Thursday, March 1, 2012

New SFD Blouse Finished

I have made a blouse similar to this before.  I really like the sleeve on this one, and I am happy with the wider hip width at the bottom and the deeper waist darts in the back.  I had to straighten the waist dart in the front as I had widened it quite a bit in order to make the bust dart smaller.

Here is my blouse, unwashed and not pressed well.  What is with me and LEAF patterns these days?  Of course, black and white is one of my favorites too.  This turned out real cute, I think.  Jerry was home sick all day with a chest cold.  He's been sick for about a week now, but I just found about it a couple days ago.  Jerry never says when he is sick, so I don't know until he is coughing all over me!  I will be sleeping in the guest room tonight.  I had him call the Skin Hospital this morning and tell them he had a cold, and sure enough, he had to reschedule.  The last thing I would want if I already felt bad is to have to have surgery.

Here, I am showing you my sleeve.  It has a "V" in it and is turned up.  Don't think you can see it very well.  The bust dart looks a whole lot better.  I don't guess Jerry thought my new blouse was too special.  I came upstairs this morning wearing the outfit I WAS going to wear to the hospital before he cancelled his surgery this morning.  I came downstairs tonight wearing this, and he didn't even notice it.  He says all my blouses look alike.  I was sick of it by the end of today -- as I always am after I make things -- and I think it is awful and I don't like it.  I did that with my duck blouse, and now, I love it!  I squirt the marks on the blouse with Shout and threw it in the washer to wait until I get in the mood to wash it.  Tomorrow, I will start something else.

I have been thinking a lot lately about putting my Route 66 quilt top on the longarm and getting it quilted.  Then I can show you something different for awhile.  I spent two years making that quilt top, but realized it is really huge, and I'm not sure I have a wall tall enough anywhere to hang it on.  I still have to add the outside borders, and I need to tweak them to make the quilt a bit smaller.  Let me see if I can find a pic of it here for you...  Yeh, this shows 5 rows -- each row representating one of the States on Route 66, including Oklahoma.  There are 8 States in all (I think).  I digitized a lot of the blocks in this quilt.  It has hundreds of hours of work in it.  I really would like to finish it.

Guess I will go watch TV with Jerry.  I have a new Threads Magazine and a new Vogue Magazine, and I really want to read them.  Jerry likes to watch TV in the dark, so that is out for now.  Plus, I am playing about six games of Scrabble with Laurie and that keeps me busy until 11 or 12 PM each night.  She says she plays with 10 to 12 people!  YIKES!  I couldn't do that much, but I do love word games.  I have to save time for sewing, you know!
I actually had ALL vowels one night, and another night I had NO vowels at all!  I think all the good letters always go to Laurie.  She spells words that aren't even in my Dictionary!  I think I may need to get a newer Dictionary.

Good night my friends.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Your blouse looks great :)

    Like the sleeve and the fabric looks good on you.
    A very flattering top.
    Want to sew for me too ?

    Great quilt - it always takes me ages to decide how to quilt a quilt _ I am still learning about FM quilting - I need lots of practice.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Cute blouse, Joy Joy. I'm just now sitting down to unwind a bit.
    Hugs, Phylly


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