Tuesday, July 24, 2012

You Better Sit Down!

Yes.  The day has finally come.  After weeks and weeks of waiting and calling and crying and waiting for our kitchen project to get finished, a miracle has happened!

Sometimes, it is so hard to stay positive when something seems to be going wrong at every turn, but when you compare it to so many other things, it is really nothing.  I wonder WHY I get so frustrated and upset and just want to RUN AWAY when I KNOW I am so blessed in a million ways and these things all will pass -- eventually.  I'm the kind of person that has to FINISH things, and when someone else is in charge of the finishing, and I can't do anything about it, it really does drive me CRAZY!

I am sitting here right now in our other home -- the one I call "Jerry's Office" because that really is what it is -- and the temperature in here is 89 degrees.  Yep!  The air conditioner is off and has been since I got here at noon today.  I don't know if I blogged two weeks ago that we spent $650 getting the air conditioner here fixed.  The guy put 4 pounds (?) of freon in it, at $100 a pound.  Jerry and I left to go back to our other home right after that.  Here I am two weeks later coming into this house, and the air conditioner is brokener than before.

I am sitting here with a river of sweat running down my cleavage and then spreading out in a river under each boob and then joining the river running down from my soaking wet armpits.  And my hair!  It has enough hairspray in it to hold up a fence, but when you put all of that on top of a thousand follicles wallowing in sweat, it is a sticky, icky feeling.  Every so often the sweat on my scalp finds a path down the front of my forehead and into my eyes.

BUT, I'm NOT complaining.  Honest, I'm not.  I walked through this house and THANKED GOD that I HAVE a house with an air conditioner that can break.

Sooooooooooo, about 5 seconds after I arrived, I realized the temperature inside this house wasn't right.  Recently, my husband and I tried Angie's List.  If you haven't tried it, we HIGHLY recommend it.  After the $650 AC guy left, Jerry looked on Angie's List for a Heat and Air company with the best reviews.   I called Jerry today as soon as I discovered the inside temperature to ask him which company it was, and he told me.  I called them.  Now, here is the part where you need to be sitting down.

I dialed the number while airing my armpits at Jerry's desk.  Right away a real live person with the friendliest voice answered the phone and this is what she said:

"Helloooooooo!  Interstate Heat and Air.  I am Diana.  What can we do to put a smile on your face today?"

My response was, "You already have!"

She told me she would assign a SENIOR TECH to my job, and one would be out after 5. 

I asked if that would be more.

She said, "No".

She said it would be between 5 and 7 and she was very sorry that it would be so long.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  The sweat just ran down the crease in my center back into my underwear.  It's not often I feel that!  Let me stuff some Kleenex in there ..............


I was thrilled it would be today and not tomorrow.  I told Diana I would go find a cool place to hang out.  She told me she would call me as soon as she knew the tech was on his way.

First, I went to Louie's and treated myself to three of my favorite things telling myself it was okay because I was having to deal with so much right now, and I really deserved them.  Chips and salsa, chunky chicken salad with grapes, strawberries and walnuts, and ICED TEA!  (Don't tell Jerry.)

Then I went to have a pedicure and manicure at Walmart by the most darling little Asian girl named Jennifer.  She cut a small hole in my heel, but other than that, it was a very nice treat -- and very cool!

Then I went to Hancock's -- where else? -- and I was sitting at the pattern table with my feet up in a chair reading sewing books at 4:15 when my phone rang.  It was Diana.  She told me the tech was on his way, but was way on the south side of town.  Just a little bit ago -- five minutes until 5:00 -- the cutest guy showed up in a very nice van.  His name is Sonny. 

Now, are you STILL sitting down?

Sonny shook my hand and introduced himself.  Before he came into my house he put paper shoe covers over his shoes!!! 

I'm sorry guys, but I have to go outside in the 100 degree weather to get some air.  Be back later.....

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack.  And it has gone all the way down from 89 to 87 in this house.  I've started to call Margaret a dozen times to see if she wants to go out to dinner, but I'm too embarrassed to let anyone see me in this soggy state. 

This house is 13 years old, and the Air Conditioner has breathed its last breath, I think.  The coil is totally rusted and the unit outside has 13 years of ick in it.  Evidently, the former owners never had it cleaned, and neither did we.  Duh!  I guess it is really important to do that.  We need to get the whole thing replaced, but Jerry has to do his usual marathon internet study to see which unit we should choose.  Interstate recommends Amana.  I thought they made refrigerators and ovens.  I told Jerry he has 'til morning to make up his mind, because Phylly is coming Saturday for a play day, and we have to be COOL!

Just got a call from the tree guy.  He cut down the gigantic maple tree in my Mother-in-Law's front yard today, so that is another $800.  If she knew, she would have a fit!  She thought everybody charged too much.  Jerry cut down many a tree for her in the past because she just would not pay someone to do it.  This one was 50 years old or more.  No way he could do it even when he was younger.  You have to have big trucks and shredders. 

Next Tuesday I have to go back to Kingfisher, to her house, for the Power Lift people to jack her house up for the THIRD time and then have all the cracks fixed for the FOURTH time.

Maybe if just one house at a time would need fixing, I could stay a little bit calmer!

Gotta go.  Think I'll eat cereal for supper.  The thermostat is now showing a frigid 86 in here!  Maybe I'll sit in front of the open refrigerator while I eat!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Joy, I have a blessing to share today
    A good friend of mine who has kidney disease was called up to the Mayo, they have a MATCH for her~ They are on their way as I write this,,,no more dialysis for her anymore,! Her brother had his new kidney put in 5 yrs ago, he is doing WONDERFUL~( the disease is genetic in her family)
    I threw away 3/4 of my sewing room today~ I got rid of STUFF , I have been married 39 yrs,,just imagine how many patterns I have had through out the years! It feels SO good to be more organized than ever, to scale down and make a list of what I have on hand~ God is good, He is walking beside my friend today, it is a day of real JOY for us! Now to pray for a safe surgery and no rejection,, God Bless,,PBB

  2. PS, I NEVER let a workman in my house w/o those shoe covers on! IF they do not put them on immediately, I ask them to go back to their truck to get them, I don't vacuum and clean just to see it get dirty again. So far everyone we have had here has complied to my wishes Maybe you could find out where you could buy some to have at home to hand out,( I have some and do keep them on hand just in case) It is not an unreasonable request at all. HTH ,,,,,PBB

  3. WOW! You sound like another "Joy". So glad it isn't just me that thinks the best way to KEEP a house clean is to NOT mess it up!
    How wonderful for your friend!
    Hugs, Joy

  4. Joy,

    You made my day!

    You are a terrific writer.... I am still giggling over this post, the description of your circumstances were so vividly described that I thought I was sitting there sweating (excuse me, "perspiring") with you.

    I do know that if I was you, I would be having a high ball or two, just to calm down, patience and frustration are not my virtues!

    Thank you for a great blog!

    I am also a PR member, which led me to your blog...

    Running away doesn't seem like a bad idea.....sometimes....especially if it includes a little snack, or some fabric shopping. :-)

  5. Oh, don't you just love getting workmen like that or someone like that on the phone? You just know they are going to be able to fix it when things start out like that. I have a company I call when any appliances break down. They always come the same day if I call them in the morning. Very nice, clean, and their prices are reasonable. It is Wade's Appliances. They are on the South side, so I don't know how far North they will go.

    In Hawaii, good manners dictated that you take your shoes off at the door and come into the house in your stocking feet or barefooted. It shocked me when everybody took their shoes off at my door, but pretty soon you got used to it. It sure helped keep down the amount of dirt tracked into the house. It wouldn't work at my house anymore, since Jasper would grab everyone's shoes and chew them up.

    See you tomorrow.'
    Hugs, Phylly

  6. Well, NOW this blog seems to be broken!!! I swear I posted a comment to Enid E. a while ago, but it is not here.
    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for posting Enid. I love it when I get comments because I feel like I really am talking to somebody out there. I'm so glad you enjoy my blog.
    Hugs, Joy


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