Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nudity, Police and Cowl

Goodness!  I am really getting behind on my blog.  It is that new TV.  As soon as dinner is over and the dishes are done, Jerry and I plop down in the formerly-hardly-ever-used living room, and we turn on that new TV and watch the DVD we got for Christmas.

The DVD is the first season of "Homeland".  It is NOT a DVD I would have purchased because I am sure it is rated R.  I never buy R movies or rent them on Netflix.  The language is horrendous in them; however, it is pretty horrendous on the three main networks as well these days. 

There is nudity in Homeland, but it is very seldom and well done -- IF you can even say that -- and, of course, it is always the woman's chest.  My husband says he doesn't know what the big deal is about a woman's chest anyway.  He says men all have breasts (sort of) and nipples and nobody cares. 

You would think that would really give me a complex about my chest, but it doesn't. 

I told you early on in this blog that my husband was attracted to me for my brain. 

This morning, I had to go to the Police Department.  I don't know if I told you, but my Conceal and Carry License permit fingerprints were REJECTED by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for some reason.  I did notice that when the policeman was rolling my fingers all over the digital pad, that the computer would beep and the word "REJECTED" would blink on the screen.  I don't know WHAT that was about.  He finally said we were done, and he would send my fingerprints in for my license.

ANYWAY, I came upon the rejection letter yesterday while packing to return to our other house and I noticed that there was a deadline for getting my fingerprints redone.  AND the deadline was TODAY!!!

I got up early and drove to the mall where the Police Station is, hoping I would be FIRST in line.  I was.  I had to fill out two little cards, pay $10, give them my license, and then I was called behind the counter to start the fingerprinting process. 

It was JUST LIKE BEFORE -- and this is a different police department in a different city.  The policeman would hold my finger and roll it over the digital pad, and the stupid computer would go BEEP-BEEP-BEEP and display "REJECTED" on the screen.  Good grief!!! 

It's a good thing I'm not a secret agent or a spy or something.  I would be "Double O R" -- rejected!

The policeman told me if these prints are rejected, I have to go directly to the OSBI office.  Lovely!  What happens if I get rejected there???  And WHERE are my fingerprints?  I bet I have typed too much and sewn too much and poked myself with too many sharp pins and burned myself too many times with the hot iron.  Maybe I should start sewing with my face, and the wrinkles would all disappear!

You know I've been experimenting making a cowl neck top.  I have made three so far, and I'm not totally happy with any of them.  I was going through my closet Thursday morning looking for something to wear, and GUESS WHAT I FOUND? 


A really nice cowl neck top I had forgotten about.  This is a real slinky rayon knit, and that may be what I need to use when I make one.  You need a lot of drape for this style. 
We were going to go back to our real home this morning, but I had to go to the Police Station, as I said, and Jerry decided that he wanted to go shoot his gun with our friend Robert.  I am SO HAPPY Jerry has made two good friends lately, and they both have guns.

So I am alone wondering what task to tackle next.  I have plenty of choices.

I wanted to say "Hi" to you first.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Oh, No! My best friend is a cat burglar and sanded off her fingerprints so she couldn't leave fingerprints. You know what it probably is.....It's from making my alien chicken pincushion, Denise. There must be something about what she is stuffed with that is so alien it removed your fingerprints. Whatever the problem is, it can always be blamed on Denise!!!!
    Hugs, Phylly

  2. By any chance do you wear a lot of hand lotion or had you put some on that day? Before trying to scan your fingers, did they ask you to wash your hands or provide you with hand wipes to do so? If not, they should have. If hands are not cleaned or lotions, soaps, etc. and too oily, the optical reader can not pick up on the prints of the fingers.

    I know this because I have had to have my fingers scanned numerous times as I am prior military and also worked as a DOD contractor and had my fingers digitally scanned every 6mths. I hope you are able to get this issue fixed.

    And big kudos for being a CCW owner!


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