Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Terrific Tuesday, Dancing and Magic Rags Revisited

My computer crashed awhile ago, and I lost about 10 paragraphs in this post!  Part of it was about Magic Rags. 

A lady requested that I redo the Magic Rag tutorial, so I took some time today to do another one.  You will find it over there on the right under "PAGES".  It is called Tutorial: Magic Rags.  If not there now, check back later. 

We watched Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) last night.  Wow!  Everyone was good.  I think my least favorite was the tennis lady.  She just didn't seem very feminine to me.  Of course, I think she said that about herself.  How does Derrick always get the gorgeous, young models?  And poor Tony.  He always gets the worst one out of the bunch.  I'll never forget the time he had that lady with the eight kids.  I don't watch her show so I don't remember her name.  Good grief.  The lady had glue on the bottom of her shoes, I think.  Tony said to her once, "Can you move AT ALL!!??"

While DWTS was on, Peggy Sagers was also on.  She was talking about sleeves.  I tried running back and forth between the movie room and my sewing room to watch both, but I missed most of Peggy.  I'll have to watch the rerun today.

Lot of rain down here.  Wonderful!  The lake will be full and the ponds will be full.  Some of the lakes in Texas where totally dry in places.  I'm so glad they are finally getting rain.  I sure hope about a million bugs drowned and went to bug heaven!

I've got to start packing to go to Oklahoma City where our other house is.  I will be meeting 3 or 4 friends for lunch -- YEAH -- and going shopping for fabric -- YEAH -- and hopefully, Phylly will be able to come over.  Maybe I'll give her a day off without pay so she can spend a whole day with me.  Of course, she may not WANT a day without pay -- but I do allow that in EXTREME circumstances.  And this is pretty extreme.

I can't give her a day with pay, or I would have to do that for all the other employees.  I try to be fair.  Actually, if any of the other employees liked me as much as Phylly does, and they would come sew with me and go to classes with me and learn to fit me -- I'd sure do the same for them!  After all, a happy boss is a fun boss!  For those of you who may be new to my blog, Phylly works for our company, Family Medical Supply, at our Oklahoma City location.  She was my friend first though and that is top priority.  Her boss is very understanding.  She tell Phylly, "Do whatever makes Joy happy!"  Good advice, don't you think?

I just checked the weather for the week.  It is supposed to rain all day every day through Thursday.  So, I will plan on going to OKC on Friday morning.  Therefore, I will work on Route 66 today since I haven't started any new projects yet.

Here is the detail of one block.  The pink lines show my quilting pattern since it is hard for you to see.  I just stare at each block until SOMETHING pops into my head to sew on it.  I sewed "Route 66" in the center black square. 

Hello Deanna!  Look just below this post for "comments" and click on it.  It will have a "0" or maybe another # in front of it.  It is small.  See if you can't leave a comment that way.   It is a wonder anyone can find it!   I'll check it tonight.

Hugs, Joy

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  1. Joy is coming! Joy is coming! Yeah!!!

    I'm working on hand basting the silk organza to the linen. I've already learned something that I think I missed in the class: I should have cut out each piece in a single layer. Otherwise it is hard to get the pieces on the grain. It wasn't just because Susan K. was using a plaid that she did that.

    What? I can't come play with you and get paid for it? I'm sure my previous employers would have allowed that! ;-)Hee! Hee! Fiddlesticks! I'll have to sweet talk DS into helping DH babysit the grandkids on a Saturday or Sunday while you are here. Maybe I could find a teen-ager that would help out if I paid her. We'll get together to sew somehow.
    Hugs, Phylly


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