Friday, March 9, 2012

TGIF and Stuff

It is Friday morning -- 9:30 -- and I am running all over the house jumping from one task to another.  Phylly is coming tomorrow for the weekend, and I am getting excited. 

I try not to get excited TOO SOON because you never know what could happen to keep an event from occuring.

I am going to work on the crotch tutorial and Phylly is designing a new dress pattern to fit her new skinnier shape.  That means we will be using the bendy curve!  Such fun.  My last pair of pants turned out really good, so I think I can get it exact this time.  So much easier when you have a sewing partner.

Jerry has to leave Sunday morning to take care of a patient in another town.  Then he has to go to Oklahoma City to our other store to take care of a new patient up there.  So Phylly and I will be all alone.  Heaven only knows how much mischief we can get into when left alone!


That's Phylly in the dress! 

My cat would have that exact look on his face!

I better get in the shower and get to the store.  I have been going there all week and haven't made it.  I am so addicted to my sewing room.  Can you blame me???

Okay, I am back for a PS:  I emailed Fabulous Fit this morning to find out the status of my NEW dress form.  I heard from someone whose name I do not know, and she told me they may have to order an even BIGGER dress form.  Good gravy!  I am starting to feel as big as "a cow graising" (to steal a phrase my sister coined). 

I responded with another email asking for more information.  Jill emailed me back and said, "No worries - a 12 will be fine."  A PADDED 12, you understand, but still....  I could actually BE a 12 again one day.  My Mom sure got thinner as she aged.  Of course, that could have to do with the fact that she eats only two meals a day -- if you could call them "meals" -- and I eat all day long. 

When I got home at 2:45 and was putting the groceries away, I told myself I could have ONE HALF of a bluegerry bagel that I bought for Phylly.  I toasted it and put cream cheese on it.  YUMMO!  I got all the groceries put up and then took out the trash and cleaned up the counters, and then I told myself I might as well eat the OTHER HALF because Phylly would be insulted if she looked in the bag and saw just one half of a bagel in there.  So I toasted it and put cream cheese on it and it was YUMMO!  When I sat down here to check my email, I remembered I had these tiny little Kit Kat bars in my cookie jar up here (Halloween size), so I gave myself permission to eat that too. 
Before I came up here, I was downstairs making dinner preparations.  I took out shrimp and cocktail sauce and am marinating chicken breasts for the grill.  Some salad and a vegie and that will be supper.  NO dessert!  -- But, OH NO!  I bought a lemon meringue pie for Phylly too.  It really is ALL HER FAULT.  I buy those things for her, and then I eat them!  She will eat a 1/4" wide slice of pie, and Jerry and I will eat the rest.  The only thing that saves me from being even bigger than I already am is that I don't DRINK any sugar -- no pop at all -- no juices -- and a marguerita or glass of wine once in a blue moon.  Jerry will be home soon.  Better go clean the grill.  He thinks the fire cleans it good enough.  I do not!

Hugs, Joy

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  1. Hmmm, the only food I mentioned was French bread. Of course it goes without saying that I will need one "real"Dr. Pepper on Saturday;-). I've packed the important bag: the sewing bag. I guess I better throw a few clothes and a toothbrush in my bag. See you tomorrow. Hugs, Phylly


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