Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shoes, Shrimp and Slow Words

My goodness!  It is already Wednesday.  Time flies by so fast these days.  I miss Jerry, and he misses me.  Poor baby has to go buy his own groceries and cook his own dinners.  When I get back home, there will be all kinds of strange things in my freezer.  He always buys frozen shrimp and cocktail sauce, Stouffer's dinners in bags and corn on the cob.  I never buy any of those things.

Shrimp is suppose to be the scavenger of the sea and really bad for you.  Cocktail sauce is so good, you don't CARE that the shrimp is bad for you.  And why corn ON the cob when you can buy corn OFF the cobb?  The Stouffer's dinners are okay but I can make them without the bag.

Remember the shoes I ordered yesterday?  They all came today.  I picked one pair of shoes, but there is no way I could wear them to a wedding.  They are Dr. Scholl's.  Cute, but for jeans only.  The fancy Calvin Klein and Ivanka Trump shoes were like torture chambers.  I felt like I was walking in cement wraps.  I really do hate most shoes.  My favorite is Crocs, but as you know, Jerry hates them.

If I don't get snowed or sleeted in tomorrow, 11 pair go back to

I am watching The Middle on Jerry's new TV.  It is the first time I've watched anything that wasn't from Netflix.  I don't know if I should tell him, or not, but the people's lips move and the words don't start until several seconds later.  Evidently, the new internet service from Cox Cable is faster than the actor's lips.  And they aren't even 3D!

LOL!  I just remembered.  I made a new video today with my Louise Cutting triple-muslin test garments in it.  When I played it back, my words didn't match the video at all.  How weird!  I did notice the light was blinking because the camera battery was almost dead, so that might be what was wrong.

And since my battery was dead -- and since I left my extra battery in Kingston -- my battery has been on the charger ever since.  Maybe some pics and a video tomorrow if I can get the words to come out of my mouth at the proper speed.

Pray for Phylly and her husband, Roger, with me.  They have to drive long distance tomorrow to a funeral, and the weather is suppose to be frightful here.  Sleet and snow.  Unfortunately, that is an event that can't be rescheduled.

God bless.  More tomorrow.

Hugs, Joy



  1. No picture of the new shoes?

    We went to the Visitation tonight for my Aunt. It was so good to see my cousins and my uncle. It is a shame that we only seem to get together when there is a funeral. But that seems to be the only time I see my brothers, too. There have been entirely too many funerals in the last fifteen years. But maybe that is because of our age now.

    Funny, I said that I was sure my aunt already had Jesus and the angels measured for new robes and she was busy cutting them out. Then my cousin Pam said she figured that now that her mom and my mom (sisters)were both up in Heaven they were probably arguing as usual. I'm sure they are arguing about how those robes are going to be made. Mom will grumble, but then she'll do it Aunt Melba's way. I miss them both.

    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Joy,
    i started reading your blog years ago as it popped up when I was looking for reviews for SFD. Anyway, two full sets later, I love the system and delight in talking to Glenda, as you do. I have a couple of requests....I would like a tute on using seam binding in place of facings for armholes and necklines. Sounds so easy, but details are usually glossed over, and I end up with lines of stitches that look nasty. Also,where is the SFD top with the pleats??? Isn't it so easy to incorporate style lines into a garment with SFD? I don't waste time on patterns anymore, just look at the line drawings and take that inspiration to my sewing house and draft out something that I am sure will fit. Love your blog.


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