Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Sermon and Crotch Curve Videos!

Hello on Sunday everyone of my 11 followers.  Church was good this morning, and Phylly was here to sing with me.  Jerry had to work until after the singing, but he came up for the great message on the Name of Jesus.  I love that one, and have heard it from many a preacher.  I so look forward to that day when EVERY knee shall bow.

" that at the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth,..."   Phillipians 2:10 

After church, Phylly and I got right into making the crotch curve correction videos.  We have so much fun, it isn't even like work -- even though it really is a LOT of work. 

Video #1:  In this video, I help Phylly with the bendy curve and measure her low hip distances from her waist.

Video #2:  This video shows what to do with the crotch curve AFTER you have it shaped to your body.  BE CAREFUL to keep it closed at the top of the U-shape to be the same as the thickness of your body from front to back.  I have measured mine with Jerry's caliper, and mine is 9 1/2".

I have lots of photos to help you understand how I corrected the crotch OF THE PATTERN to match MY CROTCH CURVE, but I will put them all in the tutorial over on the right side of this blog.  Please look for them there.  I will repeat the video links as well.  I may whip up a pair of slacks tomorrow before I do the tutorial.

Jerry has gone to measure a new patient for a wheelchair, and then on to Oklahoma City after that to measure another patient tomorrow.  The man works CONSTANTLY!  I don't know how he stands it.  His knee has been hurting him ever since he kneeled down on the hard cement for two days at his Mother's house in Kingfisher scraping up glue off her front porch.  I kept nagging him to put on knee pads, but he just would not be bothered with it.  Of course, other things cause his knee to hurt also.  Last time he went to see the knee doctor, they gave him a shot that sent him through the roof with pain.  He says nothing has ever hurt him as badly as that shot did, so he is trying hard to avoid returning for another one.  He has started taking the steroids that were left over from his spine surgery several years ago.  They are helping with the pain in his knee, but he is getting all emotional again.  Our friends will remember how he was back then.  Those steroids cause strange emotional changes in a person, although in his case, they are kind of nice.

And I told you I would take a picture of Phylly's muslin for you.  This fabric is a GORGEOUS color, but it has a wide border on both edges of it.  She had originally bought it for a quilt back.  Since she was never going to use it for that, she decided to use it for this "muslin".  I told her she needs to buy fabric in those beautiful purples and magentas and sew them up.  Awesome on her!

Time for supper.  We are having leftover spaghetti from last night.  Since Phylly only eats a tablespoon full, I'm sure there will be plenty.  She did have a sliver of lemon meringue pie this morning though. 

Hugs, Joy


  1. Thank you for the great videos. We just had our Sew Expo at Puyallup, Washington and one of our sewing group went to one of Lorraine Henry's Classes. She got the book and so I forwarded your videos to her. I am looking forward to learning more. Have you tried the pants kit from Sure fit? I am also very interested in this system. Happy Sewing. Judy

  2. Yes, I DO have several pair of Sure-Fit Designs pants, and they fit me quite well. When I make jeans though, the crotch area is so close to my body, that it has to be the EXACT shape of my body to fit right. I will keep making videos because they are fun. Just remember, I am referring to personal experiences. Thanks for the comment.
    Hugs, Joy


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