Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pin Pitiful, New SFD Blouse and R66 All Done!

Do any of you understand "Pinterest"?  I figured I better try to do it -- or belong to it -- or sign up -- or whatever you are supposed to do to see if I could "Pin" something.  From what I probably don't understand is you put pictures on boards.  I haven't figured out if it is MY pictures or SOMEONE ELSE'S pictures or if other people SEND pictures or what.   I asked for an "Invite" because that was the only button that was pushable yesterday when I googled it.  Later yesterday, I got an email informing me that I wanted to be invited.  Duh!

This morning, I had another email saying I WAS invited.  Whoop-Dee-Do!  I pushed the big red button that was the only thing available to push, and I got sent to Pinterest -- I think.  First, it wanted a user name.

I put "Joy".
Already used.

I put "Joyree".
Already used.

Finally, I put "FrammaJoy" which actually is used about a thousand times in the internet realm, but it allowed that one.  Thank goodness Lindy couldn't say "grandma" when she was little!

Then it asked me if I wanted some "Boards".  I thought, "Why not?"  So I pushed THAT button.  It wanted me to choose boards of things I was interested in.  Okay.  I picked crafts, and sewing and gardening and cooking.  Didn't seem that hard.  Then it went back to the main page and I saw "Joy" at the top.  I thought THAT was taken!  I had no clue what to do next.  I decided to push the button titled "boards".  

Evidently, I must have chosen highly secret Spy boards or way-too-large boards or infected boards or SOMEthing weird.  Rectangles kept going up and down and on and off and nothing else ever happened.  No pictures.  Just a bunch of rectangles running up and down the screen.

Good gravy!!!  Will someone please send me their 4-year old child to show me how it works?

The really BIG news today is that I put the very last hand stitch in Route 66 last night, and I hung it up on my quilt hanger this morning.  I can't believe I finally got this quilt finished.  It was my most daring project since The Birdhearts, and that is because of all the embroidery digitizing.  That takes a LOT of work.  I made a video of it to put on You Tube.  It uploaded for 2 hours and then decided to quit, so I am uploading it again now.  Here are a couple pics so you can see how HUGE it is.  The ceiling is 9' tall in the picture, and the quilt takes up every bit of it.  Pardon the view of the bathroom.  I swear I closed that door! 

And I just happened to be wearing my new Sure-fit Designs Sleeveless Yoke blouse when I was filming this morning, so here are a few pics of my top.  I have made this before, but I did not put the waist darts in the back of the other one.  I like this better. 

Can't find a pic of the first one, but if you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you will see it.  It is white with blue polka-dots.

I moved the yoke line down 1/2" on this green one because I didn't think much of it showed on the first one.

As Glenda says, you can put the line ANYWHERE you want it.  Wonder if you really could.  For instance, what if it was a little above my armpit? 

I know one thing for sure.  You can't beat the fit in these SFD tops!  And don't you love that green top with my purple jeans!?  I was really just trying it on for fit.  I took it off after the pics.

I better go do something.  The refrigerator repairman is supposed to be here to fix our BRAND NEW refrigerator.  It has two vegetable/fruit drawers, and ONE of them freezes everything you put in it.  The other one doesn't.  How BAZAAR!  I've turned the temp up three times to no avail.  I figure it's about time for things to QUIT BREAKING around here!!!

Hugs, Joy



  1. What a beautiful labor of love your quilt is. You should be so proud of it. It speaks volumnes to your talents, patience and endorance.

    Will we see it hung in its "home"?


  2. Oh, yes! I will drive everyone crazy with this quilt. Hopefully, we will hang it tomorrow.

    Hugs, Joy

  3. Pinterest sent me an email saying I was a member and to confirm my email. When I click on that button, it says (over and over and over....) "building feed". Huh??? I've emailed the support thing so maybe I'll finally get to find out what it's about. It's tough being so old and out-of-it! I'd ask my kids, but they might laugh........

  4. Joy
    OMYGOSH, what a beautiful beautiful quilt!!! knowing that I am just starting to quilt this makes my little easy quilts look like child's play~ The important thing is that you had FUN w/ this and it reflects a lot of hard work, congrats to you on a job well done! Yes I do have to start on my Sure FIT sloper , will wait till fall for that though I will take your advice to make up some quick yoga pants for me! ( I sew for everyone else but me) I cannot wait until I get to hang a quilt in my home , what a day that will be for me! However,it will never be as wonderful as yours, You are one talented lady~ God has given you many gifts and you use them wisely
    Hugs back to you,,,,,,,PBB

  5. Joy,
    Are you sewing your own jeans also via Sure Fit??
    I am thinking in fall maybe I would like to try to do that also but I would make them plainer w/o a lot of the extras until I got it pretty well fit
    Never outgrew my need for nice jeans even though they are easily purchased
    Hmm, I may simply concentrate on a few pair of well fit pants
    Again one great quilt and a lovely blouse!
    Hugs back to you,,,,,,,,PBB

  6. What a fantastic quilt .. it IS huge! It looks so
    perfect. Congratulations on finishing such a massive,
    precise and beautiful masterpiece. It's truly a work
    of art .. I so admire your persistence (in everything)!
    LOL. Great job !


  7. Nice Idea ..but i love your Embroidery and so eagerly awaiting your new project of embroidery.


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