Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dress Form Woes and I Want to Move

Thursday and steak dinner at Longhorn tonight with our very long time friends, Robert and Deanna.  IF they will let me, I will take their pictures for tomorrow's post. 

I have decided I want to move away from our lake house.  Let's hope this is a passing fancy!  My husband would let me move WITHOUT him, I suppose, but other than that, it won't happen.  I am just so much happier when I am up here at our other house where I have so many friends and nice neighbors AND stores just down the street.  My phone actually rings once in awhile, and it is not a recording or a salesperson!  I will just have to cast this care on the Lord.  Maybe the new neighbors moving in next door to us at our other house will be nice and friendly.  The economy has really changed the "landscape" down there (150 miles South of here), and many people have moved or just don't ever come to their lake houses.  You will see 5 or 6 houses in a row for sale, or houses for sale that have been on the market for years.  The one that just sold next to us must have been on the market for five years, at least.  I know the owners took a lot less than what they were asking.

For new readers:  We have two business locations, and have a home in each town.  Our homes are 150 miles away from each other.  The 2nd home is really Jerry's office.  We do have really nice employees down there, but I can't be "friends" with them.  It always causes issues.  Hard to be the boss and a friend.  Ask me how I learned that??? 

(Note:  I am not Phylly's direct boss.  I work at the other location,  AND we were friends before she was an employee.  With her, it works.)

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay....about Lucy (my Fabulous Fit dress form).  My third email to Fabulous Fit got a response.  Jill told me they had gotten 85 emails in a row, or something, because of a new system.  You know, the whole urgency of this dress form nightmare is the fact that I paid $1200 for it!  No small piece of change.  If it had been $200, then I would expect to have all these issues with it.  But for $1200, she ought to have a gold ring in her nose!

But WAIT!  She doesn't HAVE a nose!  Well, she SHOULD!

The latest development is that they have mailed me a new outfit for her with a zipper that works.  That is really nice, but it means I have to rip off all the padding I put on her yesteday.  Actually, it will FALL off when I take off her clothes.  Twenty years from now, I'm sure I will laugh at all of this -- right?

After all, I may need a story from my past to write about in the blog I'm writing when I am 80 years old.  By then, I'll probably weigh 120 pounds and have to have a smaller dress form.  My Mom is 80, and she is thin now.  Like anyone CARES you are thin when you are 80! 

I'm cutting out a new top out of Slinky today.  I'll post pics tomorrow.  Jerry will be here soon, and I am SO EXCITED to see him and even to see our two crazy cats, Barney and Bootsy.  My cats are trained to jump up ONLY on this one chair.  They don't get on anything else in the house.  They are only allowed inside the house when we are there, however.  If we left them alone, that red couch would be stuffingless!

It's a gorgeous day here in Oklahoma.  Hope your day is Purrfect!

Hugs, Joy

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