Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kitchen Chaos and 2nd Piece of Jewelry

Oh, my!  You should SEE my kitchen.  Well, actually, you SHOULDN'T see my kitchen.  It looks HORRIBLE!  I have been in a funk for two days because I feel like my "nest" has been pushed out of the tree.  I'm not good with turmoil and disorganization, and even though I can't blame these guys who come here to do it, it still seems like their fault, and I sort of don't like them before they ever get here. 

Here's a few pics from yesterday and today.

I TRIED to stay up here in my sewing room and learn more about jewelry, but I didn't do a thing all day but run up and down stairs to see how much more of my kitchen had been removed, broken or covered with dirt.  This is so unbelievable and all because of a slow drip in a water filter connection to a refrigerator.
You see in that last picture the counter top on the island.  The new countertop was SUPPOSED to match that countertop perfectly.  Well, guess what?  It doesn't.  The edges all around are different; the new countertop is dull and the island is very shiny; and the pattern is different.  So we now have to have that countertop replaced too.  We asked, why and how come and what for.  They answered, "We don't know; its not our fault; and we don't care."

Enough of that!

After the plumber left at 5:30, we went to town to have dinner.  When we got back, Jerry told me he has a webinar tonight for 2 hours of continuing education.  I decided to come up here and watch another jewelry lesson.  I wish I could show you what I was TRYING to make, because what I ended up with is a VERY distant relative of it -- if that.  This wire is so expensive that I decided to try to make a pendant to hang from a chain to go with my new green blouse.  I've seen worse-looking things than this around a neck.

The pendant ends at the top of the green beads.  I just have it hanging on a piece of wire.  The circles under the beads are the part I was learning to do tonight.  It kind of matches the gold circle in my green buttons, I think.

So I am pooped and the kitchen-destroyer-team is coming back tomorrow.  It will take me days to clean up all the messes up and down the hall and in the bedrooms.  Everything that was in the drawers UNDER the countertop is covered with sawdust and dirt.  YUK!  I have to wash it all and clean out the drawers. 

Check behind your frig and BE SURE you don't have a leak!

I'm getting in my jammies and checking out the new book Pam keeps telling me about on my Ipad.  Bet I can't get it on my Ipad though.  Its a sewing/fitting book. 

Hugs, Joy


  1. I know I left a comment on here last night, but it isn't here! How strange! Anyway, I love your pendant. Its so delicate looking! Is it very heavy?

    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Heavens, no! I hate heavy jewelry -- even slightly heavy. I don't want to feel it on my neck. This is so delicate. I may change the beads, or leave them off. I like the circles though..
    Hugs, Joy

  3. Joy
    When you are ready and know your basics well, I KNOW you will love a jig! What you do is put tiny ( or large if you want larger loops) in this jig/peg thing and then you use THAT shaping you have created to make many loops or whatever else into the same pattern, you will get loops that are perfect and save a lot of time ,but first it is wise to try to master the techniques as you are, THEN go for timesaving. The reason is you never know when you will have to fix, or attach something and then you will be on your own to do so, Hmm,,,,I bet that is about as clear as mud,,,yes?? Well I hope I can explain myself ok,,you are doing a great job BTW!


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