Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sewing Projects for Phylly and Me

It is already Saturday night at either 7:13 or 8:13, depending on when you change your clocks.  This day went by soooooooooooo fast!  Phylly is making Vogue 8648.  She is making the muslin right now so we can fit it to her tomorrow.  Very pretty dress, but since I don't wear dresses, I am making a jacket.

Phylly held up my pattern so you can see what I am making:

I bought it many moons ago.  I made the blue jacket years ago using a black and white print and it had the prettiest black and white buttons on it.  I, of course, could not wear it anymore, so I gave it to the Goodwill.  Wish I had cut the buttons off of it now and tossed the rest of it.  Maybe someone is wearing it though and enjoying it.  Phylly helped me get the paper pattern pieces fit to my body.  It is something you HAVE to have a helper to do.  I helped her get the paper pattern of the above dress fitted to her.  I'll take a pic tomorrow of her muslin if she will let me.  Mine too, if I get that far.

We are also going to work on fitting the crotch.  We may even make a movie for you.  If I get that perfected, I will make a pair of slacks to go with that new jacket.

Gotta go.  Jerry has Footloose ready to go in the movie room.  I'll be back tomorrow.

Hugs, Phylly and Joy

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