Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Pat's, Route 66 and Dress Form Saga Continues

I didn't wear green today and neither did Jerry.  We didn't even leave the house today because Jerry is recovering from his surgery yesterday.  He, OF COURSE, tried to work all day, but about 1:00, he came upstairs and told me he just couldn't work anymore.  He said he had to stop using his hands because they were hurting him.  He doesn't take anything for the pain, so no wonder they were hurting.  I got to baby him for a little while as he laid on the couch and watched TV and snoozed.  At 4:00 he came upstairs again and walked over to me at my computer and said, "I AM BORED!!!"  I have to DO SOMETHING!  So I asked if he wanted to direct me in fixing my computer issues, and he was delighted.  We had to uninstall all the PhotoShop programs on my computer and then reinstall PS 10 under "Administrator".  It took almost 3 hours, but the problems seem to be fixed.  Thank goodness I won't have to call India and talk to Sharath Pulukool again!!! 

I took some pics of Jerry's boo boos so you can see what he had done -- AND to remind you all to protect yourselves from the sun!  The cut on his forehead is not bothering him at all.  He is shiny and sparkly because he has to put vaseline on his sores.  It keeps the stitches moist, I suppose -- I don't really know.  I am glad it is the weekend so he will have a few more days to recover.  He announced to me this morning that he was going to do an Eval today.  An "eval" is when he goes to a patient's home to evaluate them for an electric wheelchair.  They are usually quadraplegics or have MS or CP.  I suggested in my NICE voice that he please cancel that appointment and stay home today so he wouldn't have to use his hands and maybe hurt them.  He actually LISTENED TO ME before my voice went into high gear, and he cancelled the appointment.  I was very happy!

Update on Marsha (the dress form):  I sent an email to Fabulous Fit to the attention of Jill, and I got a reply back again from Akira.  I have NO IDEA who Akira is and why she keeps emailing me.  I have talked to Bobbie and to Jill, and I thought they would be the ones working with me on this redo of my dress form.  No communication and no pictures except for the very many I sent to them.  Akira said the dress form should be done by next Monday.  Remember the day Bobbie called me and told me my dress form looked like a monster and that it took me WAY TOO LONG to pad her?  I feel like I am totally in the dark here not knowing what is going on.  I have visions of them ripping all the padding off over and over and not being able to get it right.  Then I think they just don't want to call me and tell me that my shape is just too impossible to recreate.  What can I do but just keep on waiting.  Akira keeps telling me "not to worry", but I don't know who she is!  Does she work for Jill?  Does she know Bobbie?  Does she know what all has happened here?

For my new readers, here is a picture of Marsha -- the dress form I got for Christmas and returned three weeks ago because Fabulous Fit did not like the way I padded her.  They said she was too small, and I needed a bigger one.  I had to take all the padding off of her to return her.  I thought she looked really good and I was happy until they called me.  I'll keep you posted as to the outcome of this.

I now have NINE blocks quilted on Route 66.  How exciting.  I was afraid I wouldn't remember how to quilt, but I do.  It all just flows right out of my hands.  It's like driving a car down the road.  Jerry wants me to sell it to Pop's Restaurant (like they would even want it).  He says their whole theme is Route 66.  I actually think I would if they would pay me enough for it.  I may advertise it on Ebay or Etsy.  It is so big, though.  You would have to have a very big wall to display it on.

Here are three of the blocks I quilted today.  I know you can hardly see the background quilting, but it is there.  In person, the background recedes and the words and embroidery POP UP.

Some quilters don't like puffy embroidery, but I do.  I spent days making those designs and I want them to SHOW.  I quilted down the centers in the flowers, and I quilted all around the outside of them, but that is it.

This one is quilted from corner to corner in every little square.  It makes a circle pattern.  Once you get the hang of it, it is fun to do.
This is the very last block in the quilt -- the final destination on Route 66.

I did draw a new pants pattern with my SFD Pants Kit today applying the crotch correction to it.  I'm stumped on the flat rear correction, so I'll have to finish that tomorrow.

I'll post pics when I get the pants made.

Jerry is riding the bicycle in the exercise room!  He never does that.  He REALLY must be bored out of his mind with all this relaxation.  Maybe he shouldn't retire until he is 80!

Think I'll go join him, although I won't be riding a bike.  I'll sit in the recliner and watch him ride it.  Maybe I'll do my arm exercises even though I already did them this morning.  Actually, I got enough exercise quilting today.  I'll just settle down under a quilt and watch TV.

Hugs, Joy

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  1. There you are. I was beginning to think you had disappeared from the earth. They really messed with Jerry's hands.
    Poor guy. He must really be feeling bad to not be working. I wish I was heading your way in the morning. We had so much fun.
    I think I'll go look at Gorgeous fabrics. Hugs, Phylly


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