.  I told her I had no idea.  She asked if I had tracked it.  I told her I didn't know how.  So she told me to go to, and the rest was simple.  LO AND BEHOLD, we found out she was coming TODAY.  So Phylly ordered me to fix lunch because as soon as we would leave, the Fedex truck would come.  Fortunately, I had Margaret's favorite dish:  broccoli salad!  (JK -- She hates it!)  We had ham sandwiches, chips and dip, salad and ice cream for dessert.  We decided that was better than Johnnie's anyway.

Phylly worked on her new red dress all day long, and I made the cutest polka dot top for myself.  Look for pictures of it tomorrow.  I have to put the neckband on, and I can't do it tonight because Dancing With The Stars is on.  I can't miss that.

I will be doing a review of my very first Silhouette top pattern.  I am very pleasantly surprised at the amazing fit right-out-of-the-box.  And Peggy Sagers says she isn't that smart.  Her patterns have B, C and D cup sizing.  VERY NICE feature!!!

Gotta go.  I'll be back tomorrow with pics of my darling new top.  I've got to go do a thousand sit-ups so maybe I can meet Lucy's stomach half way.   


  1. WOW ... what a journey. I was so happy to see Lucy! (hehehe ;) !! .. and then I looked and thought her right bosom looked off .. shmushed in and distorted and not at all balanced with the left. Is it my eyes or is it that the case? You sure have have a great balanced form visually and a great figure (that's 'cause you're ALWAYS moving.. LOL).

    Gosh .. whattadangshame. You've got a perfect right to be insulted and upset with them. You've been SO extra patient and more than tolerant of their *blanketyblank* sweet talk and lame, empty promises .. and all to keep you from cancelling, obviously.

    Sheesh .. it's really awful when folks in business selling a very expensive item can be so stunningly unprofessional and actually underhanded. It's downright unethical. I know I'd never buy anything from them after your pitifully foul experience.

    You should shout your reviews of their behavior far and wide so other folks know, lest they leap into the same pit of aggravation.

    But .. with yours and Jerry's cleverness and persistence, I know she'll turn out just like you, and she'll serve your needs well. I know she'll be such a great help in fitting.

    Hang in there .. you'll Get'R Done! Glad you had such a nice visit.


  2. THANK YOU! I thought her boob was smashed too and higher than the other one -- or lower. It's because of the loose pads inside her outfit. I am going to email them today -- not that they will care. Marsha -- the one I padded originally -- was WAY BETTER insofar as looking like me. How dare them call and tell me I made a "monster" and didn't know what I was doing. So very wrong! Truly unprofessional. What they are professionals at is lying!
    Hugs, Joy

  3. Joy, you are a marvelous writer! I have chuckled over many of your postings, and admired even more of your SFD projects =). Lucy may have less of a belly but you got a personality no one can're a hoot and a half! LOL I've really got to quit waiting for the diet and sit-ups to get them self done and just break out the SFD and get er done!

    Thanks for sharing!


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