Thursday, February 28, 2013

Phylly is 60 Today

This was Phylly's real birthday, but I didn't see her today.  I did talk to her on the phone though.  The people she works with -- our employees -- brought her a box of chocolate covered cherries (her favorite) and a chocolate mousse pie.  She invited me to come, but I knew we would laugh so much, it would annoy everyone. 

I don't want the other employees to dislike Phylly because we are BFF's.  And her boss, Lu, would be too kind to me -- her boss -- to tell me to PLEASE LEAVE and quit annoying everyone.  I hardly ever go to our store because of that.  Lu already has to tolerate Phylly having long lunches out with me whenever I'm in town.  Phylly always makes up her time though, and we don't do it over once or twice a week.  And, remember, I'm not even supposed to be here as this isn't my real home.  If it wasn't for the window fiasco, I would have been long gone.

So join me in wishing Phylly a Very Happy Birthday, and some of you can welcome her along with me to the SIXTIES!

My daughter is coming over this evening to bring me fresh eggs from her chickens.  I don't know who she will have with her.  THAT is always a surprise.  It could be one of a dozen dogs, or a cat, or a kid.  She has never brought one of the chickens, and I am very glad about that!  She offered to check in on our cats, Bootsy and Barney when we go on our mini-vacation in a few weeks to Branson, MO to hear Rev. Hagee and Matthew Hagee and whoever else.  It will be fun to see them in person even though it will be from a distance.  We got a "special invitation" to join them at a breakfast on Saturday morning, March 23rd.  I'm sure thousands of others received the same invitation, so it's not like we will be anywhere near their table.  I sure would LOVE that though!

I better scat.  Need to jump on the trampoline before the eggs arrive.


I ran back in here to show you what Tammy brought me.  I am SO SURPRISED!  Two of the eggs are GREEN!  I thought green eggs were only in Dr. Seuss books!  Aren't they pretty???  Lindy was out in the car, so I ran outside to give her hugs.  She was behind the wheel.  I didn't even realize she was driving these days.  She seemed really happy.  One of Tammy's dogs had puppies last night, so I'm sure that helped cheer Lindy up.

Hugs, Joy

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Muslin #4 of LC Relax-A-Little

Wow!  I am worn out on this project.  I had buttonhole issues this afternoon, and it took two hours to do what should have taken 20 minutes.  I don't know what was wrong.  I could make buttonholes all day long on a sample, but on the actual blouse, the 1st line of stitching would sew 20 feet if I didn't stop it.  I ripped out so many stitches in this blouse, it is a wonder it is wearable.

I took Skye's suggestion, and I made the blouse with a collar just to see how I would like it.  I'm not sure how I like it.  The collar is pretty stiff, and the blouse won't lay open.  Maybe it doesn't matter.  I don't know.  I know one thing.  I am going to make something different tomorrow!

Here it is.  Muslin #4.  It is not washed so you will see orange marker smudges here and there.  This blouse hikes up in the front, and the last one didn't at all.  Don't get that.  I also had to remove one inch round back correction where Louise put it at the back yoke line.  I don't need round back there.  I need it way up high.

It looks to me like I could fit a basketball up the front of this blouse.  I need to take out some more ease, I suppose. 

Notice this one has two pockets also.  I just took a chance and put them where LC had shown placement marks.  Worked out.

I think this will be one of those blouses that I will like sometime in the future when I find it hanging in my closet and wonder when I made it and how it got there.

I am shocked that it is hiking up in front after a ONE INCH FBA and taking one inch out of the back RBA.  I don't get it.  How many muslins does a girl have to make to get it right?

Too late to take waist darts in the front because of the pockets.

Something else I don't like that I did on this back.  I placed the yoke on the same fold line as the bottom back.  I wish I had changed that so the design doesn't repeat.  I'm just weird that way.  Phylly says that doesn't bother her at all.  

I had a surprise visit from my daughter and granddaughter today.  That's two days in a row with a surprise!  This one wasn't very happy, as it turns out.

My gd was not happy at all because her Mom is changing living arrangements.  She's leaving Dad's house and returning to Mom's house.  Divorce is so horrible for the children.  My gd expected my support for her position.  She wants to stay with Dad where there is ZERO supervision.  I totally agreed with her Mom, however.  I doubt I am her favorite grandmother anymore.  Actually, she probably hates me now.  She walked out on us mid-conversation and sat out in the car with that **** cell phone texting her friends -- friends she shouldn't be allowed to even know, in MY opinion.  Not that anyone asked my opinion, of course!  Teens these days have WAY TOO MUCH freedom and WAY TOO LITTLE respect for authority.  Very sad.  I hope my daughter can handle this.  I gave her my usual Motherly advice, and it was probably unwanted.  Mainly:  Keep her busy.  Take her to church.  Supervise her.  Know who she is with and what she is doing.  Don't let her bad mouth you or talk back to you without consequences.  Good heavens!  Even Dave Ramsey will tell you that.

Jerry and I are nearly at the end of the 5th, and last, season of Alias.  I can't count all the people that were killed and then came back to life.  The main star's fiance' was killed.  He was shot a dozen times or more with a machine gun.  They had a funeral and buried him.  But last night, he suddenly shows up alive.  HOW STUPID!!!

Suppertime.  I better get.

Hugs, Joy

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Goodness, I've gotten behind.  It is Jerry's fault.  He is here so seldom, and he hasn't seen his Mom since Christmas, so I suggested we go visit her Sunday.  That took most of the day.  Jerry's Mom, Nida, has Alzheimer's/Dementia, and lives in an assisted living center about 50 miles from here.  Her condition has worsened again, and it is so sad to see.  She thinks Jerry is her brother, and she seems to have forgotten she has any children.  She knows she loves me, but she doesn't have the slightest clue who I am.  I imagine some of my readers are having the same experience with their parents. 

BUT, before we went to Kingfisher to see Nida, we went to Internet Church and listened to a WONDERFUL message entitled "What Song Did You Sing Last Night?" by Matthew Hagee.  It was taken from Acts 16:25 where Paul and Silas were singing praises to God at MIDNIGHT in a prison after being falsely accused and beaten.  The gist of the sermon was that music is a great unifier.  Music stirs great emotion.  Music is sung as men are marching off to war.  Paul and Silas barely knew each other, yet they were singing TOGETHER under horrible circumstances.

And the result of their praises was an earthquake. The jail was shaken, and the bonds on Paul and Silas were broken.  They escaped after leading their jailer to the Lord.

Life is a stage.  We CANNOT choose the stage we are on, but we CAN choose the song we sing on it.

If you receive a bad diagnosis from your doctor, what is your song?  "By His stripes, I am healed" or "Turn out the lights, the party is over".

What if you lose your job, and you don't see how you can get another in such a bad economy?  Do you go over and over the problem and ask, "What will we do?", or do you praise God and stand on the Word that says "My God supplies all my needs according to HIS (not the world's) riches in glory"? 

So sing songs of praise to our God.  I love to, and so does Phylly. 

And speaking of Phylly!

Her birthday is Thursday, but we celebrated it today.  I didn't KNOW we were going to do that.  She surprised me and asked her boss for a half-day of vacation so we could sew together this afternoon.  I was so excited when she showed up.  I grabbed her and spun us around and around and around.  Poor Phylly about passed out!  I was fine for some reason.  I think my brain spins around all the time anyway, and my body joining it just gets everything synchronized.

We were supposed to have a terrible blizzard today, but instead, it was really nice outside.  I wish the Oklahoma weathermen would go back to school and learn that sunshine and clear skies are NOT a blizzard!  Duh!

Since Phylly showed up today, I decided to give her birthday present to her a few days early.  I gave her some sewing notions, a camisole and these things:

This is Fred, but Phylly is going to call him George.

You put tea leaves in his pants, and hang him over your cup to brew.  Phylly is a major hot tea lover, and she drinks it every day.

I was at looking for tea to buy for her birthday, and I saw this guy.  I thought he was adorable, so I bought him instead.

And these are fingerless gloves I made for Phylly from a gift idea from Angela Wolfe's website.  You make them from fleece to fit your hands. 

I had these on the other day to check the sizing and the fit, and my husband saw me wearing them.  Would you believe he asked me to make some for him!  I couldn't believe it.  He said he doesn't want purple though or the flowery fleece I am going to make next.
 And here we are posing for a birthday shot.  Phylly will be 60 on Thursday. 

And I have to go.  It is almost 7 PM, and I haven't fixed my supper yet.  I had so much fun sewing with Phylly today, I am still all hyped up to sew.  I am making Muslin #4 WITH A COLLAR from Louise's Relax-A-Little pattern.  So far, so good.  Phylly started on a new Louise pattern.  They seem to fit her great right out of the bag.  Must be nice.  Maybe a picture tomorrow of M#4.

Hugs, Joy

Friday, February 22, 2013

LC vs Sure-fit Designs

I did not want to put Louise's name in the title because I don't want this post to come up in a search.  It isn't really that her patterns are bad -- they are just like all the other patterns where I am concerned.  They don't fit MY body.

You will recall that I went to the class in Tulsa, and my project was Relax-A-Little.

That look is totally me, and so is the name of it.  I always dress casual and comfortable.  I'm not into collars, but that is because they never feel good on me.  They always cause some kind of issue. 

So here is Muslin #1 of Relax-A-Little:

Notice how the collar falls backward on me.  I'm not doing a thing but standing there.  I promise I didn't push it backwards on my neck.  Notice how the front is hiked up over the waist of my jeans.  It should cover that up.
Here is the back of the shirt which has a double-sided yoke on it.  That means the inside of the yoke shows the right side of the fabric and is totally finished at the seams.

The double layer yoke makes the yoke heavier than the front, and that causes the back to pull backward also -- I think.

The back looks fine except for the fact it is pulling down at my neck.

I HATE this didn't turn out because I LOVE this fabric.
And here is the REAL STORY in photo format!   I guess I could just say I WANTED my hem to resemble a ski slope.

I noticed that some of Louise's blouses pulled up in the front of her body also.  Blouses she made -- her pattern -- that she was wearing in class.  I, of course, being the student didn't say anything.  Louise did say several times that most of us OVER-fit our clothes.  I thought hers could use another round back slash or two.

She also said that we were NOT to put any of our "usual" corrections in HER patterns because they were probably not necessary.

I would either have to stuff a pillow up the back of that shirt, or start over. 

Obviously, I couldn't finish Muslin #1 with all those problems, so I started Muslin #2.  It was from a soft woven fabric that I thought would make a nice lightweight jacket.  I began by making adjustments to the paper pattern pieces.  I'm not sure now what exactly I did, but whatever it was, I must have been in a coma while doing it.

Here is Muslin #2:

Check out those bust darts on Muslin #2!

They point straight up to the apex of my NOSE!

Of course, this is pulling to the back also.  Any further up and the darts would have been pointing down to my rear end over my shoulder!

Here is the back of Muslin #2.  Notice how the yoke is darker than the rest because it is a double thickness of fabric.  The neckline SHOULD be up by my hair.

And here on the left you can see how the blouse is hiking up in the front and the bust dart is way off.

I decided after looking at this that I needed a larger Full Bust Adjustment.  I have NEVER used over 5/8" additional width for a bust adjustment.  In this pattern, I used a whole inch.

Phylly's "Dolly Parton" boobs didn't even require that much in this pattern!!!

Again, you can see how it is falling backwards on me and the hem in the front is hiked way up. 

Here is another thing I didn't like about this pattern as it was.

The yoke line was way up on the top of my shoulder.  I suppose it is okay if it is up there, but you can't even see it from the front of the blouse. 

This lovely number is now going to the junk yard with Muslin #1. 

After these two failures, I borrowed Phylly's paper pattern, and I drew off a whole new set for myself.  The first pattern pieces were wadded up and tossed.  There was so much tape on them, I could have made another dress form out of them.

I decided to make only ONE yoke layer.
I added a HIGH upper round correction.
I added a whole inch full bust adjustment.
I moved the bust darts down so they pointed where they were supposed to.
I shortened the front shoulder seam by 5/8", and I lengthened the back shoulder seam by 5/8".
I changed the neckline and made a facing for it.

So, are you ready???  Here is Muslin #3.  I have been wearing it all day, and I really like it.  It is so comfortable.

Notice the yoke line.  It is forward on my shoulder so you can see it.  The bust darts are right.  It isn't pulling backward on my neck.

And FOR SURE notice this!  Where the front crosses over, the dots are sort of matched up.  I worked real hard on that.

The garment hangs down in the front to the same length as the back.   My jeans are huge.  They are a size 16, and I wear a 12 now.  They were the only white jeans I had though.


And here is my blouse "Phylly-Style" with a shirt underneath it.  I didn't have a single long sleeve white tee shirt in my closet.  I couldn't believe it.  Notice how the white shirt hangs down longer on my right side.  That is because I didn't make it, and it hasn't been sewn up higher on my low shoulder.  I need to do that.  I knew Phylly wouldn't care, so I wore it anyway.

And so you want to know what any of this has to do with Sure-fit Designs.  What it has to do with Sure-fit Designs is that I had to make THREE muslins of the Relax-A-Little pattern before I got it right.  With Sure-fit Designs, the fit is right to start with -- or, at least, very close.

Here is my PLEAT blouse.  This was made with my Sure-fit Designs Dress Kit.  It is a beautiful blouse, and it fits me perfect.  The only problem is the neckline is cut too wide.  I have fixed that in the paper so I won't do that again.  I have a strapless bra SOMEwhere.

The fabric is from Peggy at Silhouette Patterns.  All gone, I'm sure.  I love it.  Black and white and any other color are my favorite.  Don't you love my mug from Margaret?  I have to remind myself to wash it.

 Now, to me, THAT is perfect fit!

I just wish I could make any style I want with SFD.  I know it is possible, but I just stand and stare, and I'm afraid to start drawing lines.  What I need to do is use SFD and make it the same style as the shirt above.  If it wasn't for the collar, I would be a lot braver.

I've got to go!  My hubby is on his way.  I have to make it look like I keep the house perfect all the time.  My fabric is still all over the living room.

BTW, if the pictures and words seem all messed up, it is a Blogger problem.  I keep putting them where I want them, but Blogger decides where it wants them to be.  Sorry if it is confusing.

Happy sewing, my friends.  And if you don't sew, you should.  It is really a wonderful skill.

Hugs, Joy

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mexican Fruit and Phylly's New Clothes

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  Cold and wet today.  I feel sorry for Phylly having to go to a graveside service today.  I did get out though.  I had to get those shoes returned to Zappos.  I took my lone self to lunch at Ted's Mexican somethingorother -- CafĂ© or Cantina or -- OH, I remember -- Escondido.  WHAT ON EARTH does "Escondido" mean.  Maybe I can google it.  Hold on .............

It seems to be a city in southern California that specializes in grapes and citrus fruit.

Why would Ted name his restaurant that???

Do those guys look Mexican to you?  They sure don't to me. 

No rice -- no beans -- no enchilada -- no tacos.

Very strange!

If any of my readers speak Spanish better than I do, maybe you can shed some light on the meaning of that word.

I finished my Louise Cutting top #3 today, and it is cute.  I had so many chalk marks on it though, I had to wash it.  It hardly looks like the same top anymore.  Maybe I will have some pics and a video for you tomorrow.  Depends on what kind of mood I wake up in.  I have to be "in the mood" to make a video.  I do not know how people can be on TV every day -- like newscasters -- and ALWAYS be in a good mood -- perfectly dressed -- makeup on -- and a smile across their face.  I guess if you get paid to do it, it would be different.  It is just your "job".

Time to watch never-ending episodes of Alias and Revenge.  I enjoy watching Revenge because of the dresses the ladies wear.  Everybody in that show is a billionaire or just a poor, slovenly millionaire, and they wear a different dress or outfit in every scene.  I loved watching Madmen for that reason, but the last season got into LSD and everybody sleeping around, and I can't stand that stuff.

Pictures tomorrow of my Muslins #1, #2 and #3.

I can show you Phylly's 2nd top though.

This is called Relax A Little by Louise Cutting, and it is the same one I've made 3 of.  This pink one is Phylly's second one, only hers is still like the pattern.

Notice the collar and how cute it looks on her.  Phylly wears hers as a jacket.  I can hardly stand the sleeve with just a bra under the blouse, so I won't be wearing mine as a jacket..

Yes, Phylly was at work, but since Jerry and I own the place, I demanded that she have another employee take pictures for me.  I LOVE that I can do that!

By the way, those are Phylly's new Louise Cutting pants.  They fit her better than any I have ever seen her make.  That European crotch really makes a difference.  I'm going to try at least one pair.

That used to be my husband's desk behind her.  See the pharmacy pictures on the wall?  Jerry is a Pharmacist, and we owned two pharmacies before we got into the medical equipment rat race.  We had to give up our offices there to other employees.  Jerry and I each have an office here now.  The price of success, I suppose, but I sure miss having an office at our store.  If I could find a place to stuff Phylly's office in my house, I would move her here.  Then I could take pics myself!

Just Kidding, Phylly.  Heaven knows how much office work either one of us would get done here!  (-;  Our clothes sure would fit nice though!

Better get.

Hugs, Joy

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shoes, Shrimp and Slow Words

My goodness!  It is already Wednesday.  Time flies by so fast these days.  I miss Jerry, and he misses me.  Poor baby has to go buy his own groceries and cook his own dinners.  When I get back home, there will be all kinds of strange things in my freezer.  He always buys frozen shrimp and cocktail sauce, Stouffer's dinners in bags and corn on the cob.  I never buy any of those things.

Shrimp is suppose to be the scavenger of the sea and really bad for you.  Cocktail sauce is so good, you don't CARE that the shrimp is bad for you.  And why corn ON the cob when you can buy corn OFF the cobb?  The Stouffer's dinners are okay but I can make them without the bag.

Remember the shoes I ordered yesterday?  They all came today.  I picked one pair of shoes, but there is no way I could wear them to a wedding.  They are Dr. Scholl's.  Cute, but for jeans only.  The fancy Calvin Klein and Ivanka Trump shoes were like torture chambers.  I felt like I was walking in cement wraps.  I really do hate most shoes.  My favorite is Crocs, but as you know, Jerry hates them.

If I don't get snowed or sleeted in tomorrow, 11 pair go back to

I am watching The Middle on Jerry's new TV.  It is the first time I've watched anything that wasn't from Netflix.  I don't know if I should tell him, or not, but the people's lips move and the words don't start until several seconds later.  Evidently, the new internet service from Cox Cable is faster than the actor's lips.  And they aren't even 3D!

LOL!  I just remembered.  I made a new video today with my Louise Cutting triple-muslin test garments in it.  When I played it back, my words didn't match the video at all.  How weird!  I did notice the light was blinking because the camera battery was almost dead, so that might be what was wrong.

And since my battery was dead -- and since I left my extra battery in Kingston -- my battery has been on the charger ever since.  Maybe some pics and a video tomorrow if I can get the words to come out of my mouth at the proper speed.

Pray for Phylly and her husband, Roger, with me.  They have to drive long distance tomorrow to a funeral, and the weather is suppose to be frightful here.  Sleet and snow.  Unfortunately, that is an event that can't be rescheduled.

God bless.  More tomorrow.

Hugs, Joy


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dinner, Shoes and Louise's Blouse

Just got back from having dinner with Margaret.  We laughed a lot, and had a wonderful time.  I did have to remind her, though, that she isn't allowed to do two things:

1.   Ask when the windows will be done.


2.  Ask when Jerry will be back.

Every time I ask one of those questions, the response is the same, "I CANNOT ANSWER THAT QUESTION!"  Hence, I might as well quit asking.

We found out we like Applebee's for their hamburger.  You can get a really nice salad instead of fries.  And without a drink, the tab is under $10.  Not bad!  I did comply with my DESM diet and remove 1/2 of one bun from the burger, and ate only one crouton.  It really works!  I am down to 146 pounds.  I was 157 when I started this diet that will have to last forever now that I've purchased all new jeans.

I ordered $1,000.00 worth of shoes today from Zappos. 

You REMEMBER about Zappos, don't you?  You can order a semi-truck full of stuff -- get it the NEXT DAY -- try it all on -- keep what you like and return the rest -- for ZERO shipping.  And, yes, I know the shipping is in the pricing, but still....  It is worth it for the convenience to me. 

I will play like my living room is a shoe store tomorrow, and try on all the shoes.  I am looking for only one pair of flats to wear to a June wedding.  Then I will pack up all the shoes I don't want -- which may be all of them -- and head down to UPS to send them back.  If you do it all in one day, the charge and the credit shows up on the credit card.  You end up paying for only the ones you keep.

I spent most of today cutting and pasting paper to remake Louise's Relax-A-Little blouse.  I really love that part of "sewing".  It involves colored paper, colored pencils, markers, glue, rulers and tape.  What MORE could you ask for to have fun with?  Just like when I was a child. 

Thanks to Phylly bringing me her uncut - unthrownaway pattern, I was able to start over.  I'll let you know tomorrow how Muslin #2 turns out.

OH!  I received a call from Hollie today.  That girl is so nice to me.  I am so glad my grandson married her.  Now, if they would just COME VISIT!  Of course, he is in the Army, and the Army has them in Alaska.  Not an easy thing to do. 

He knows he is being transferred SOMEwhere in May for more training, but it seems to be the deepest-darkest secret of all time.  How insane to tell these young people they are being sent somewhere, but not tell them where.  How is a grandmother suppose to relax!?

My 15 pieces of new fabric from The Cloth Merchants that Phylly made me wash is calling to me from the other room.  It wants to be folded and stacked up and placed neatly in my fabric collection.

Have a blessed night -- a wonderful Wednesday -- and a great week!

Hugs, Joy

Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Stuff

I guess this is a good time to try out the NEW internet supplier here.  The young man they sent to hook it up today was a very smelly, scary-looking guy.  He was black -- not that that matters -- but he was dressed like the ones that make those awful videos -- his pants falling off and a scarf wrapped around his head and a knit cap on over that.  His clothes were dirty, and he wreaked of cigarettes.  I almost didn't let him in my house.  I can't believe he is the best a huge company like Cox Cable can come up with for an installer.  He was in a nice truck, and he had a Cox ID badge, so I let him in. 

So here I am -- on my laptop -- and the new internet is not only strong, it is STAYING ON!  We had AT&T, and it was horrible from day 1.  It was constantly going off, and we had to reset the box many times every day.  We called and called and called and called their so-called technicians.  Some conversations where over 2 hours long.

Nothing ever changed.

So did all my sewing friends see Gertie's latest blog?  She is writing two new books.  The first new book will be out Fall of 2014.  She is really amazing.

I am happy for her and all of her success, although I still can't get over all the tattoos on her formerly beautiful skin.  She now has an anchor tattooed on the top of each foot. And her gorgeous brunette hair is now bright PINK!

I want to cry every time I see her picture.

Phylly came to my house for lunch today.  That is because the smelly installer from Cox Cable was here this morning, and I wasn't sure when I could leave.  I fixed her a totally gourmet lunch of Chicken Noodle Soup and a Ham Sandwich.  I even let her have some of Jerry's valentine chocolates.

I'm sure she was overwhelmed by my culinary talent.

I better get.  I have to see if this new high speed internet works on Jerry's new 3D TV.  It works on everything else.  The hope is that when watching movies from Netflix, the people will no longer look like plastic dolls with blood in their hair.  If they do, I guess the TV will have to go back to Sony.

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Almost Midnight and Unleavened Bread

Yep.  I'm sitting up in bed at 10 minutes to midnight wide awake.  Guess you know what I drank for lunch today -- iced tea.  Unbelievable how it keeps me awake 12 hours after I drink it.

I did go to Cornerstone Church this morning via the internet.  The subject was The Feast of Unleavened Bread and its meaning.  It was very interesting.  John Hagee is really knowledgeable about the Bible and how the Old Testament was an example or lesson or shadow of the New Testament.

The yeast in the bread represents sin.  The lesson is that just a tiny bit of yeast can affect a very large amount of dough.  It goes all through it causing significant changes in it.  During the Feast, it was imperative that every grain of yeast was removed from the house, and the whole family made a big ordeal out of it, even going through the house with a feather to brush away any tiny bit that may be hiding somewhere. 

And, of course, sin is like that.  There is no such thing as just a little sin.  One cannot willingly sin just a little bit, and the rest of their mind, soul and body not be affected. 

I have often wondered if there was a scripture in the Bible about tattoos.  Pastor Hagee actually quoted the scripture this morning, and I was really surprised to hear it.  It is Leviticus 19:28.  If God didn't like it then, I'm sure He doesn't like it now.  I was taught by my parents that it was heathen to get piercings or tattoos.  Of course, when I grew up, everything was a sin:  playing cards, swimming if a boy was anywhere around, dancing, movies, television, skating if a boy was anywhere around, any kind of after-school activity if a boy was anywhere around, breathing if a boy was anywhere around!

I feel bad for having my ears pierced now!  Thank God, I can be forgiven even if God really hates that.

When I was 14 or 15, I was next door at my best friend's house.  I was over there a lot on the weekends.  Her name was Kathy Johnson.  Her Mom was the prettiest woman I had ever seen.  She showed us a picture of herself one time that the soldiers used to hang in their lockers.  She was wearing a sweater and shorts in the picture -- very 50's.  Her name was Mabel.  That particular day, Mabel and Kathy were going to go see an Elvis movie.  They asked me to go.  I knew my Mother would not allow it, but for some reason, I went with them anyway.  Mom and Dad must have been gone that afternoon.  I guess I didn't think my Mother would find out, and after all, Kathy's Mom was going to take us.  I guess I figured Mabel would get in trouble instead of me.  I had NEVER been to a movie.  I wasn't allowed to watch TV unless supervised by my parents, and then we could watch only Lawrence Welk and Carol Burnett.  And, hey!  I am NOT saying that is bad.  I wish all parents would supervise what their kids watch on TV.

We went to the movie theater.  We paid for our tickets, went inside, and we found our seats in about the center of the theater.  We were close to the aisle.  The movie started, and I was so excited.  I barely knew who Elvis was because, of course, I wasn't allowed to listen to his music.  So, there I was, sitting in my chair, next to Kathy and her Mom, watching the movie in the total silence and darkness except for the movie sounds when ALL OF A SUDDEN, I see flashlight beams flashing up and down the aisle next to where I was sitting.  I could hear voices whispering, but I couldn't tell what they were saying, and I could tell they were getting closer and closer.  It was very disruptive, and you couldn't help but notice.  Sure enough, they were looking for me.  It was my Mother and a theater "guard" walking down the aisle calling my name.  I COULD HAVE DIED!!!  It is a wonder I didn't.  I was SO EMBARRASSED!  My Mother grabbed me by the arm, and drug me out of the theater.

I guaranty you, I never did THAT again!

I think I am getting a little bit sleepy now.  I'm going to meet Phylly for lunch tomorrow, so it would be good if I was awake by then.

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC week and all is well in your world. 

Hugs, Joy


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sort Of All-Done Windows

I am sitting in my glider -- laptop in my lap -- the internet is actually WORKING today -- and all of the windows that were here were put in yesterday, and all other window issues fixed except for the mis-measured windows that won't be here until some unknown time that nobody at Window World can tell me because the earth could come to an end or something, and the date may change.  Therefore, I will be here in Edmond until ..................

I have a really long, detailed explanation of how I happened to get the windows all done yesterday, but I will spare you the story.  Just suffice it to say, I made some phone calls.  Shortly thereafter, FIVE men showed up, including the owner, Patrick.  Remember the guy who sent us the $50 Longhorn gift card?  He decided to send himself this time.  He stayed here the ENTIRE TIME overseeing this project. 

When Patrick arrived (picture Burl Ives with an attitude), he was so mad at me, he could have chewed nails.  But after meeting my charming, lovely self, I think he decided I wasn't the wicked b**** he thought I would be.  Also, he saw the mess all around my house and the falling window parts, and I think he saw it through my eyes.  I shook his hand -- offered him coffee -- and listened to him talk.  His crew was very nice, but they were nice before he got involved.

During our very long, one-sided conversation (very salesman-like), he informed me that his Mother started a realty business when she was 54.  She was very good at it, and became very wealthy, BUT her four kids all hate her.  I'm assuming she was like a General, and she didn't put up with any guff.  I thought right away, "I remind him of his Mother, and that is why he doesn't know how to communicate with me."  I didn't tell him my kids don't like me either.  Didn't want to give him more fuel for the fire!

Usually, I would be working in my sewing room, but I was all over the house yesterday because I wanted to see what was going on.  I was vacuuming and dusting, doing the wash and folding clothes.  Patrick, of course, could see everything I was doing because he was inside the house most of the time while his crew worked outside.  He came up to me once while I was washing the shutters in the window they just installed, and he said, "Do you ever quit?"  Later, I was in the kitchen doing something, and he said, "Do your batteries ever run down?"  I responded, "About 9:00 at night."

That is the VERY condensed version of my Friday. 

Today, I will finish my new SFD blouse with the pleats.  I will, of course, show you a picture or two when it is done.  The fabric is really pretty.  I bought it from Peggy Sagers months ago.  It is white/purple/black and a little sheer.

I better whip up some breakfast, and get started on that blouse.  Have a Super-Satisfying Saturday!

Hugs, Joy

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Scream At A Bum

I can't believe what I saw on the street corner today.  Whenever I go to have lunch with Phylly, I pass the busiest intersection in Oklahoma City.  That intersection ALWAYS has one or more men holding up a cardboard sign hoping cars will stop and give them money.  Evidently, a lot of cars DO stop and DO give them money, or they wouldn't always be there.  Usually, the sign says "Out of Work" or "Homeless" or "Hungry and Out of Gas" or some totally unlegible scribble.  I saw a man one time holding his cardboard folded in half so you couldn't read it all.  The writing on some of the signs is so tiny, you can't read them either. 

But today when I got to that intersection, I saw something different.  There was a man holding up a large cardboard sign.  He had straps attached to the back of the sign so he could hold it without blurring any of the words.  He was walking swiftly down the street holding the sign high up in the air with both arms.

My first thought was, "He can walk and his arms work fine -- why can't he work???"

As I got closer to him, I could read the sign with its very plainly written large black letters.  This is what it said:

"Are you mad? 
 Are you infuriated? 
 Scream at a bum.  50 cents per minute."

If I had been in the lane next to him, I would have rolled down my window and asked if I could take his picture.  The light was green, and traffic was moving, so I had to go.  I did not notice anyone screaming at him or giving him money.  CRAZY!

It was a beautiful day, and I was glad to get to see Phylly for lunch at The Heath Bar (Olive Garden).

It has been so long since I've seen her you know.

You may recall, I am here in Edmond not only for the sewing class we just attended, but to get all new windows put in our house.  The project stopped last week because one of the guys had to get home early.  I told them to just come back this week because I was going to be gone Thursday and Friday of last week. 

Well, here it is Thursday -- a week later -- and nobody has shown up.  I called Monday to REMIND Window World that I was back.  I talked to Patrick, the owner -- the one who sent us the $50 gift card to Longhorn.  He told me someone would be here Tuesday or Wednesday.  They weren't.  I asked him about it today.  He said, "I'm sure you are on the schedule."  I told him to please tell me WHEN I was on the schedule.  He called back later to tell me he had CHANGED the schedule, and I am suddenly on it again for tomorrow.  WHY, OH WHY is everything having to do with construction like this??? 

I won't keep you.  I'm supposed to be watching a Craftsy class on how to copy ready-to-wear.  I have to watch it before 30 days so I can get my money back if I don't like it.  A very good thing about Craftsy, in my opinion.  There have been a lot of classes that I requested a refund for after the first lesson because the teacher was so boring or the subject was.  There are a bunch more classes that I have really enjoyed and I am keeping forever.  Angela Wolfe, for one.  A GREAT teacher!

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDD, I can't forget to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day.  Wish my valentine was here.  He was away on our 38th anniversary on February 1st, and he is gone again now.  I miss him so much.

I hope you really like this valentine bunny because it took me nearly an hour to fetch him from the clipart site I use.  Evidently, everyone in the world is looking for valentine clipart tonight!

Hope lots of love surrounds you today and always.

Hugs, Joy

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Shouldn't Say This, But...

I am a bit inebriated -- and if you know how to spell that, you are a whole lot smarter than I am.  I have a dictionary at my fingertips at all times, and I couldn't even find it in there!!!

It isn't really my fault that I am a bit inebriated.  It is Jerry's.  I bought this bottle of Pinot Noir (pronounced "pee no nore") for us to drink because it is supposed to be good for you -- like dark chocolate -- but I HATE dark chocolate -- so I bought the wine instead.  Jerry won't drink it though.  He thinks it is awful.  I think if you drink enough of it, then you really don't care how it tastes!

And I should tell you that a teaspoon of any alcohol makes me tipsy.  I had only about a third of a wineglass of Pinot Noir with some cheese and crackers.  I am feeling NO PAIN!

I went out to my mailbox to see if the mailman left anything exciting, and I received Glenda's new pants-fitting DVD's today.  There was a bank statement for our business also, but for some reason, I didn't even open it.  Probably because it wouldn't be a good idea to try to balance the bank right now.

OH!  I also got a darling valentine's card from Margaret.  Sooooooooooooo sweet!  Thank you, Margaret.  I would call you about supper, but I'm afraid I better stay off the roads in my condition.  Maybe tomorrow night.

I spent FOUR hours this morning trying to remake my Louise Cutting pattern for a blouse that had too-small armholes and a too-high collar.  That thing had so many alterations, Jerry actually asked me when he saw it if I would like to go to work for him fitting people in wheelchairs!  At 1 PM, I wadded it up in a ball, threw it in the trash, and took out my SFD pleated blouse.  I have the two fronts done on it, and I will have it finished tomorrow.  Pictures will be forthcoming!

I better go.  Glenda's new DVD's are calling me! 

Hugs, Joy