Friday, March 30, 2012

Restaurants, Service and Banking

Dinner last night at Longhorn with Robert and Deanna was WONDERFUL!  I am really happy when I get a nice waiter.  There are so many terrible waiters these days that couldn't care less if you ever come back or not.  In fact, they probably wish you wouldn't come back and make them have to work so hard. 

Did you ever have a waiter that cannot multi-task?  I was at Olive Garden the other day.  I got this nice, handsome young waiter named Justin.  He is real good at the first part of his job where he comes up to your table -- introduces himself to you -- and then goes to get your drink.  He has that part down.  But the rest of his job is quite disconcerting to him.  He gets mixed up as to what tables are his and which table was first and how long you have been waiting for your food.  It was the lunch hour, and some people did have to get back to their jobs.  I had gotten this guy before, and when I noticed he was my waiter, I wanted to leave -- and I've done that before -- but I didn't this time.  All I ordered was ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT chicken soup and salad -- how hard can that be!?  I did request dressing ON THE SIDE, but that must have been too high tech for the guy because the salad was soaked with dressing. 

He asked if I wanted my salad first, to which I answered "Yes", but he neglected to tell me that IF I said "Yes" that I may never see the soup.  I waited and waited and waited, meanwhile eating several breadsticks that I usually don't eat. 

Then he showed up at the table next to me where people had just arrived.  When he got done with them, I waved him over and asked if I could please have my soup.  He came back some time later with a tray of food, BUT he went to the table next to me.  He was passing out drinks and salads to that table and I could see MY SOUP on the tray.  I wanted to walk over there and ask him if I could please take my soup off the tray.

He finally turned around and put my bowl in front of me.  I ate that and since it was "all you can eat", I wanted another bowl.  I didn't get to be 20 pounds overweight by eating just ONE tiny bowl of soup!  But, alas, I could have hatched my own chicken by the time I saw the guy again!

In fact, I did NOT see him again except at another table.  Other waiters would walk by now and then, so I decided to summon one of them to my table.  I asked if they could please check on the health of my waiter as I had not seen him for ages, and I was done eating and I needed to leave.  Some other person showed up with my bill and took my credit card.  I got my receipt back but NO chocolates.  You are supposed to get a chocolate mint at OG.  As I was leaving, a girl came up to me near the door and asked how my dinner was.  I told her I didn't get my chocolate.  She ran over to a counter and returned to me with an entire bowl of chocolates!  She tried to give me a handful.  I told her I only wanted ONE.  She should have taken the bowl to Justin.  Maybe a little caffeine would WAKE HIM UP and remind him he had customers.

And so you will know I'm not just one of those "impossible to please" customers, let me tell you about dinner at Longhorn last night.  Jerrod was our waiter and was very nice and clean and unadorned with pokey things in his face or tattoos all over his arms.  Our friends arrived there before we did, and they were already at a table.  Jerrod was there too, and he talked to us like he already knew us.  Deanna must have told him that I LOVE great service, or he was just great to start with.  He was easy to talk to, and he listened well.  He was very responsive to whatever we said.  I tried to be on my best behavior; and before the evening was through, I even invited him to come live with us!  That was AFTER I told him to please not cover his body with tattoos and to marry a Christian girl.  He said he certainly would.  Such a nice young man!  When I mentioned that my grandson -- his age -- was in the Army -- he reached over and shook my hand and said, "Thank him for his service."  Then Robert told him his grandson was in the Navy, and he shook Robert's hand and said it again.  Service, patriotism, honor and respect.  WOW!  It did my heart good to see they still exist in America all wrapped up in one very promising young man.  It was a fabulous, enjoyable meal!  Jerry would not let me leave a tip, because I tend to leave $20 bills when I get good service.  I've had waiters run after me in the parking lot to hug me!

Oh, speaking of good service, I HAVE to tell you about Red Lobster.  It was way back in the "olden days".  I was in my twenties and the girls were very young.  The four of us were at Red Lobster, and I ordered crab legs.  I had NEVER had crab legs before, but I heard how great they were.  When my crab legs were delivered, I struggled and struggled trying to get them open.  I finally was in tears with injuries on my fingers and my crab legs were all cold.  The waiter came over and saw my frustration.  Now, I am NOT making this up.  Jerry will verify it.  The very good-looking and charming dark-haired young man who was waiting on us came to our table.  He picked up my plate of crab legs and said, "These are cold.  I will go get you another order."  He came back in a moment with a plate of steamy hot crab legs.  He then proceeded to use the little cracker tool and cracked each leg open himself.  He then dipped the meat in the butter, and put the meat in my mouth!  I thought Jerry was going to gag.  I was in HEAVEN!  Now THAT is what I call SERVICE with a smile -- the smile being mine!

About an hour before we had to leave to go the Longhorn tonight, I got a call from an employee.  She told me that when another employee made the daily bank/post office run, that the bank REFUSED to take our deposit. 

The checks we were depositing were just like the checks we have been depositing for the past 20 years:  Checks from insurance companies.  Sometimes they are made out to our Corporation and sometmes they are made out to our DBA.  The bank has never questioned either payee name in all these years.  Some girl named Shontall who later informed me she was the boss of the tellers and the highest officer in the bank (I'm SO SURE!) explained that "we have tooken them before, but we can't anymore".  She called me by the wrong name and told me we couldn't use our Corporation name.  I asked to talk to her boss.  She told me her bosses were all in another State.  I asked to talk to someone I would set up a new account with if I walked in the front door of the bank.  She said I could talk to Daryn (a woman), but she was busy.  

I waited a few minutes, and I called the bank back.  I asked to talk to Daryn.  Daryn came to the phone.  I explained the problem and how absurd I thought it was.  She told me they would have to set up a new account with BOTH of our names on it.  I told her that I had just bought 5,000 checks, and if I had to set up a new account, it WOULD NOT BE with her bank.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. 

The bank must have been hit with a lightning bolt right that second, or something, because Daryn SUDDENLY became very, very helpful.  She was soooooooooooooooooooo sorry, and she was sure she could get a Manager involved.  I asked her if that would be Shontall since she informed me she was in charge of the whole bank.  She thought I was kidding. 

I called and talked to Daryn again this morning after faxing her three documents with both our names on it.  She told me she is pretty sure that she and the Manager will get it fixed and not to worry about it.  I'll let you know how this one turns out.

FedEx just arrived with Lucy's new outfit!!!!!!!!!  I am so excited.  I can finish padding her now and get back to sewing.  I received my fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics, and it IS gorgeous.  I'll take pics later.

Have a terrific Friday!

Hugs, Joy 


  1. Sure glad Jerrod at Longhorn was not Jewish. Then he could not so easily marry a nice "Christian" girl.

  2. Aah yes .. the joys of restaurant service these days.
    Where has all the training, manners and customer
    service gone?

    You have a ton of stories and so comically retold.
    You're just priceless.

    God bless Jerrod for being something so rare it
    seems these days: a clean cut, respectful young
    man who realizes and appreciates all the sacrifice
    and suffering of our awesome troops and their

    We can never repay them .. and that goes for you
    and your family. Thank you so very much, and please
    thank your wonderful sons for their service to our
    great nation.

    Anonymous .. following JoyRee as I have for months, I
    don't think I'd be off track opining that she wasn't
    being discriminatory in the marriage comment, but
    merely a hope that his future wife would be a good
    and virtuous woman and a believer in God .. and of
    no necessarily particular faith.

    If I'm wrong, I'm sure I'll be corrected .. ;)

    Happy sewing, Joy .. Lucy's now on the job (finally) !!!


  3. Oh,Joy Joy, that is exactly the type of service you get at these super sized nationwide banks. Some edict from on high came down about checks that are not in the exact name of the customer and this is how it has been interpreted at the local level. On high does not consider how it will be interpreted at the local level or how it's customer's of long duration will be affected. All they have to do is correct the name on the account to read the corporate name and then the dba name and it will be fine. That is how it should have been set up in the first place. Shontall is the Head Teller and should have handed you over to the Branch Manager when she could not do anything about it. Daryn should have known how to handle it since she is new accounts. They probably have less than five years experience between them. new accounts and tellers are the lowest paid and have the biggest turnover in a bank/ credit union. But they have the most customer contact and therefore are the most important employees the bank has. They get very little training before they start working with customers. I've held almost every job between teller and president,so I think I should know.

    Joy, thank you for explaining Joy Joy's remark to Anonymous. One of the saddest things that has happened to this nation. Is political correctness. It doesn't unite us; it separates us. This nation was great because we were the great melting pot. My goodness, we've certainly had our sins as a nation, but we've done a lot that was right,too. We all have an equal chance to make something of our lives; we just have to work for it.

    I could go on for the next hour, but the grandkids have arrived and my eyes are giving out anyway.

    Hugs, Phylly

  4. Dear Anonymous:

    I'm proud to say that if you are looking for political correctness from MY blog, you have come to the wrong place. Of course, I want a clean-cut virtuous young man to choose the same kind of wife. I could tell you a very-close-to-my-heart reason why, but the admonition of the Bible is enough. "Do not be unequally yoked...." That was my point to the nice young man. I love the Jewish people and pray for peace in their country.

    Hugs, Joy

  5. I just love the way you called up the bank and got them to hop to.

    I also love the way you completely understood when I said "hop to." :)

    With all the trouble that you've had with Lucy, I thought I'd pass along this website. You have photoshop, don't you? Gimp is the free version that they use here, but you can do the same thing. And since you're getting so good at photo manipulation . . . maybe this will help with getting a better look at things the way they'll appear on your body. I can't wait to try it, as soon as I get some time! Enjoy --

  6. Thanks Jenny! I have never seen that before. I'm not sure it would be that easy to put the outfits onto the figure. She says she has to draw them on herself. PS is a little easier to use, I think.
    Hugs, Joy


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