Saturday, January 26, 2013

Industry Standards

I am upstairs in one of the movie room recliners having a good belly laugh at the picture in my head of Phylly trying to swing at Peggy.  Phylly is about 4'11" and Peggy is probably 5'9".  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, here is Phylly's comment from yesterday's post:

"Another "Peggy Pronouncement"! Where does she come up with such things? Give me a reason that blouse buttonholes must be vertical. It is probably something she learned in the "industry" and industry does it that way because it costs them money to have to change the set up on the machine that does the buttonholes, so all blouse buttonholes have to be made the same way. Or maybe they can save an eighth of an inch of fabric. Who knows? Just make your buttonholes the way you want to and if we encounter Miss Sagers and she sneers at your buttonholes, I'll climb up on my chair and punch her in the nose for you. But, you'll have to hold her arms down so she doesn't put her hand on my head and stand out of the way of my swings!"

Phylly is right, of course, about Peggy being thoroughly brainwashed by "industry standards".  She used to work in "the industry", and we aren't sure if that was a factory in a communist country or JC Penney's or what?  Wherever it was, they must have threatened enhanced interrogation techniques if she didn't play along. 

In my opinion, Industry's number ONE standard is to make the garment for the LEAST amount of money while using the LEAST amount of time, manpower, equipment and supplies.

I look at some of the "clothes" the teens wear these days, and they look like rags I would use to clean my house with!  Speaking of rags, check out this post from last year:  (You will have to scroll down in the post a bit to find the "rag" conversation and pictures.)

I really believe that the reason the clothes the young girls wear -- tops cut nearly to the apex and pants cut to the pubic bone -- are made TO SAVE FABRIC.  The industry uses less fabric -- calls it a new style -- then charges twice the price for it!  It is scandalous!!!

My granddaughter dresses like this.  Every time I see her, which is not very often, the first thing I do is yank on the front of her top and try to pull it up over her very ample cleavage.  She, of course, groans and asks me to leave her alone.  She says, "This is the style, Grandma."  Well, that may be true, but it sure doesn't make it right!  ACTUALLY, the jean shorts in that clipart picture are VERY HIGH compared to what the girls wear now.  It is shameful!

I guess I'll get off this soap box and get to work.  It is Saturday and it is foggy outside.  Makes me want to make a warm knit top today.  But FIRST, I have to get in the shower and try to look alive!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Regarding Peggy patterns and her comments, you should try to fit one of the plus size editions. Her plus size model has some serious orthopedic problems. They literally have to be redrawn.

  2. LOL!!!! You should see the one I STARTED to make today. The pattern in the envelope looks NOTHING like the picture on the front of the envelope. It is ridiculous! I emailed her. She may just give up on me.
    Hugs, Joy

  3. At least my buttonholes are horizontal so my buttons won't pop open when I'm swinging at her.
    Hugs, Phylly

  4. Joy,
    You and Phylly are just too funny. You almost make me wish I was out there in Okla so we could laugh nd sew together.

  5. We would love for you to join us, Barb. You can hold the camera for our video!
    Hugs, Joy


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