Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Surprises and New Glasses

The temperature is 80 degrees outside.  It has been so nice -- even almost too hot.  Not windy though, so great for meeting Phylly for breakfast, shopping for fabric, exchanging one pair of glasses, finding a fun new store, finally meeting the neighbor lady and her 1st grade daughter and a surprise visit and gift from Margaret.

Phylly and I met at 8:30 for breakfast at the not-so-great Beverly's restaurant.  I think we will go to Panera Bread next time.  Then off to the very wonderful Helen Enox Fabric store.  Wish I had thought to take a picture of it.  So much beautiful fabric from end to end.  You just have to touch and feel until your fingers go numb.  I actually went into the main office and asked the Manager if he had any shopping carts.  Sure enough.  He took me into a back room and told me to take whichever one I wanted.  Those bolts are HEAVY, and I needed wheels to get over to the buttons which cover an entire wall and part of another.  Here is what I came home with.  If Phylly will bring her beautiful new fabric over on Monday, I'll take a pic of it for you. 

 Slinky knit in the middle and fabric for two pair of pants to match it.  I was hoping the brown would match my "clown" jacket, but it doesn't.  I knoooooooooooooooow -- I should have taken a swatch with me!
And this black and white -- as always -- caught my eye.  It is kind of hefty, so I will probably make the clown jacket again with it. 

The red and black is slippery rayon, but isn't it pretty?  I will wear it with my yoga pants or black jeans.

Remember the turquoise crepe blouse I recently threw in the trash.  I bought some more of that fabric.  Margaret loved that one.

I gave Phylly a hug and hurried off to go to the Mall to replace the eyeglasses I bought yesterday.  One pair just didn't fit right, and I hated them.  The other pair was fine.  I'm still not sure I totally love the pair I exchanged for, but they will have to do.

Here are my two new pair of glasses.  I always get two, because one of them is SUPPOSEDLY free.  What a joke that is!


The one on the left is the replacement for the ones I didn't like.  An EXTRA $50, of course.  That place is something else.  Must be part of Obamacare!  I was terribly surprised and shocked to find out that the glasses-in-only-an-hour machine was still broken, but it was only half as broken as it was yesterday, so I had to wait only two hours this time.  You will recall this glasses place is at a mall, so I had to wander around and find SOMETHING to do again.  I actually got in my car and drove all the way to the other end of the mall to go to Penneys, but I could not find a parking place.  So I decided to drive to the middle of the mall and park.  What was I to do?  Here I was in the middle of the mall, and I don't ever shop in the middle of the mall. 

I saw the Orange Julius place, and I thought that sounded really good, but I figured it had a thousand calories in it, so I talked myself out of it.  PLUS, when I buy a big drink at the mall like that, I want to carry it around until I eat all the ice out of the cup, BUT when I go into a store to shop, I have to put it down.  Then I forget where I put it down, so I have to walk around and around looking for it.  Then I see it -- or I THINK I see it -- but all these thoughts go through my head.  WHAT IF someone poured arsenic down the straw when I wasn't looking -- or WHAT IF it isn't really my drink and somebody else had one just like it and they had AIDS -- or WHAT IF a fly came in the store and flew down the straw and is in the bottom of the cup now!!!!!  I kid you not here!  I then decide to pick the cup up and throw it away in case it really was mine, but I won't take another sip out it.

Since I didn't buy a drink, I decided to look at the stores, most of which had teeny boppers in them wearing clothes I couldn't get my big toe in, never mind my rear end!!!!  The music in those places is enough to rattle your brain, so I don't like that either.  Have I said I don't really LIKE malls?  I get distracted with the tattoos and body piercings on these "children", and I try to figure out what on earth causes them to do that to their youthful flesh.  I'm trying to get marks OFF my body, and I didn't put them there to start with! 

I did come across a little store called RUTH'S.  I cold see a lot of crosses in the window display and a beautiful little picture of Jesus' face.  I was THRILLED that this might actually be a Christian store that I would feel right at place in.  I walked in and the nicest little lady -- no tattoos -- no body piercings -- came up and OFFERED to help me.  There was a clue right there!  This is NOT an ordinary store.  I told her I loved the picture of Jesus in the window.  She said they had sold all of them but that one but she would be happy to go get it for me.  I told her I didn't want her to go to the trouble.  She said it WASN'T any trouble -- ANOTHER CLUE! -- so she squeezed her body between two racks and reached her arm as far as she could into the window and pulled out the picture for me.  How sweet.  I asked her to hold it for me while I wandered around just looking at lovely things with nice sayings and pretty pictures.  Lots of teens in this store, but nicely and decently dressed and no body marks or stabbing jewelry through tongues, lips and eyebrows.  Lovely, soft music in the background.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.  I felt right at home.  I found one other little plaque that was totally darling with my signature verse on it!  Had to have that, of course.  Here's pics of what I bought.  When I sit in my chair in the morning meditating and praying or reading my Bible, I can look right into these eyes.

I know..........we don't really know what He looks like .............. but I know this for sure, if He DOESN'T look like that ............. He looks even MORE beautiful!!!

And, look at this cute little plaque I found at Ruth's.  What a NICE store.  I might even park in the middle of the mall again someday just to go back and visit.
Then it was back to pick up my glasses -- back to my house -- and then a surprise visit from Margaret who brought me ANOTHER surprise.  Look at this cute little doohickey.  I'm not sure what I'm going to put on it, but it sure is cute!

And I forced Margaret to pose for a picture with me.  I tell her all the time how beautiful she is and how she looks like Grace Kelly.  She just guffaws and tells me I'm nuts.  You are SUPPOSED to say I'm "special"!

And there I am in my "clown" jacket.  I don't care -- I really like it -- and this one did not end up in the trash!

Margaret and I went to Panera Bread for dinner where we both left with a loaf of their YUMMY raisin bread.  I, of course, bought it for Phylly who is coming over on Monday.  I'm going to have to eat a little so I don't hurt Phylly's feelings.  You KNOW how sensitive she can be!

OH!  I met more neighbors today.  A lovely couple, our age, Mike and Adeline.  Margaret introduced me to them.  (Margaret used to live across the street from me here.  That is how we met.)  Maybe Adeline will be a new friend!

Off to read in my jammies.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Oh, Margaret is beautiful! From what you said it is both inside and outside. I can't wait to meet her.

    You've promised me raisin bread, but you didn't say if there is cinnamon in it. I love cinnamon anything! I will expect tea with it, too.

    I can't believe they charged you an extra $50.00. That is outrageous! Do they say that in their ad? You really ought to complain to the district manager!

    See you Monday. I've got to go start the grandkids baths, snack time, and then bed. I'm sure there will be a fight over bedtime. Pray for me.

    Hugs, Phylly

  2. I suppose it has cinnamon. It's the only one Panera has. Maybe I should go toast a piece real quick -- just for you, of course!
    Hugs, Joy


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