Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yellow Dress, Aqua Pants and Goodbye Sweet Hollie

This was a very nice day indeed.  I woke up a bit tireder than usual after the Benadryl doses yesterday, but I recovered about 10.  Haven't had to take any today, so am awake tonight.

Hollie joined Phylly and I for lunch at TGIF today, so I have pictures of Phylly and I in our latest creations.  Phylly and Jerry have both given up arguing with me over picture-taking.  If I get out my camera, they just start fixing their hair and posing for me.  I LOVE IT!!!  Hollie is a natural already, so no problem with her at all. 

I have had employees in the past that actually had a fit if I took their picture.  One girl refused to ever let me, and another told me I could take ONE, but I better never ask her to be in one again.  I guess they were escaped convicts or in some kind of witness protection program or something!  I thought it was ridiculous.  Spoiled the fun for everyone else.  I wonder if these girls realized that we could SEE them, and they look exactly the same in person as in a picture.  Just nuts.

Phylly and I eat at TGI Friday's a lot because we get free chips and salsa, and we get coupons in our email every week.  I had $8.00 off today.  Very nice!  Here we are in the brisk wind next to the restaurant today.

Phylly is in her darling new yellow dress made from some pattern -- don't remember which one -- and I am wearing my Librarian blouse and the pants I made to go with it.  I ordered the fabric online, and I wasn't sure the color was right -- and I'm STILL not sure the color is right -- but I made them anyway.  I added flowers on the leg so it would make the pants look like they go with the top.  The pants are made with my Sure-fit Designs jeans pattern.  I had to alter the waist height quite a bit, but that is because I never have figured out WHERE my waist is. 

Isn't Phylly pretty with earrings and bracelets!!!  Cracks me up how her boobs come to my waist.

And I guess this will be the last picture I get to have with Hollie until we go to Alaska or they come home from Alaska.  They can fly a whole lot cheaper than we can, so it will probably be the latter.  I hope John fattens her up a bit so I don't look as wide as the restaurant when I stand next to her!

Phylly had to go back to work, so Hollie and I went shopping.  We got her a couple cute tops, and I got some bracelets so I can be pretty like Phylly.  Then we went to Walmart so I could get a real tripod so I won't have to keep building them out of strange household objects to take pictures here.  Hollie found me some makeup and some powder because I have NO CLUE how to pick a color.  I haven't worn foundation or powder EVER except to try a dozen different kinds, including Mary Kay which turned my skin into hamburger meat and that was over 35 years ago!  Hollie has olive skin like mine, so I figured I could wear what she does.  I hope whatever I bought works for me.  NOW, if I could just find the Fountain of Youth so I could REALLY look like she does!  

Hollie and I got home and landed in recliners with our feet up drinking Route 44 Cherry Limeades.  We were having a wonderful chat when her phone rang -- she answered it -- and she had to suddenly leave.  We hugged and hugged and I made her PROMISE that she would take a pic with her cell phone of her and Boo together when she got to the airport and text it to me.  I told her they had all weekend to catch up on their kisses, and I just wanted one picture.  She said she would do that.

After Hollie left, I got a call from Brad, the very nice insurance adjuster who came to our house yesterday.  He said he had put all the figures together and came up with an amount to cut a check for.  He said that if we didn't use all of it, I could keep whatever was left over.  How NICE!, and I'm so glad he said that, because I would have felt really guilty to have done it otherwise.  We would have returned it.  He also said that if I needed MORE than that, all I had to do was ask.  You sure can't ask for more than that.

I'm going to get comfy and watch some movie I picked from the $5 bin at Walmart.  Something with Keira Knightley (?) in it -- Pride and Prejudice, I think.  Hollie said it was good.  Let's hope I can figure out how to get the movie to play on Jerry's hi tech equipment.
Hugs, Joy

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  1. Oh dear! I have become my mother! At least I have her boobs. We have got to work on "styling". The dress is fine; it just needs something. Maybe I should put the darts back in the back.
    Hugs, Phylly


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