Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jerry's Sermon Notes and a New Garment That is NOT a Blouse!

We listened to John Hagee, Sr. this morning who spoke on "Financial Prosperity".  That is Jerry's favorite sermon -- so much so -- he took the notes today.

When Jerry and I were first married, we joined a Nazarene church because that is the kind of church I was raised in -- well, one of the kinds.  He was 7th Day Adventist, but didn't care where we went.  I was raised from the time I was in diapers to believe that you pay one cent out of every dime to the Lord -- one cent out of every dime to Savings -- and 8 cents out of every dime to yourself.  Always sounded like a fair deal to me.  When we were old enough to receive a dime for an allowance, Daddy made us keep a ledger of what we spent it on.  A GREAT lesson, and I am thankful today for Daddy's teaching. 

Jerry had heard about tithe in his church, but didn't really have any interest in paying it.  Only his Mother attended church, and I'm not sure she went very often.  When the offering basket would come down our row at the Nazarene church, Jerry might pull out a whole dollar bill and toss it in.

BUT ONE DAY, Jerry started hearing Kenneth Copeland preach about being a cheerful giver.  Copeland quoted all the giving/receiving scriptures.  Jerry wasn't AWARE of those scriptures.  He bought a Kenneth Copeland version of the King James Bible (although they are in every Bible), and he looked up all those scriptures and marked them with a highlighter in his Bible. 

I just took that picture from Jerry's Bible.  That is the scripture reference from Hagee's sermon today, and Jerry marked it over 30 years ago.

Jerry was in his 30's when he caught on to this amazing principle, and we have been giving 10% plus ever since.  That is one of the many things about him I respect so much!

ANYWAY, Hagee was talking about Financial Prosperity this morning -- Luke 6:38 --and here are the points Jerry wrote down:

Givers control their destiny.

Your seed may leave your hand, but it never leaves your life.

God wants you to invest in yourself.  Invest in permanent things.

It is impossible to receive without giving.

God controls the economy.  There is no such thing as "fixed income" in the Kingdom of God.

And NOW for the garment I made today that is NOT a blouse and it is NOT a pair of pants.  It is Phylly again.  She Skyped me yesterday, and I asked her what she was making.  She held up a brand new camisole she was working on for our Louise Cutting class in Tulsa in a few weeks.  WELLLLLLLL, I certainly couldn't let Phylly have a new camisole for the class and not me! 

The only problem was, I couldn't remember if I had a pattern for a camisole.  Phylly reminded me that I had bought more lingerie patterns than she did when we attended Jan Bone's class at ETA several years ago.  I didn't remember that!  I looked through all my patterns, and I couldn't find any.  Phylly told me they were packaged different and maybe I had put them somewhere else.  After we hung up, I started looking EVERYWHERE I keep patterns.  Nothing!  Then I noticed the file cabinet I have here in this room, and it dawned on me that JUST MAYBE I had made a file for the patterns.  I opened the drawer and looked under "Lingerie" and guess what?????  There they all were.  Right where I put them.  I was so excited!

The thing is -- and most of my sewing pals probably already know this -- when you go to these classes, you are in a room full of women.  All the women are sewing something and then putting it off and on and off and on and off and on -- and you either stand around half the time in your bra and panties, or you take some decent cover-ups you don't mind sitting and sewing in.  Hence, the camisoles.  We will be making blouses.

I was working on a Christine Jonson shell pattern yesterday, and I was using some fabric I bought from Peggy Sagers that I decided I hated.  And when I was sewing the shell, I cut a hole into the apex trying to remove the stitching of the bust dart.  That ticked me off, so I threw it on the floor.  I think it is still there.

When I decided to quit that project and make a camisole, I decided to use what was left of the ugly fabric, which is a lightweight knit, as my "muslin" for the first camisole.  I am typing this post to you while wearing my new camisole, but not before I snapped several pictures of it.  The next one will turn out a lot better, and it will be a lot prettier -- I hope!!!  I'll have to go through my fabrics for a pretty rayon.

I told you it is ugly.  It certainly doesn't look like lingerie, does it?  It looks like a rag. 

I'll make another one pretty quick if I have some pretty fabric.

Of course, this knit feels good, and it covers me up, but it isn't my color.

The part where the straps are attached is a bit too full.  I used the "C" cup for this, but I think it is a bit large right there.  It is probably supposed to be down lower in the front, but I wanted to cover up my bra.

Here's the back.  Very hard to do the FIRST one, because you don't know how tight to pull the elastic, and I had to pull it WAY SMALLER than the directions said. 

Still, I think it is good enough to take to class. 

At least, I won't have to worry about anyone trying to steal it! 

Maybe they will take up a collection for me so I can buy some PRETTY lingerie fabric.  (-;

Better go.  I am supposed to be packing to go to my other house tomorrow. 


Hugs, Joy


  1. Joy: May I ask a strange question? I noticed today on the top of your blog page there was an ad for Dr. Oz and weight loss.

    THese ad seem to be everywhere. Is this something that you approved to be on your blog or that you have control over?

    I personally find these pictures quite offensive -- not a reflection on you. It says ads not by this sight. ARe you able to get rid of them?

  2. REALLY!? I had no idea those were there. Since Blogger is free, I may not have any control over that. I cannot see them when I sign on to look at my blog. How strange. Thanks for letting me know, and I apologize. PLEASE just ignore them and I will see what I can do.

    Hugs, Joy

  3. I don't get any ads when I open your blog.

    That made a pretty nice camisole. I don't think it is ugly fabric, it is just not your color. But it will be nice in class. You won't feel so bare.

    Hugs, Phylly

  4. Two thumbs up for you and to your new camisole. It doesn’t look like a rag - the fabric is actually fantastic and it looks classy. My wife loves to make new clothes out of leftover fabrics too. It makes her happy, which makes me happy too. Maybe I should let her take classes for this. Anyway, how long did it take you to finish this camisole?

    Ted Juhl


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