Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another Day, Another No-Show, Another No-Video

So, I waited until about 2 PM to start to feel sorry for myself because I am waiting, and waiting, and waiting for somebody to show up and spread some texture on my wall.  I decide I will call the builder's office -- because I don't have his cell phone number yet, and he may not want me to have it -- and Julie answers the phone -- and I am about to cry. 

I say, "Hello, I am so and so.  Is Michael there?"

"No, but I expect him shortly."

"Well, will you please ask him if he has totally forgotten me or what?!"  "Someone was supposed to show up Monday, but never did (sniff, sniff) -- then they were supposed to show up Tuesday, and never did (sniff sniff), and I haven't heard if anyone is EVER going to show up (sniff sniff), and I am in tears here because I can't even go to the grocery store!"

"Okay, I will tell him."  (NO Sympathy AT ALL!  Tears are never effective with a woman.)

So, I wait some more.  About 30 minutes later Julie calls me back to tell me that Michael said he TOLD me the guy wouldn't be here until Wednesday -- that is today -- and that he won't be here until 3:00.

"Oh, really?", I say.  "He is going to show up here TODAY at 3:00?"


"How NICE!"  "Thank you for telling me."  "Goodbye."

Well, it is now 4:58 PM, and if he showed up, the earth evidently opened up in my front yard and swallowed him and his truck!  It did begin to pour down rain about five minutes ago, so maybe he floated off the road into a ditch. 

Can you BELIEVE the irresponsibility and inconsideration of these contractors?  I cannot imagine treating a paying customer like that -- or any customer. 

Well, it is black outside and is only 5 PM, and the rain is pouring down in buckets, and I hear thunder.  Feel sorry for the employees having to drive home in this tonight.  We do need the rain though.

Are you wondering about my new video???????????????????  I hope not, because it is likely to never appear on You Tube.  I have downloaded it SIX TIMES.  Every time, You Tube showed it as "interrupted" or "screwed up" or something.  I had to delete five of them.  Upload #6 is on its third hour now.  I wouldn't hold my breath on that one if I were you.

Better go get some dinner on.

Hugs, Joy

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