Friday, June 22, 2012

Surgery and Yoga Pants

Up very early and one hour drive to Ardmore to the Day Surgery place for Jerry's nose-spot-removal of some kind of cancer I never can remember the kind of.  Basically, it is the kind you get when you go fishing all the time when you are in your 30's, and you don't listen to your wife nagging you to put on a hat and sunscreen.  It wasn't nearly as bad as the last time, Thank God!  Just a small place. 

We came back home with doctor's orders for Jerry to rest for 24 hours, so he has been in his office working ever since.  He doesn't listen to me.  WHY should he listen to the doctor?  Makes sense.

Lindy and I came upstairs to finish her yoga pants.  The first pair was too big, as I said yesterday, so I just started over with an adjusted paper pattern.  I did a "Peggy fix" and took a big dart under the butt so the pant would tuck under Lindy's darling round butt that she did NOT inherit from my side of the family. 
Then we decided to put a contrasting band on the pant.  It is so cute, that I am going to make myself a pair just like them excluding the tight curve under the bottom. 

 Here is Lindy sewing the pants together.

Here she is folding the waistband in half so we can put the 2" wide elastic inside it.  We later changed the waistband to a contrast knit fabric.

And here are the completed pants:

You notice she has a major sway back.  She DEFINITELY got THAT from me.  I think I should have brought the back up to remove the drag lines at the thigh, but I'm not sure because the crotch was perfect.  Fitting is SO HARD!  Maybe a deeper dart under her bottom.

Lindy just announced that she wants to go fishing AGAIN!  Papa is recovering, so guess who has to go with her?  I'd rather make her more yoga pants.

Hugs, Joy


  1. I'd rather sew anything than go fishing!

    You sure have a mighty cute model there! Isn't it fun to have her there sewing with you. I love the polka-dot waist band. Or should it really be called a hip band?

    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Greetings Joy: I have been following your blog faithfully for about 2 months. I am not much of a "talker" but love to listen and so enjoy your stories and adventures.

    I too am a sewing enthusiast and semi retired teacher. You introduced me to SFD and I am now the owner of the "works" and working on my blueprints. You also introduced me to the back curve adjustment (never heard of such a thing before) and the sway back adjustment -- both of which I need, but didn't know you could do anything about.

    Thanks for your humour and fun spirit. Keep on blogging.

    Wish we lived closer, cause I would love to visit and get to know you better.


    Not sure how to publish this reply, so I will just try anonymous I guess.

  3. Hi Carol,
    So excited to get to know you. I hardly ever get comments, and I really love it when I do. Please keep them coming. I am thrilled that you have learned some things here and that you got SFD. You must know by now how awesome Glenda is. We have become good friends.

    Would love to have a sewing friend closer to me. It is wonderful to have a sewing friend.

    Hugs, Joy


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