Sunday, March 4, 2012

Good Sunday Morning and Another SFD Top Done

I just LOVE having church every Sunday morning in my sewing room.  I have the worst -- actually impossible -- time SITTING STILL.  I am sure that whatever poor soul ever happened to sit next to me in church wanted to scream for deliverance!  In fact, I had a friend -- used to be my very best friend -- tell me one time that I drove her crazy sitting across the table from her because I was ALWAYS moving.  It is true.  I don't know what it is.  Maybe THAT is why she doesn't like me anymore, come to think of it.
When we have church up here in my sewing room, Jerry sits perfectly still and never moves at all in the chair right in front of the monitor.  I sit in a chair some, stand some, walk some, make a cup of coffee, iron some, sew some, etc.  My body LOVES it!  And I LISTEN to the sermon.  I can tell you all about it.  Matt Hagee preached on "It Is Finished".  It was very good.  Felt like Easter Sunday.  He said the "experts" on the news and at the doctor's office and the lawyer's office didn't die for you, Jesus did!  We are not subject to what the world tells us about our situation -- we are subject to what the Word of God tells us about our situation.  Very good.  I love a fresh infusion of the Word every day, but Sunday is especially nice because Jerry is not working if even for an hour and a half.

Jerry is back at work at his computer now.  Competitive Bidding is this year for our medical equipment business.  You can't imagine the work involved.  Among a thousand other things, we have to tell Medicare -- the government agency requiring us to do this -- every single thing we sold last year, who we bought it from, who we sold it to, who paid for it, etc.  Shouldn't Medicare already KNOW what they paid for?!  Only Jerry has the stability to deal with the pressure cooker that our business is.  I had to quit except for the small part I do.  I hired a manager for each store to do most of what I used to do.  They are both much more patient than I am with inefficient government bureaucracy and the constant, insane changes.  I would rather sew, and I thank God every day that I am able to do that -- both time wise and health wise.  No small thing.

So, yes, I have made ANOTHER SFD blouse.  I am using my latest blueprint of the dress that I made to send to Fabulous Fit to make my new dress form, Jill.  I have drawn two blouse patterns from it so far.  The one I made yesterday has my favorite boatneck and just pulls over my head.  Here are some pics:

I've put this blouse on and off AT LEAST 20 times.  Sure wish I had that dress form.  I'm wondering if the arms will be padded, because this sleeve is a bit snug.  I wouldn't know that if the arm on Jill isn't as fat as mine.  Now, I've got to find the purple fabric I bought to make pants to match this top.  I'm ready for Summer since it has already been Summer all Winter long here!

I have another appointment at the Skin Clinic at 9:30 tomorrow morning.  I tried calling them at noon on Friday to make sure someone BESIDES the Orthodontist is going to be there to greet me.  No answer.  I think they only work 20 hours a week at that place.  You have to call over and over to get them.  The downside of living in a one-horse town.  This time it is the freeze machine doctor.  Last week was the lazer.

The freeze machine is great for removing brown spots.  I had two little ones on my face several years ago.  I went with Jerry to one of his many appointments, and the "freeze girl" (I call her) just quickly sprayed the two brown spots on my face.  I didn't feel a thing.  In about a week, the brown spots just fell off.  Amazing!  Wish they could spray some fat off that easily.

I have to clean my house because Phylly is coming next weekend.  She will be VERY upset if she sees how messy my sewing room is right now.  She has it in her head that I am a super neat housekeeper, and I sure don't want her to find out that isn't really true.  The magic rags are in the washer now!  (Somewhere in this blog I talked about magic rags -- also known as microfiber cloths.)  I need to do a tutorial on them because it really makes a difference how you use them.  Not today though....

Join me in praying for all those people in the path of the tornadoes.  So many killed.  It is tragic.  My heart really goes out to them.  We are so blessed to have never gone through anything like that, not that Oklahoma doesn't have its share of tornadoes.  We have been closed in a little closet several times in my life.  One time I was inside a nasty bathroom at a tire place with all the greasy workers because a tornado warning blast went off as I was paying for an oil change.

Such sadness.  I pray God sends angels to minister on their behalfs, and that every one will find someone to care for them and help them in their time of need.  I wonder if there is a way to send household items that I usually give to Goodwill.  I have 12 bags full just sitting in my garage right now.  I don't give broken or torn things either.

Back in the OLDEN DAYS when I went to school, we could actually sit in our classes and pray together if there was a need.  Everyone went to SOME church.  We didn't know which religion was right, but we all knew who Jesus was.  We knew we were a CHRISTIAN nation, and we pledged allegience to our flag.  Oh, to have those days back. 
Hugs, Joy


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  3. Bookmarking your blog here! Love it!
    And your top looks GREAT on you!
    Jesus is Lord: Amen!

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  5. I really enjoy your blog and the videos.
    Did you ever do the tutorial about the microfiber cloths?


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