Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Carpet, Jewelry and Two New Back Fit Videos

Two guys showed up today -- Eddie and ? -- from the carpet store in town.  As I said yesterday, they showed up without tack strip, so they had to immediately leave.  They arrived back and began the task of putting in the new pad and the old carpet.  No problems there.  They did a great job.  Of course, I stood right there and watched them the entire time.  Workers always love that about me!

When they got done, they didn't vacuum all the frizzies on top of the carpet as carpet installers usually do.  PLUS, they were leaving, and they hadn't moved my furniture back.  Maybe they weren't supposed to do that -- I don't know -- but since it was the carpet guy who moved all the furniture OFF of the carpet weeks ago, I took a chance and asked if they would mind just moving the heavy hutch back for me.  They weren't too thrilled about it, but they agreed.

I had purchased some of those furniture-mover-arounder-pads from Walmart, so I thought it would be easy.  IT WASN'T.  The pads were super cheap and would not even move on the floor.  One of the guys was pushing so hard to get the hutch to slide on the hard tile and up onto the carpet, that a window broke out of the side of the hutch.  He was shocked and felt terrible, but I told him right away that it wasn't his fault at all and to please not worry about it.  

Word of advice:  Buy the GOOD furniture mover pads.  They are NOT all created equal! 

I worked for hours after they left trying to get the room back the way it used to be.  It still has no curtains or pictures, but it is almost back to perfect. 

Margaret:  You can see the carpet color in this photo.

I really don't know WHY I even own the hutch and all the pretty dishes in it.  It isn't my style at all.  I am simple and uncluttered and like things easily used and easily cleaned up and easily put away.  Formal stuff doesn't fill that bill at all!  It's Jerry's thing -- not mine.  If I had my way, that room would have all our exercise equipment in it on a wood or tile floor.

I decided to take another class since Phylly told me she is taking it.  It appears I am going to have to buy half the contents of a beading store to begin.  Thank goodness, I like SIMPLE jewelry.

I would like to be able to make a pair of earrings or a bracelet to go with each blouse I make.  How fun would that be!?

And, yes, I did make two new videos.  You won't be at all interested in them UNLESS you have a round back and a sway back and are interested in what you do to the paper pattern.

Here is the Link to Part 1:

Here is the Link to Part 2:

I did get a bit off-topic and began ranting about Peggy Sagers last webcast where she told the whole world to THROW AWAY all the fitting books.  Does she really think she is the ONLY PERSON ON EARTH that knows how to make something fit?  I don't think I'm at the top of her Christmas list anyway.  I can imagine what she would think of my fitting tip videos if she ever saw them. 

Speaking of Peggy, I just received her latest video called "Darts Are A Girls' Best Friend".  Too bad she didn't have me help her edit that title.  That is her version -- not mine.  Her book has LOTS of misspelled words or missing words.  Wonder if I should tell the whole world to throw it away.  Okaaaaaaay!!!!  I slapped my hand.  That was NOT nice!

Gotta go.

Hugs, Joy


  1. I've never heard about that movie before, "Carpet, Jewelry and 2 New Back Fit Videos". Was this something he watched for RESNA certification?

    Yes, I do agree with you about fitting books. I have a bunch of them, too. I learn something from each and everyone of them. If I had to choose one to recommend to someone just getting started in fitting, it would definitely be Fit for Real People by Palmer Plestch. I don't agree with absolutely everything in it, but it won't scare you to death and it is pretty clear. Their videos are great, too. Marta is a wonderful teacher.

    As for Peggy, I don't think her recent videos are as well prepared and professional as the older ones. She knows her "stuff" well, but she talks off the top of her head and sometimes gives out info as an absolute that if she stopped and thought about she wouldn't say. The older videos are obviously more prepared and therefore are better IN MY OPINION! Are we both now going to be banished from ETA and Blackballed from any sewing events Peggy is at?

    Oh, FYI, Peggy said on a recent webcast, or the new DVD that I borrowed from you that you can straighten the bodice back after you do the round back adjustment. She said it is usually such a small amount that it won't hurt anything.

    Oh,if we can figure out a way to enlarge the bust another two inches on your black and white polka dot top, I'll take it. That back wouldn't bother me at all. That's just life! It doesn't always come together perfectly, but it still works.(I need icons!!!);-)

    Love your new zebra/rose top.

    Hugs, Phylly

  2. I KNOW Peggy says you can straighten the back, but the back she straightens is practically straight already. Mine is REALLY curved. If I didn't add on at the side seam, it sure would not work. And you know as well as I do that it is the unpardonable sin to put a straight line over a curved object according to Cynthia.

    Hugs, Joy

  3. I am reading your blog since I just found it, I do make and design most of my jewelry, and your idea of making things to go w/ your outfits is great. I think b/c I do the exact same thing!
    I used to sell my work for awhile but realized that since I work only w/ gold, and silver,, the replacement value is very high for me now, and I have seen a HUGE raise in the prices for semi precious and precious stones
    This is something I really do have a lot of in stock, ( a lot of findings and many different stones etc) You are going to have a lot of fun making pieces to wear w/ your outfits, in fact I make so many that when my DILs come over to visit, they just pick out what they want to wear,,,,,and sometimes go home w/ pieces if they really like it!
    What I do is spend 3-4days a month working on designs b/c they really do have to come from my head, so I lay lots of things out and start designing, and when done I put it away, and move onto sewing , then lay things out for a few outfits to be sewn
    I have to do things in a way that makes it easy to work, and get things done b/c when I design my pieces it can get messy having lots of things all over to pick from.
    I will tell you that it is now becoming much more expensive than when I started, I can give you the name of the best mail order place that I use, and I do buy in some amount of quantity so I get reduced prices
    ( you do not have to buy a LOT but enough to have around when you start working) It is very relaxing and very theraputic to be creative both in sewing and jewelry
    I think you will like it , esp if you have a good eye for color and balance
    I do wear my necklaces longer these days but that is subject to trend
    However I do not really follow the trends,I keep it simple and always design things that I would wear even if I am selling,it has worked out well for me
    Now, onto some fall designs for me,both in clothing and jewelry! ( I work ahead of the seasons also)
    Best wishes for fun and creativity for you!


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