Monday, June 25, 2012

Reconstruction Blues, New SFD Book and SFD Knit Top

Monnnday, Monnndaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, la la la la la ....  How does that song go?  All I remember are the first two words.

This Monday started out like so many others.  First, I called the cabinet top place, Accent Marble in Sherman, Texas, and I talked to Paul.  Paul is very nice but sounds to be about 80, and I wouldn't be surprised, because his memory seems to be NONexistent.  He was supposed to call me when my sink came in, but he FORGOT.  It came in last Wednesday.  They were supposed to call me the MOMENT it got there to tell me if they were going to use it or return it.  No call.  IF the sink was acceptable to be attached to our countertop, it was to be 10 days from that point before installation.  Thank goodness I called to check on it this morning, because they JUST called to order the countertops after I called them.

HOW ON EARTH do these places stay in business!

Then I called Michael, our builder, to find out if he had died, retired or gotten amnesia.  None of the above.  He just FORGOT.  He had called about the sink, but FORGOT to call me.  He also FORGOT to order a window (another project). 

I think I am going to embroider some shirts for these guys that say "I FORGOT".  I will embroider one for myself to, and when they come to collect their money, I will put on my shirt that says "I FORGOT".

After that, I called Roger who owns the carpet store.  He is the MOST hyper person I have ever known.  He makes ME sound lethargic. 

He recognizes my voice immediately so I don't even have to tell him who I am. 

"Oh!  I am on that -- I'm on it right away -- I'm on the phone -- well, I WAS on the phone -- but I am trying to get my installers in here right now -- it will be right away -- well, maybe today -- or maybe tomorrow -- but I am on it -- so don't you worry at all -- I will call you and let you know!"

Now say that as FAST AS YOU CAN without breathing, and you'll have Roger.  Very nice, and very friendly, but he talks a thousand-words-per-minute! 

AND, he is the ONLY one that didn't say, "I forgot."

I went by my office yesterday to check my mail, and was excited to find Glenda's new book on my desk.  This one is all about Shirt Kit designs.  You can go to to see it for yourself together with a short video showing all of the styles.  I really like the one with the scarf-attacher-thingy on the shoulders.  I love scarfs, and when you are old and have a neck that looks like one of those wrinkle dogs, you are supposed to wear big jewelry or scarves.

I HATE big jewelry because it is

#1, uncomfortable, and

#2, looks like I was chained to a wall and somehow escaped.  I think it is my narrow shoulders and delicate frame.


I have friends, Lu and Deanna, that have big hair and broad shoulders and they look AWESOME in big jewelry.  In fact, I gave some of mine to Lu so it can be seen somewhere other than inside my jewelry drawer.

I have a bunch of real pretty scarves though from the olden days.  I would love to wear them again without having to figure out how to tie them and fuss with them all day long to keep them in the proper position.  I think I may try that style first.  Will keep you posted. 

I will make a video when I get it made (if Glenda doesn't mind) so you can see how my scarves look with the top.  First, I need to add a bust dart to the pattern. 

I did start a new top yesterday with the polka dot fabric I made Lindy's yoga waist band with.  It is HORRIBLE fabric marked "Hancock Fabrics" on the selvage.  It is a knit, but it is an odd one.  The edges curl so much, you have to hold the edges out with your fingers to sew a seam.  I had to interface the neckline to get it to behave.  Icky stuff.  Hopefully, the blouse will look alright finished -- which will be soon -- IF I get away from this computer!  

What are the chances of opening up a dictionary to the EXACT page a word is on?  I just did.  I was looking up "selvage".  Did you know it can be spelled two ways:  "selvage" and "selvedge".  Just FYI.

And here is the polka dot top.  I still don't like the fabric, but....  As Jerry says when he doesn't like a shirt, "I can always wear it to fish in".

Hugs, Joy


  1. Girl, that is a really cute top. Fits beautifully, too.

    Do you think the Coca Cola wash might help?

    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Another comment: I'm supposed to wear low necked tops and fill with big jewelry, too. You must be long from your chin to your bust level. I think it must be an over 50 thing.

    Hugs again, Phylly

  3. Dear Joy, of course you can make a video with the scarf and shoulder 'thingy'. I'd love to see a customer with a finished garment from Sew Sensational Shirts.

  4. PS - I also love your polka dot top!


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