Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sermon Notes and Home Again

Wow!  What a sermon John Hagee preached this morning entitled "D Day".  It stands for Decision Day.  He told the gruesome story of the landing at Omaha Beach in the Normandy Invasion in France and how TEN THOUSAND of our soldiers died that day.  Many of them died in the air and in the water before they ever reached the beach.  Burning fireballs as they fell from the sky in their parachutes or drowing in the sea.  Dead bodies all over the beach. 

When you are young and in school this just seems like a story that you are reading, and you don't really relate it to real, living human beings that could have been our relatives, and for sure, someone's  daddy -- son -- brother -- husband -- uncle  -- nephew.

Hagee talked about the day they heard about the invasion on the radio and how people all over America dropped to their knees.  His Dad and Mother drug his 4-year-old body swiftly across a campground to the church where people gathered to pray all through the night.  He said there were pictures in the newspaper of people on their knees at their jobs praying next to the machinery they ran -- or people on their knees in the fields.  Sure wouldn't see THAT today.

Hagee's detailed sermon of failure after failure, and thousands of deaths that day was to point out that we should have lost that battle -- but because of the prayers of bible-thumping, prayer-believing American citizens, the battle was miraculously won.

And NOW it is D DAY (Decision Day) again in America.  Are we going to become a Socialist Empire run be madmen, or are we going to be ONE NATION UNDER GOD!?  It is up to the Christians to determine the outcome, and we must never cease to believe and never cease to pray.  I am proud to say I AM ONE and I WILL NOT CEASE, and hope you can say the same.

And please!  Listen to the sermon yourself at -- today's date, I imagine.  It is so much better than I described it.  If you want to know what my Daddy was like, you will soon know.   Rev. John Hagee reminds me so much of him.

After church, we loaded up our things and our cats, and we headed back here to home.  It is always so nice to get back.  We stopped by our store when we got into town and picked up our packages because I wanted Mr Fix-It to fix my Longarm this afternoon. 

The parts were there, and Mr. Fix-It is putting them in now.  Looks like my Longarm was basically FRIED to look at the computer parts they sent me -- those 3 green boards.  Sure hope everything works right.

I also had some fabric waiting for me that I had ordered from somewhere online.  It is supposed to match my Sassy Librarian Blouse, but it is a bit light.  I think it will work though.  Maybe I will make capris and bind the hem with the blouse fabric.  Maybe not.  Depends on my mood that day.

Time to go test Millie.  Maybe I will finish Route 66 this week.  Again, it depends on my mood! 

OH!  I know what I have to do.  I have to make a list of what I want the builder to do tomorrow as we continue the remodel project.  I've decided -- and Jerry agrees -- I want my dining room put back together, and the furniture put back BEFORE we tear up the kitchen.  One room at a time!

I also need to emphasize that this is NOT new construction -- this is our HOME -- people LIVE here - -and sometimes the people are IN THEIR UNDERWEAR!  Hence, they need to know who is coming and when. 

Gotta go.

Hugs, Joy

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  1. I'm so glad you made it home safely. I'm also so glad we had yesterday to get together. I feel like we accomplished so much. I have two patterns that I can work on, plus I can finish my red dress now that I know it will fit me again. It is amazing how much it stretched because it is on the bias. Hopefully, it has gotten that all out of its system, and won't stretch anymore.:-)

    The kids just left and I really want to sew, but I need to be good and work on the June budget. Seems a disgusting thing to have to do during what should be my sewing time. I'm eager to cut out a dress. I have to decide what to make it out of.
    Hugs, Phylly


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