Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earthquake, Hormones and Pizza

Good Saturday evening everyone!  It's a whole lot better than my Saturday morning was around here, that's for sure!  For those of you who take hormones, do you ever forget them?  Do you turn into a big bawl baby when you do?  My goodness -- what an AWFUL morning with me screaming and crying.  The most HORRIBLE thing you can imagine happened, of course, to start the tears.  You know I just got new glasses -- well I got new contact lenses also.  They just got delivered yesterday, so I had them in my eyes this morning when I got in the shower.  I was showering and suddenly noticed this crack in the floor of the shower -- about 4 inches long.  I thought, "OMG, I'm going to fall through the floor!"  "The earthquake must be sucking our shower down into the ground!"  (We had a small earthquake in Oklahoma last Fall.) 

I hurried and finished -- got out of the shower -- grabbed a towel and ran out to tell Jerry who was at his desk working -- where ELSE would he be.  I simply said, "There is a huge crack in the shower floor!"  "I'm going to call somebody Monday to come replace our shower floor."  Jerry not knowing, of course, that I have missed my Friday hormone dose, proceeds to inform me that the crack has been there for ages, and I am NOT going to get someone to fix it.  I turn into Crazy Joy and start crying and carrying on like the world was coming to an end.  I tell him I am going to leave him and go buy another house that has a safe shower in it.  I tell him he doesn't love me, and he would rather work than make sure our house is safe for me.  NUTS!!!  I can say that NOW, but I sure didn't feel that way this morning.

After bawling for a couple of hours with Jerry TRYING to work and pretending he doesn't even know I'm in the house, I REMEMBER I forgot my hormones yesterday.  I quickly went into the bathroom and dug them out of my makeup kit and applied them.  Whew!  It is AMAZING how quickly they worked.  It was only a little while and I was wondering why I had made such a big deal out of a crack in the floor.  Jerry told me he would fix it -- and yes, I'm sure he will -- SOMEDAY!  You know my imagination.  I picture black and green slime growing under the crack because the water goes right down into it.  I imagine all kinds of slime creatures living under my shower.  I wonder if THAT is what causes my allergies!  I think I will put some masking tape on top of it tonight while it is dry -- just in case!

After I decided to leave the Pity Party that nobody wanted to attend, I decided to finish the slinky knit top I started on Thursday.  I would have finished it on Thursday except that I decided to go press the center back seam with a hot iron, and the hot iron decided to MELT the fabric clear through to the ironing board.  YUK, what a MESS it left on my iron too.

This is SLINKY fabric but the white print on it is some kind of puffy stuff.  The two together make this fabric like a sponge.  You can see the iron just FRIED the fabric.  I unplugged the iron and took it to a sink for later cleaning.  I have a spare iron, so I got it out.  Fortunately, I had enough of the fabric left to cut out another back.  I wasn't in the mood to finish the top though, so I put it aside.  Actually, I had to work on Lucy some more.

Jerry brought in his Krud Kutter today to clean around the crack in the shower floor, so I used it to clean all that yuk off my iron.  It took awhile, but it did come clean.

This is the exact same pattern as the polka dot top I posted a pic of a few days ago.  I made it again to see if I could make the neckline come out right.  It did come out right this time, but I wish it was lower.  This is a Silhouette pattern, #210.


That is supposed to be a SIDE pose.  Didn't get too sideways, did I?  Oh, well.  You get the idea.  Great pattern, and I would make it again.  What I like best is the different bust sizes included in the pattern.  I used the "D", and it worked perfectly.


Thank you, Peggy!

After I finished my blouse, Jerry suggested we go to Lowe's.  GUESS WHY????  He wanted to look for something to fix the shower with.  Now, isn't that sweet?  Then we went to Hideaway Pizza for my very favorite Maghuerita Pizza and salad.  Jerry had Supreme.  It was a lovely date.  Now, he is outside spreading something on our lawn and spraying the weeds in the garden with Round-Up.  How do I EVER get mad at this man!?  It's the hormones!  He'll tell you the same thing.  He is a Pharmacist, you know.  I'll make it up to him later!

Better go.  Jerry will want to watch a movie.  I think I'll let him pick tonight.  It's the least I can do!

Hugs, Joy

The kisses are for Jerry!

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