Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Notes and Another Silhouette Wadder

John Hagee, Sr. preached another one of "my" sermons today.  I don't know how many times I have said this to someone:

Jesus did not die so we would go out and form 500 different religions.  He died to form the Kingdom of God and give us a way to Heaven.  It doesn't matter WHAT religion you are.  Do you know Jesus????

Hagee said exactly that, and continued:  There is no other way to Heaven other than Jesus and the cross. 

Why did people follow Jesus?

It wasn't because he was a Rabbi with a cute prayer shawl.  It was because HE HAD POWER.  He cast out devils.  He healed people with a touch or a word.  He brought several people back from the dead. 

Hagee said something I had never thought of before.  He said that a lot of people think they will live their lives doing anything they please, and just before they die, they will accept Jesus as their Savior so they can go to Heaven.

The Bible says, "No man comes to the Father lest the Spirit calls him."  Hence, if you are on your death bed, and the Spirit doesn't call you, you are too late, and too lost.  You can go so far that there is no way back.  There is that unforgiveable sin that nobody seems to be able to say for sure what it is.  Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, the Bible says.  But what, exactly, is that?

I'm so glad I was saved as a child, and I am so glad I had parents that took me to church so I could be.  My parents did not have a happy marriage, but they NEVER missed a Sunday morning or evening service and most others during the week.  My Daddy led the music at times.  My Mom played the piano or helped in Vacation Bible School.  We had the preacher and his family over many a Sunday for lunch after church.  It was so different back then.

So that was church this morning, and this morning and today have been SO BEAUTIFUL.  It must be 70 degrees outside.  I have the air conditioner on up here in my sewing room. 

I worked outside for a few hours watering gardens and raking up leaves.  I filled 4 gigantic lawn trash bags full of leaves just from 2 gardens. 

Jerry thinks that is a total waste of time, so if it gets done around here, I have to do it.  He is enjoying working in his shop today, and I am thrilled that he is.  He spends so much time in front of a computer.
He just walked in here -- in my sewing room -- and he asked if I have any chalk that will disappear under water.  HUH???  I gave him my ONLY piece of tailor's chalk and my General's white chalk pencil.  I have a feeling I may never see either one of them again.

Before I went outside to work in the gardens, I spent hours TRYING to finish the latest Silhouette Pattern (SP) debaucle.  I get so upset with SP that I swear I will NEVER use them again. 



and I will be organizing my zillion patterns,

and I will come across about 15 patterns I have from SP, and I will think: 

"Maybe it is just me.  Maybe I should try another pattern.  I'll be real careful this time, and maybe it will turn out."

And I know you are asking yourself, "Why don't you just use Sure-fit Designs since you love it so much?" 

The answer to that is:  Because I want a different style, and I either don't know HOW to make the same style with SFD, or I don't want to take the time to redraw the pattern since I already have a zillion commercial patterns.  PLUS, I paid for the SP, and I feel like I should, at least, try it.

I want to show you the GIGANTIC armhole in this pattern I made yesterday and today.  There it is on Lucy.  It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to notice that something is just a little odd with that armhole.

The bottom of this armhole is BELOW my apex.  I didn't think it looked right, but I didn't want to change it because I didn't know how to change the 2-pc sleeve to fit into a smaller armhole.  Plus, it was already cut out and too late to add fabric.

I put the sleeves in, and this is what I ended up with:

When I lift my arms up, the entire blouse hikes up, and then everything is just locked.  My arms can't go up any higher.  ABSURD! 

The pink lines show how the underarm is lower than the bust dart. 

And how do you like my fabric?  I had decided that IF -- by some miracle -- this SP turned out, that Phylly and I were going to have to find some sewing classes in Hawaii to go to so I would have somewhere to wear it.

It looks especially nice with my baggy pj bottoms underneath.

I sent an email to Peggy Sagers today with these pictures asking her what I need to do to fix this gigantic armhole.  She will probably answer that it is all my fault, and I need to watch her videos.  I have already watched every single one of them, and I own every single one of her DVD's and her book!  Shouldn't that be enough!?

Phylly gave up on SP's a long time ago.  She won't even watch the free videos.  Maybe if I wake up with some extra ooomph tomorrow, I'll try to draw a Sure-fit Designs pattern like this.  I did look at the directions for adding a shawl collar, but I got stuck at the part that said to fan the back neck out if you didn't want a "stand-up" collar.  I didn't know the difference between stand up or not stand up to determine what I needed to do.

Better go.  My contacts feel like some of the dried up Fall leaves I raked up crawled underneath them! 

Until soon,



  1. Almost all of my SP sewing has turned into wadders. I now use SFD and love it! Took a look at all of my patterns and decided what about them I liked--neckline, collar, skirt of a dress, etc. Took a whole day, or two,and worked on laying these pieces on my SFD blueprint and making notes on how to use them. Now if there is a SP collar that I like and have, I look at my notes and morph it onto my SFD! I haven't bought a pattern in over a year.

    Sheila GA

  2. Her patterns are just not worth driving yourself crazy over! Like Sheila says, take what you like and morph it onto your SFD blue print. You are much better at that than I am.

    As far as getting stuck on whether you want a stand up neckline; the answer to that is always, "No!" You hate any collar that stands up on your neck and messes with your hair. That answer is easy.

    Hugs, Phylly

  3. Hi Joy,

    What's the name of that SP pattern?

    I agree, let's all use our Sure Fit and add some of the design details from our commercial patterns.

    I have been very busy making my Sure Fit Muslins. I am impressed with the easy fit. Barb

  4. I think I will try morphing that collar onto my SFD blueprint. I hate to bother Glenda every time I want to make a change. I'll be a big girl, and I'll try to do it all by myself. I'll keep you posted!
    Hugs, Joy

  5. I had the same problem with SP. I have 2 or 3 patterns and only attempted to make 1 blouse. The armhole was sooooo big I could have used it as a neck opening. I have SF and I'm almost ready to sew a real blouse. I have just a few more adjustments to make first.



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