Monday, July 9, 2012

Scary Movie and Mom's House

We watched that movie with Tom Cruise in it last night -- War of The Worlds, I think it was called.  It was sooooooooo scary.  I can't get the images out of my mind of the big mechanical metal arm winding around and in and out of all the rooms looking for people to eat.  I keep thinking there is one around the corner trying to find me!  No wonder I hate scary movies!  Always have.

Today we went to Jerry's Mom's house in Kingfisher.  She doesn't live there anymore, so we are trying to sell it.  She lives just five blocks away at a real nice Assisted Living Center.  Her house looked pretty good considering we haven't been there for months, EXCEPT that every bug between here and there had crawled under her front door to go to the nightlite in the bathroom!

I about got strangled by spider webs hanging outside the front door!  That's one thing I hate about realtors showing a house.  They NEVER clean it!  With all the money they make, you think they could at least sweep up the dead bugs.

I immediately grabbed the only magic rag in the house and the vacuum cleaner and went to work while Jerry took his Mom to the doctor to see about a sore on her face.  She kept asking Jerry if HE was going to the doctor, and she kept asking him if they were in Enid (another town).  The doctor numbed the spot on her face and cut it off.  We have just been-there-done-that ourselves!

The yard looked amazingly good EXCEPT for one of the two gigantic trees in the front yard.   We have had them both trimmed twice, but one of them has now given up the ghost.  We are going to have to get it cut completely down and the stump ground.  WHEN DOES IT END!?

I made my sister a Sure-fit Designs Dress Kit blouse blueprint today and mailed it to her.  I sure hope she will try it soon and send me a picture for my blog.  She doesn't sew constantly like I do.  Maybe the SFD pattern will get her in the mood. 

Now, I am waiting for Peggy Sagers to come on at 8:00.  I don't know WHY I keep watching her when I am mad at her for telling everyone to THROW AWAY all their fitting books.  I guess I will watch anything that has something to do with sewing.  Actually, I usually do glean SOME good information from her videos, and you sure can't complain much when they are FREE.

I am also making another green blouse.  I had enough fabric leftover to make a button-up sleeveless SFD pattern of mine.  Don't have any buttons yet, but I'm sure I can find some when I get back to my other house.  I'll post a pic as always.  Wish I could wear dresses like the Goodbye Valentino lady.  I would love to make them.  I never wear them though, so it would be a total waste of time and money.  Maybe I'll make a pair of slacks next.  I was going to make one of the tops from Glenda's new book, but I decided it would be too warm for Summer.  I'll wait until Fall.

Hugs, Joy


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  2. I forgot to say thank you for your tutorials , I looked at them today,they are very good,,,,and thank you for posting so much about SF, I am happy to see this system working so well for so many

  3. Dear Pamela Ann,
    I would love to PM you IF I knew how. Give me your email, and I sure will get back to you. Totally agree. I have actually been semi-depressed for years over this. I have a very uneasy feeling in my soul. Our forefathers' blood cries out from the ground! Phylly says she is going to put a gravestone in her front yard mourning the death of our constitution. Terrifying!
    Hugs, Joy

  4. Joy,
    One more thing, I purchased the book The Complete Photo Guide to Fitting I think it is by Sarah Veben (??)
    I have all the FFRP and PFRP also, and this one looks good and has really great reviews, Since they are dealing w/ muslins I thought it would further help me w/ fitting~ I am waiting for this to come and cant wait to get started on a few things.
    I would bet I would read it the day it is delivered
    I checked out this book carefully, I think it will be a good book to add to my fitting library help , please let me know if you ( or anyone else?) had seen this new book, I think it was just released in 2012
    I do have a fitted dress form but will be making a duct tape double to be absolutely sure I get a good double to work with,
    I look at it this way,,,every bit helps! I also ordered Claire Shaeffer's book on Couture,,maybe,,just maybe someday( it the future) I may make a pair of pants or even a dress using some of those very fancy and fun ways, but I have to come a long way before I do that! Learning about it can be fun also~ I have great instruction books in a set from pants to blouses, jackets and such , the next thing is lots of practice which I will be working on starting in a few weeks~ Have a lovely day~

  5. No, I have not seen that book. No matter how much you read, the very best teacher is experience, as you know. I often have several books at my fingertips as I sew, and they have little flags stuck on the pages I use the most. I will look into the book you mentioned.
    Hugs, Joy

  6. I agree w/ you, Joy, practice makes perfect , I have been sewing for about 35 yrs and have had tried many different methods, I believe that the Sure Fit system is truly unique and I will be trying to finalize those tweaks to perfection
    Fit is the reason I looked to the Sure Fit in the first place,I think it is a very good system and quite easy to work with,needless to say that the customer service is excellent.


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