Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mexican Fruit and Phylly's New Clothes

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  Cold and wet today.  I feel sorry for Phylly having to go to a graveside service today.  I did get out though.  I had to get those shoes returned to Zappos.  I took my lone self to lunch at Ted's Mexican somethingorother -- CafĂ© or Cantina or -- OH, I remember -- Escondido.  WHAT ON EARTH does "Escondido" mean.  Maybe I can google it.  Hold on .............

It seems to be a city in southern California that specializes in grapes and citrus fruit.

Why would Ted name his restaurant that???

Do those guys look Mexican to you?  They sure don't to me. 

No rice -- no beans -- no enchilada -- no tacos.

Very strange!

If any of my readers speak Spanish better than I do, maybe you can shed some light on the meaning of that word.

I finished my Louise Cutting top #3 today, and it is cute.  I had so many chalk marks on it though, I had to wash it.  It hardly looks like the same top anymore.  Maybe I will have some pics and a video for you tomorrow.  Depends on what kind of mood I wake up in.  I have to be "in the mood" to make a video.  I do not know how people can be on TV every day -- like newscasters -- and ALWAYS be in a good mood -- perfectly dressed -- makeup on -- and a smile across their face.  I guess if you get paid to do it, it would be different.  It is just your "job".

Time to watch never-ending episodes of Alias and Revenge.  I enjoy watching Revenge because of the dresses the ladies wear.  Everybody in that show is a billionaire or just a poor, slovenly millionaire, and they wear a different dress or outfit in every scene.  I loved watching Madmen for that reason, but the last season got into LSD and everybody sleeping around, and I can't stand that stuff.

Pictures tomorrow of my Muslins #1, #2 and #3.

I can show you Phylly's 2nd top though.

This is called Relax A Little by Louise Cutting, and it is the same one I've made 3 of.  This pink one is Phylly's second one, only hers is still like the pattern.

Notice the collar and how cute it looks on her.  Phylly wears hers as a jacket.  I can hardly stand the sleeve with just a bra under the blouse, so I won't be wearing mine as a jacket..

Yes, Phylly was at work, but since Jerry and I own the place, I demanded that she have another employee take pictures for me.  I LOVE that I can do that!

By the way, those are Phylly's new Louise Cutting pants.  They fit her better than any I have ever seen her make.  That European crotch really makes a difference.  I'm going to try at least one pair.

That used to be my husband's desk behind her.  See the pharmacy pictures on the wall?  Jerry is a Pharmacist, and we owned two pharmacies before we got into the medical equipment rat race.  We had to give up our offices there to other employees.  Jerry and I each have an office here now.  The price of success, I suppose, but I sure miss having an office at our store.  If I could find a place to stuff Phylly's office in my house, I would move her here.  Then I could take pics myself!

Just Kidding, Phylly.  Heaven knows how much office work either one of us would get done here!  (-;  Our clothes sure would fit nice though!

Better get.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Phylly I think you look quite smart in your new outfit.Those pants look soooo good on you.

  2. Joy I just want to thank you and Phylly for all the laughs and inspiration you have given me over the last few months since I came across your blog quite by accident.I took the plunge yesterday and orderd the works from SFD and can hardly wait for it to get here.It has been at least 12 years since I have sewn anything and am looking forward to getting back to it.I called my order in because I wanted to use my birthday gift card to pay for part of my order and there was no option to use a debit card on the website.I was so thrilled to talk to Glenda and did tell her how much I enjoy your blog. We did spend a few minutes singing your praises and laughing.Keep the pictures and videos coming!!!

  3. I left a comment last night, but it has disappeared again! I don't remember what my comment was other than "what happened to my hair.
    Anita, those are my SFD Princess pants that I'm wearing, not the new pattern by Louis Cutting. I just keep making grey pants, so it is not surprising that Joy thought they were the LC pants. I love SFD, but I am always trying different patterns, anyway. I always come back to SFD. Just take your time and don't get discouraged. Find a good basic book on sewing and use it for reference. Vogue has a good one. Threads has a series on sewing that is good,too.

    Lunch helped cheer me up Joy. See you later.
    Hugs, Phylly


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