Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dinner With 2 Lovely Ladies and Adjuster Appearance

Goodness!  I've had so many Benadryl this evening, I'm not sure I can stay awake to type this post.  I didn't want to embarrass poor Hollie half to death over her perfume -- like I did at our first meeting -- so I took a Benadryl before going to meet her and her beautiful, darling Mom, Paula, for dinner tonight.  I had to take another Benadryl when I got home.  I'm banned from caffeine, as you know, so don't worry if my typing just stops in mid-air.

If you don't know, I am TERRIBLY allergic to perfume.  My throat wants to close shut, my glands swell, my nose runs, my eyes itch, and I sneeze continually -- loud enough to make people jump out of their chairs. 

Hollie didn't even have any perfume on, so she must have remembered.   

Anyway, Hollie is flying to Alaska to be with John this Friday, and I wanted to see her one more time before she left, so I drove up to our other house so I could see her.  I told her I was coming and wanted to see her, and she invited me to meet her and her Mother for dinner at Interurban.  I was so thrilled to be asked, I cannot tell you.  When you get to be the age we are, you feel like young people consider you a total waste of their time, and that you don't fit in with them at all. 

Actually, my grandson, Jacob, and his girlfriend, Kourtney, just had a baby two days ago, and I have not heard one single word from him or his girlfriend.  So hurtful, and so wrong.  I found out on Facebook that I am a Great Grandmother.  Trying hard not to fall apart.  Jacob is pretty much into HER family and has forgotten he has one of his own.  They didn't call Hollie either. 

Hollie is so loving and respectful to me.  It is a breath of fresh air, and lightens my heart.  She and her Mom are both delightful and as easy to be with as if I had known them forever.  I got some pics with my cell phone, but one is terribly fuzzy and the other isn't much better.  That is me with Hollie's Mom, Paula, just a few hours ago.

I do have some good news about the tear down and rebuild of my kitchen -- sort of.  The good news is the adjuster, Brad, showed up at my house at 10 AM this morning.  He was very well-dressed, clean and professional.  He took lots of pictures and asked me over and over if there was anything else I wanted to add to the claim.  The bad news is, it will probably be 7 to 10 days before I get any money, and the amount is a mystery at this point.  I did ask if Hanover was going to pay me for cleaning, moving dishes and furniture, painting, and overall inconvenience, and he said, "YES!"  Now, I don't know if that will be 5 cents a day or what, but, at least, he didn't fall on the floor and laugh hysterically at me.
I have found out that the people coming to fix my house expect to be paid, whether or not I have any money from the insurance company.  So, I decided to just freeze all activity until the money shows up.  Therefore, I have about three weeks off, and I am glad. 

I'm too sleepy to think, so I will close. 

Hugs, Joy

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  1. Woo! Hoo! You are full of surprises tonight! I better get back to work. I still have the hems and the neck facing to do if I am going to wear this dress tomorrow. I might have to use Steam a Seam to hem it, or that other stuff from the Sewing Place.
    Hugs, Phylly


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