Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Carpet and Countertops

Today is the day -- maybe -- to get my carpet put back in the dining room.  They will be here either at 11:00 -- maybe -- or 12:00 -- maybe -- or 1:00 -- maybe -- or 2:00.  It is now 1:28, so it appears the first three estimates are out of the question.  Does one EVER get used to this!?

Chuck called me from Accent Marble to ask if he could come out to measure my countertops.

REWIND backward two or three weeks......  Some guy already came out here and did all of that!

Chuck is coming anyway sometime this afternoon.  Hopefully, his "afternoon" definition falls somewhere before midnight or the next day!  I have cleared off every single thing from the countertops AGAIN!

I am cutting out another blouse right away from the same SFD knit pattern the polka dot top came from BEFORE my body decides to morph into another mystery shape.

Then, I am going to make the scarf top.  I figure at 106 degrees outside today, I don't really need a scarf top this minute.

I received a call from Kay, the realtor who is trying to sell Jerry's Mom's house in Kingfisher, OK.  She said she showed it last night -- FINALLY -- and that the lady seemed interested.  She said the market has been absolutely dead for months there.  The banks are complaining to her that nobody wants to borrow money.  I kind of hope it doesn't sell in this extreme heat, because GUESS who will have to go finish emptying the house and the garage????  Yep, me.

Well, I have to tell you that I have discovered the big SECRET of getting workmen to show up at your house.  I decided right after I wrote the paragraph above this one that I was tired of waiting for people to NOT show up, so I was going to pretend like I didn't care if they showed up.  I decided I was going to make a new video.  I ran downstairs to see if my hair was still on my head halfway straight and check my lipstick to see if it wiped off on my hamburger at lunch.  Then I ran back upstairs and set up my camera.  Just as I started to talk into the camera, my phone rang.  It was the carpet guys telling me they were almost here.  I turned everything off and ran downstairs to get the dining room ready for their arrival.  They arrived shortly thereafter.

I called Roger yesterday to tell him to be SURE to send tack strip.  I called the store and talked to Cliff this morning and told him to be SURE to send tack strip.

Guess what the carpet guys did NOT bring?  Yep.  No tack strip.  So they were here a total of two minutes before they had to leave to go get tack strip.  I wasn't the least bit shocked or surprised, and I was glad they were gone so I could run upstairs and make my new video.  No sooner did I start talking to the camera, a truck drove up out front and it was the countertop guys.  I stopped again and ran downstairs to let them in. 

Sooooooooooooooooo, the trick is to act like nobody is coming -- or better yet, act like you don't even WANT anyone to come -- and they will all suddenly be at your front door!

Gotta go.  Jerry wants to watch a movie.  Got a call from Hollie today and we talked for about an hour, and I just now got a call from Boo Bear.  Does my heart GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD, let me tell you!  I love those kids so much.

Hugs, Joy

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