Saturday, November 10, 2012

Comments On Your Comments (-;

First, my apologies for the typo in Marta Alto's name.  Goodness sakes alive, as much as I've watched Marta on her DVD's and read her books, you think I could find another place to make a typo in my blog then in her name.  

Thank you, Gayle, for pointing that out to me.  I am a super odd duck in that I actually appreciate it when people point out errors that I make so I can CORRECT them!  What I hate is when I make a mistake I can't fix -- like when my mouth goes off before my brain does.  Oh, for a chance to go back and unsay all the things I wish I hadn't!  But, I digress.....

And what I also hate is that when I pointed out the hundreds of mistakes in a certain person's book, she said, "So what if people say my book is full of mistakes, it is!"  Then she continues to sell the book with all the mistakes in it.  And her patterns are the same.  I do NOT get that!

To Jcortiaus who asked about my pattern for the 3/4 sleeve knit tops that I made:

I used my SFD blueprint to make my pattern for the knit tops.  I LOVE that pattern.  It sews up in no time, and the knits are SO COMFORTABLE.  I wear the three tops I made a LOT!  I took some pictures for you of my SFD pattern and the envelope I keep it in.


Here are the pattern pieces.  Notice all the corrections:

Forward shoulder adjustment in the sleeve.  High round back.  Sway back.  Glenda's Dress Kit Book describes how to move darts around.  You can see how I closed up the bust dart and opened up the french dart.  Notice the two facings I made.  You can, of course, just bind the neckline, but for V-NECKS, I like this method much better.

And to Anna from Sydney, Australia who thinks I have an accent and asked where I get my fabrics:

I buy fabrics pretty much wherever I see them, and ALWAYS when I have a coupon or there is a sale.  Quilt Shops, Hancock's, Jo-Ann's, and for the last year, I've bought miles of fabric from  If you haven't checked out that website, I encourage you to go there.  What I really like about is how she gives you samples of patterns you could use for each fabric, and she describes what the fabric is like.  She also shows exact matches that you could put with it.  I don't know how Ann -- the owner of GF -- finds the time to put in all the detail she does.  ANDDDDDDDDDD, she always cuts a little extra, so you never come up short after washing. 

I wash EVERYTHING!!!  If it can't go in my washer and dryer, I won't buy it.  I have one of those new-style W&D combos that open in the front.  The washer is SO GENTLE, that I can put a FOLDED cloth napkin in the load, and when it is done, the napkin isn't even unfolded.  This is a good thing and a bad thing, actually.  How can something get clean?  I now make sure nothing is folded.  I learned a really good trick for this water-saving washing machine that WEIGHS the clothes and then measures out enough water to wash one cotton ball!  I always pour a gallon of water on top of my dry clothes inside the washer to make them weigh more.  Lots of water and clean clothes.

I better get this Saturday started.  It is so beautiful outside my tree-top view up here on the second story in my sewing room that was formerly the attic.  It gets cold at night now, and the leaves are all putting on their fall colors so beautifully orchestrated by Almighty God.  My very favorite time of year!  It makes me want to make a warm knit top -- one from Glenda's new book.  I need to finish those pants though.  Maybe pics tomorrow.

Hugs, Joy

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