Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Blessings and Two New Blouses

Good Sunday afternoon!  We listened to the 2nd in the Blessing Series from Pastor John Hagee.  It was pretty much the same as last week's sermon, except that all the families sat together in the church.  After the service, everyone stood up, and the Dad's of the families spoke blessings over each of their children.

I was quite shocked to hear Pastor Hagee say that he and his wife have earned the right to SPOIL their grandkids.  I sent him a message -- which he will probably never get -- suggesting that he look up the word "spoil" in the dictionary.  I hear people say it every day, and I always want to correct them, as my Mother once did me, but people just won't hear it.  To "spoil" a child "rotten" is a horrible thing to do.  Words have meaning, and when we speak them, it brings them to fruition.  Hence, the whole purpose of the message on SPEAKING words of blessing over your children.

Now, I shall quit MY sermon of the day and get on to the new blouses Phylly and I are wearing today. 

Mine was supposed to be super-simple New Look 6895.  It was quite problematic and took most of three days to get it to look halfway decent. 

Problem 1:  The flounce itself turned out beautiful, but on the blouse it looked like I could flap my arms and take off into the sky any moment!  Not only that, the points of the flounce on the center front pushed the front of the blouse down into the cave between my boobs, and that looked really weird.  The flounce is now resting comfortably in the trash.

Problem 2:  It needed a Full Bust Adjustment which I put in as a bust dart under the arm and then MOVED IT up into the already gathered neckline.  This seemed like a great idea at the time.  However, I had so many gathers at the neck, that the front of the blouse wants to "cowl" into droopy shapes all down the center front.  Actually, even without the extra gathers, it wanted to do that.

Problem 3:  The front turned out so full, I was afraid someone might see me at the mall and call 911 to help the poor old lady about to deliver a baby any moment!  Therefore, I put two waist darts in the front.

Problem 4:  The shoulder, as it was, did not cover my bra strap, so I had to widen it toward my neck a bit. 

So, here is what the blouse was SUPPOSED to look like:

Here is what it looks like now. 

The yummiest color of green -- like grass -- which is one of my favorite colors. 

 I hardly ever find this color in fabric though.

My husband says it looks good, and that is approval enough for me to wear it outside of my bedroom.  We look like the Bobbsey Twins today because he is wearing the exact same color shirt.

(My mother used to refer to "The Bobbsey Twins" all the time.  I didn't have a clue who they even were until five seconds ago when I googled them.  The internet is amazing!)

I'm not the only one with a new blouse on today. 

Phylly Skyped me this morning, and I had her put on her new blouse for me.  I asked her to send me a pic so I could share in on my blog.

The fabric is a piece I gave her from Gorgeous Fabrics because I ordered it twice. 

Phylly is finally getting a lot of new garments that fit her slimmer, trimmer shape. 

Love the neckline on that one!

I have got to go do something that doesn't require sitting in a chair and allowing my bottom to spread even further than it already has! 

Someone needs to invent a chair with a shake-rattle-roller in it to excercise your butt as you sit in it.  I bet I would love it because I rock all the time anyway when I am sitting in a chair.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Joy: Very nice color on you and very flattering and slimming. Some people are not the "frill" type . . . glad you decided to omit it. I love the shape of the neckline.

    Makes me want to work harder on my SFD blueprints.


  2. I really like the final version of your top. I think I recently bought that pattern but haven't gotten any further with it than that.

    Your friend's top turned out great -- the colors, print, and style all come together to be so totally flattering and attractive. Please share what you can about the neckline in her top; thanks!

    I enjoy reading your blog, and I have watched a few of your videos, always meaning to thank you. I'm sure a lot goes into t all.

  3. Sandra, It is a super simple V-necked knit pattern. When I made it in slinky last week I had two problems. First, I had lost the instructions from the last time I used the pattern. Secondly, I've never done a V-neck pattern in a knit before, so I wasn't really sure how to handle it. Joy was traveling, so I emailed her about it, but I was too impatient to wait for her answer. I knew I needed to stabilize it, so I grabbed my package of Design Plus Super Fine Fusible Stay Tape. I laid it along the neckline from center back to center front and zigzag stitched it to the edge of the neckline. I had the fusible side up when I was stitching it. Then I took it to the ironing board filed the edge over the width oth the stay tape and fused it down. I had to clip it at the center of the V to get it to lay right. One wouldn't do that without doing a stay stitch in a woven, but in the knit with the stay tape, I figured it would be okay. Then I went back to the machine and topstitched it down.

    The slinky one came out a bit lower than I wanted, so one the one I made today I raised it up about an inch and rounded it so I didn't have to deal with a V. I finished the neck the same way as I did the V-neck except at the curve I clipped it in three places so that it would lay right.

    hopefully that is clear. I'm on my iPad and it has a mind of it's own when typing, so I hope there are not too many errors.

    Hugs Phylly

  4. Thanks Sandra and Carol,

    I love making videos when Phylly is with me. Unfortunately, we aren't able to be together much except for lunch dates.

    Hugs, Joy

  5. Thanks, Phyllis, for your great explanation. I'm writing from my iPad, too, and it sure has a mind of its own when it comes to its autocorrect feature! I try to remember to go back and recheck everything and fix what needs fixing. :)

  6. I really love this top. One of the versions (with the elongated ruffle) reminds me of a Lily Pulitzer t-shirt. It's very cute!!


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