Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Fish Caught Me AND My I-Phone!

Let me see, where do I start.  This has been such a day, I don't know if I can remember it all.  I told you in my last post about Lindy getting up and running down to the pond early to fish.  Well, after I finished my blog post this morning, I decided to go down to see what she and Papa were up to.  Papa was taking something to her, and I had a feeling he wouldn't be to work any too early today, and he wasn't.

You know Jerry is "Mr. Fix-it" but he is also The Dock Boss.  Lindy loves to fish, and she can do everything herself.  I love to WATCH Lindy fish or Papa fish or Boo fish or whoever.  I really don't care if I do it or not -- BUT if I happen to BE fishing, and a miracle happens, and I actually CATCH something, I do really enjoy that and I usually let out a loud squeal of delight known to be heard by distant neighbors.  I think Jerry likes it when I do that because he feels he may have turned me in to a die-hard fisherwoman.  Can't help what he wants to think. 

Actually, it is nearly 8 PM and Papa and Lindy are still at the dock fishing now.  I left because they kept wanting me to fish, and my fishing pole didn't want to work right, and I couldn't catch anything, and I kept getting in trouble.  Lindy picks up her baited hook, leans her pole back behind her, gives it a mighty toss, and the bait goes flying clear across the pond and lands nicely in the exact spot she aimed for.  She immediately catches a big bass -- reels it in -- takes it off the hook -- rebaits her hook and does it all again.
Jerry can cast to a spot on the pond the size of a dime and land on it every time.

Lindy hooks a nice fat minnow onto my hook, and I have the exact same rod and reel style that she does.  I twist my body sideways with the pole over my shoulder.  I push the button that lets the line loose and I hold it.  Then I swing hard and sling as hard as I can while letting go of the button.  My line goes out about 3 feet and LOCKS tight in the reel, the minnow, however, keeps going and flies off into the air like a projectile clear across the pond -- just like Lindy's.  Only problem is, he isn't on a hook anymore and swims to his freedom. 

Now, I forgot to tell you.  When we were fishing last night and this morning, some big turtles kept trying to eat our bait.  They chased us all over the pond.  So tonight, Jerry brought his big net over to the pond so we could try to catch the turtles.  Jerry was trying to lure a big turtle over to the dock by reeling his minnow slowly back to it.  The turtle would follow almost the entire way, but then it would see us and turn around and swim away like its tail was on fire.  I suggested Jerry let the turtle CATCH the minnow, and then he could pull it back to the dock.  So he did that.  My job was to hold the net and scoop the turtle out of the pond.  The turtle got all the way to the pond, and I bent over and scooped him up in the big net and pulled him in.  I immediately put the net with the turtle in it down on the dock and ran to get my camera, OF COURSE!  Jerry hollered at me, "GET BACK HERE, JOY, before the turtle gets away!!!"  So you can blame him that I have no turtle picture to show you.

I still haven't told you the best/worst part of the story today.  When we go to the dock, we take an assortment of various fishing objects, bottles of water, magic rags, wasp spray and Off.  Jerry had left to go to work about 10 AM, and Lindy and I stayed to fish.  I decided we should go in about 10:30 and get cleaned up so we could go to town and have lunch with Jerry at noon.  I had gone to put the poles in the Mule and Lindy was cleaning off the table when I heard, "OH, NO!!!!!"  "GRANDMA!!!!!"  "YOUR CELL PHONE FELL INTO THE POND!"

I told her to jump in and get it out, but for some reason, she thought that an unreasonable request.  I just stood there not knowing what to do, with the thought swimming around in my head that after the first horrible mishap of the morning -- which I forgot to tell you about -- Jerry was going to kill me!

Now, WHAT are the chances of this happening -- really???  I have a bobber and a minnow out in the water because Jerry handed me HIS fishing pole and told me to hold it for him.  I actually had it reeled totally back in, and it was just hanging there over the side of the dock.  Something happened.  I think Lindy caught a real big bass, and I wanted to take a picture of it.  I laid Jerrys rod and reel down on the dock where it seemed perfectly safe.  Next thing I know Jerry is SCREAMING at me, "JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!  I turn around to see what his problem is, and he is staring at the spot his fishing pole just went under the water with a fish pulling it under as fast as he could.  He was SO MAD at me! 

I spent the next 30 minutes trying to CATCH his fishing pole.  Never caught the fishing pole, but I did catch one of the lawnchairs that blew in the pond several weeks ago and a fishing pole that fell in several years ago. 

Such fun, like I say.  You really should try it. 

Went to town to the AT&T store, and was fortunate to get a clerk right away to wait on me, but Lindy and I both decided the girl had not washed her hair in at least a week.  Lindy pretty much put all the information in the new phone.  These kids are so far ahead of us with technical things.  I lost ALL of my information in my cell phone, so I have to start all over again with contacts.  She had put in about 30 of them before we even got home from the store.

Time for a recliner and a movie and a glass of ice water.  Hopefully, I won't lose anything else doing that.

Hugs, Joy

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  1. Do I have to say it? You know what caused all of this don't you? It was that ornery, contrary
    DENISE! She struck again! She was probably mad because she wasn't included in our pajama party Friday night. This was her revenge! Jerry's fishing pole, your phone, and they even got the turtles and bass involved. I bet if you look out the window tonight you will see the outline of the great chicken mother pincushion ship. Now I know why she has been so quiet lately. She was plotting!

    Happy Sewing!
    Hugs, Phylly


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