Monday, June 11, 2012

Baseboards and Countertops

Nasan showed up at 9 this morning with a gallon of paint to match my dining room.  Only problem was, it didn't match because Sherwin Williams used a Rose Tint instead of a Red Tint.  So we decided to just leave the walls alone so Nasan could finish the baseboards and trim.  Everything is such a hassle, you just finally give up the fight.

It didn't take Nasan very long at all to finish the trim, and I needed to go pick out a pad to go under my carpet, so I left to go do that -- have lunch with Jerry -- and then spend the afternoon at my store.  No sooner did I get to work after lunch, I had to run to my car and get home as fast as I could because the countertop man had arrived here at the house.  Nice of Michael to let me know, huh?  If you WANT someone to show up, just LEAVE!  Murphy's law.

The countertop man came in and announced that I was going to have to remove everything off the top of my counters.  That was fun, of course.  After that, he brought in giant sheets of cardboard and laid them out on top of my countertops and made a template.  While he was doing that, he gave me a brochure to look at to pick a sink from.  I couldn't make out the measurements of the sinks, so I decided to call the number on the brochure.  Here's the conversation:

"Yes, I am looking at your brochure, and I am interested in Sink KS-225, but I can't make out some of the measurements."

"Oh, we don't make that sink anymore.  It was replaced with S-09."

"Okay, what are the measurements of S-09."

"We don't have any in stock right now, so you can't order it."

"Really?  Well, I also like the double sink KS-210.  Can you tell me the measurements of it.?

"We don't make that sink anymore either.  It has been replaced with K-1110."

"The gentlemen measuring my countertops just gave me this brochure and told me to pick a sink from it.  Is this an ancient brochure, or what?"

"No.  We just haven't gotten around to making a new brochure yet."

"Could you email me a copy of your current brochure?"


I hang up.  I go upstairs to check my email.  Would you like to GUESS what was attached to the email???  Go ahead -- try just once................

It was the EXACT, SAME brochure as the one I already had!  I called Suzanne who had signed her name to the email.  We had the same conversation as above.  I was being very patient even though she was, obviously, very agitated with me.  She kept rattling off replacement numbers.  Then, if I would pick one of them, she would say, "Well, we don't have that one." 

This lady should go into business with Fabulous Fit.  I don't know how they ever sell anything.  She finally agreed to email two pictures of two sinks that they actually HAD.  I will use one of them.

So after spraying my kitchen air full of some kind of toxic-smelling spray glue to paste his cardboard templates together, the countertop man left. 

That was before I figured out what sink to tell him to get.  I'll deal with that tomorrow.

As I was coughing and gagging on the fumes in the kitchen, Mr. Countertop informed me that he didn't know if they could even put the countertops in if I didn't like smells.  I told him, my husband could handle it.  Jerry can inhale gasoline, skunk perfume, diesel, cat box odors, paint remover, bleach and everything else, and it doesn't phase him.

Gotta go.  Peggy Sager's Monday night video starts shortly.  I always learn something even if I don't agree with everything she says.  She is very into "industry methods", and I am trying to avoid them.

Hugs, Joy 

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  1. Do you think these businesses take classes in how to be obstructive?

    Must be universal (I live in southern hemisphere)- we have been through similar experiences when our 1yr laminate floor was damaged by a trades person (who was lovely) his insurance company not!


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