Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Curtains and Aliens

Hello friends at 7 PM on Tuesday evening.  It is pitch black outside here in the deep woods.  I see one speck of a yellow light way off in the distance.  So different than in the city.  It is so QUIET here too.  You can't hear a single sound.  That isn't true most of the time though.  There is always some animal or insect you can hear out there if you are outside.  When it is freezing, and the bugs are hiding underground, it is just total quietness.  I love it!

I spent three hours today cutting a sheer drapery in half for one of my employees.  It was 60 x 83, and she wanted it 30 x 83.  I told her I would be happy to do it, forgetting that it takes LONGER to remake something than to make it from scratch.  It took me three hours.  That sheer fabric is like sewing water!  When it is someone else's, I am afraid to touch it with an iron or start cutting without checking 50 times to be sure I have measured right.  I don't know HOW people can do alterations.  What do you do if you mess up their garment?  I imagine you would HAVE to replace it and then alter it too.  Doesn't sound like a fun career to me.

Let me see.  What did I do after that.  Oh, yeah.  I bought several pair of new SMALLER jeans while I was in the city where there are stores that sell such things, and they are all way too long.  I didn't want to hem them up until they were washed, so I began that project today.  First the washing.  Then the hemming.  I got one whole pair done!  There is always tomorrow.

Jerry and I had to find a new OLD television series to watch because Homeland ran out and so did Jericho.  We started watching one with 112 episodes.  We thought that would surely keep us busy for awhile.  We have watched about 7 episodes, and I have about had my fill.  It is about aliens from SOMEwhere that are trying to get back there, but they can't because we Americans are so far behind them, we haven't invented the right stuff for them to use for fuel to transport them through the black hole in space they dropped through onto our planet 60 years earlier.  They look just like us, but they are dumber and more boring.  The leader of the pack, who is a lady, puts me to sleep with her monotone voice.  I could have played the part a whole lot better than she is playing it.  The President is black/hispanic, and he thinks the aliens are wonderful and wants to let them stay and live among us.  There are a bunch of them in a SECRET prison in Alaska, and he is trying to close it.  Any of that sound AT ALL familiar???????

I didn't get to post Sunday.  Don't remember why.  Was probably moving back into my house.  Anyway, we did go to Internet Church at www.jhm.org, and the message was very good.  It was called "The Ultimate Power: Spiritual Authority". 

It is about God's will being done on earth through the CHURCH, but the church has lost its moral compass, and everything is a huge mess now.  It is what you OBEY that makes a difference, not what you BELIEVE.

This has been my message to my kids and grandkids since they arrived on the planet.  Problem is, they don't want to hear it, and they don't like to be around the person delivering the message.  Such a shame. 

I could give you the whole sermon, but I doubt you want to read all night.  You know where to go if you would like to hear the whole message.  It was excellent.

Until soon,


  1. Hope you see this. Netflix has two series I think you would enjoy. One is "Call the Midwife" and the other is "The Paradise". Oh, and "Land Girls".

    1. Yes, yes, yes! Loved both Midwives and Paradise. You KNOW what I like. Never heard of "Land Girls", but will certainly look for it tonight.
      Thank you!
      Hugs, Joy


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