Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sort Of All-Done Windows

I am sitting in my glider -- laptop in my lap -- the internet is actually WORKING today -- and all of the windows that were here were put in yesterday, and all other window issues fixed except for the mis-measured windows that won't be here until some unknown time that nobody at Window World can tell me because the earth could come to an end or something, and the date may change.  Therefore, I will be here in Edmond until ..................

I have a really long, detailed explanation of how I happened to get the windows all done yesterday, but I will spare you the story.  Just suffice it to say, I made some phone calls.  Shortly thereafter, FIVE men showed up, including the owner, Patrick.  Remember the guy who sent us the $50 Longhorn gift card?  He decided to send himself this time.  He stayed here the ENTIRE TIME overseeing this project. 

When Patrick arrived (picture Burl Ives with an attitude), he was so mad at me, he could have chewed nails.  But after meeting my charming, lovely self, I think he decided I wasn't the wicked b**** he thought I would be.  Also, he saw the mess all around my house and the falling window parts, and I think he saw it through my eyes.  I shook his hand -- offered him coffee -- and listened to him talk.  His crew was very nice, but they were nice before he got involved.

During our very long, one-sided conversation (very salesman-like), he informed me that his Mother started a realty business when she was 54.  She was very good at it, and became very wealthy, BUT her four kids all hate her.  I'm assuming she was like a General, and she didn't put up with any guff.  I thought right away, "I remind him of his Mother, and that is why he doesn't know how to communicate with me."  I didn't tell him my kids don't like me either.  Didn't want to give him more fuel for the fire!

Usually, I would be working in my sewing room, but I was all over the house yesterday because I wanted to see what was going on.  I was vacuuming and dusting, doing the wash and folding clothes.  Patrick, of course, could see everything I was doing because he was inside the house most of the time while his crew worked outside.  He came up to me once while I was washing the shutters in the window they just installed, and he said, "Do you ever quit?"  Later, I was in the kitchen doing something, and he said, "Do your batteries ever run down?"  I responded, "About 9:00 at night."

That is the VERY condensed version of my Friday. 

Today, I will finish my new SFD blouse with the pleats.  I will, of course, show you a picture or two when it is done.  The fabric is really pretty.  I bought it from Peggy Sagers months ago.  It is white/purple/black and a little sheer.

I better whip up some breakfast, and get started on that blouse.  Have a Super-Satisfying Saturday!

Hugs, Joy


  1. I am so glad that you are making some progress with your windows. At least you can get some sewing done :)

    I am away for work this week so no sewing for 4 days :(

    You make me feel guilty publishing all your nice SF outfits. I have just completed a sundress using my SF blue print - must do a review on PR.

    Have a good week


  2. If it is going to be more than a week before the windows come in, why don't you go back home? They have to call you before they deliver them, so you can come back up here then. That way you won't have to be here by yourself. Of course, I'd rather have you here so we can get together, but I know you'd like to be home with Jerry.

    Hugs, Phylly

  3. The reason for that, Phylly, is I hate the drive and the price of gas is so high. If I need to be here in a week, I would rather just wait so when I do drive back home, I can stay there for a change.

    Hugs, Joy


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