Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pants Pictures, Praise for SFD and Thanks Laurie!

I deleted my post which hopefully, you didn't see, about my work problems.  It depressed me, so I removed it.  I went yesterday and was able to get everything resolved at least through the holidays.  I'm taking off my worry hat until NEXT YEAR.  Sounds like a long time away, doesn't it?

I am delighted to report that the plain old, by-the-book, SFD pant pattern fits me really well!  I didn't have to do all that crotch bowl stuff to it. 

Here are pictures of my turquoise pants with the crotch curve correction in them.  This fabric is a stretch cotton.  I used the SFD system, but made the crotch curve match my "bowl".  What this actually does is make the actual crotch portion quite long and the front and back seams above that quite short.

You can see the fit in the butt is pretty good, but it is TOO fitted.  If you recall -- or watch my crotch curve videos -- you take a tuck under the seat in the back to take out the extra fabric UNDER the butt.  This does make the pants CUP under your butt; HOWEVER, it also creates drag lines that require you to take a tuck from the outside of the leg.  See pic below. 

Here you can see the drag lines in the leg caused by the Peggy Sager's butt tuck, and you can see that when I take a tuck on the outside of the leg, they go away. 

I did wear these pants all day the other day.  They were very comfortable, and Jerry didn't say anything about them looking horrible, so I guess they are okay.  They certainly look as good as most RTW on me.
I had the choice of fixing my blueprint by adding the tuck from the outside leg, or starting over.  I decided to start over with a new SFD pants drawing and just TRUST the fit as it came out with NO CROTCH CORRECTIONS. 

I happened to have about six yards of this lightweight camo fabric in the closet that I bought when my 20-year old grandson was a little boy.  I decided he probably didn't want his Grandma making him camo pants anymore, so I pulled it out of the closet to use for my "muslin".  Here's how it turned out:

I really love these, and I am sorry the front fly -- flap ? -- and the pockets don't show up better.  The pockets are from Glenda's Mix 'N' Multiply Pants book, and I love them so much! 

WHY do I love them so much?

Because they stay FLAT against my body.  You can hardly tell they are there.  I can put my cell phone in one and my little credit card wallet in the other.  All ready for fabric shopping!

And I was happy enough about all of this pants success, when I heard from my new friend, Laurie, in Missouri.  She makes jewelry too, only she is way ahead of me.  My friend, Margaret, introduced me to her, and I've wanted to run away with her ever since for private jewelry-making lessons.  Laurie JUST HAPPENED to make some leather/chain bracelets for a craft show recently, and she JUST HAPPENS to have made one with green leather.  I hope she doesn't mind that I snatched this photo from Facebook.  She is mailing that bracelet to me so I can buy it to go with my camo pants!!!

THANK YOU, Laurie!

I've got to go.  I'm supposed to be packing to go to our other house tomorrow.  We have Thanksgiving with Jerry's Mom at Countrywood on Saturday.  And I NEED a Phylly-fix.  We are dragging our husbands to dinner with us one night next week so they can see what a delight we are together.  (-;  I know they will be enthralled with our conversation about coats and pants and fabric and Thanksgiving and stuff.

JUST realized that Jerry and I are going to have to go to Sears up there every day to do our Elliptical exercises!  We have worked all the way up to SEVEN minutes!  We can't stop now.

Until soon!                         Hugs, Joy


  1. They will probably handle pants and coats, but when we start on the crotches and fishbowls we'll probably lose them.

    Your Sears is closing, but I'm not sure when. I just heard it on the radio.
    Hugs, Phylly

  2. The pants look good, Joy. So, I am confused with your post, on the camo pants, did you do anything to the crotch curve (using your fish bowl) or did you just go with the actual draft from SFD using the crotch curve as drafted? Did you do the butt tuck on the pattern for the camo? I think when I drafted my pants it was very close to my fish bowl, wasn't is??? I can't remember now & we are out of town right now so I can't check it. Hey did you get my email about the ironing board cover? What kind of cover do you have? It looks like a silicone cover? Have a great Thanksgiving.


  3. No. Didn't get an email about an ironing board cover. I was searching yesterday for covers for my sleeve board. Remind me about the cover email...

    NO crotch alterations AT ALL in the camo pant. I did measure higher up on my waist for the waist band. In other words, I used a longer crotch LENGTH. It helped to get the back of the band a little higher above my sway cave-in. I also added an extra dart on each side of CB to take in the sway area a bit more in the back. So now, there are two darts on each side in the back. I think some patterns put two darts.

    Hugs, Joy

  4. OOPS! Forgot to tell you, Tina. My ironing board cover is COTTON. I hate the silver (I guess silicone) ones because the steam cannot penetrate it. My iron is AMAZING. It is a Rowenta Steam Generator. Phylly and I both have them, and we LOVE them!!!! Every seamstress should have one. Great Christmas present request. About $300 and up.

    Hugs, Joy

  5. Hi Joy, Your camo pants look absolutely great. And thanks for plugging your SFD pants pattern. After all the personal testing you've done with your bendy crotch curve and butt tucks, it's great to know that the SFD curve is really working the best for you. I love that flat pocket too (from the Pants that Mix n Multiply book). Like you said, it lays flat, looks good and is totally functional. And congratulations on the weight loss. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving no matter where you happen to be.


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