Monday, February 4, 2013

Window Torment and a Wow! from Jerry

I missed posting Sunday notes yesterday.  The sermon was by Matthew Hagee yesterday, and it was about Naaman in II Kings and how God healed him of Leprosy after his protest about the HOW and WHERE he was to be healed.  If you would like to read about it, I believe it was in II Kings 5.

Yesterday morning started out with a rarer-than-hens'-teeth "WOW!" from Jerry when I put on my newly made rooster feather blouse and my yellow jeans. 

I've commented before in this blog how many times I've paraded in front of him in a brand new garment, and he hasn't even noticed. 

So, it is an earthshaking event when I get a "WOW!" from him.

One other time during this blog, I got a "WOW!" from Jerry.  Remember?  It was last summer.  I put on a red knit top and black knit pants.  So this makes two "WOW!'s" in one year.  Not bad, huh? 

Here's a pic of what I had on:

You may recall I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER make garments with long sleeves because I always thought I wouldn't like them.  I assumed they would be like the long sleeves on jackets and housecoats, and they would be in the sink or in my dinner or otherwise in my way.  BUT NO!  I wore this all day long yesterday, and it was very comfortable.  I would have made another one today, but the pattern is at my other house.

That means I officially have completed a Peggy Sager's Silhouette Pattern that I really love.  Maybe I am starting to speak "Peggy", at last!

Today, the window expedition started here at our home in Edmond.  All new windows throughout the house.  Three guys and a truck showed up, and they were nice enough.  They asked where I wanted them to start.  I told them, but they said they couldn't start there.  So WHY did they ask????

So they started at the front door.  After several hours knocking out the windows that were already here, they put in the three around the front door.  They did not fit well at all, and I noticed it right away and let them know.  The guy who measured must have had his eyes dilated that morning, or something just as bazaar.  There was a 5/8" gap between the window and the wall in one of them.

Before long, the owner of the company, Patrick, called me on my cell phone.  I handed the phone to Jerry after introducing them to each other.  Then Patrick, the owner, asked to talk to me again.  He apologized profusely and said they would certainly fix any problems.  The windows should fit, and he understood my concern.  He told me over and over that he would fix whatever problems we had, and if he could he would come to my house himself -- but he couldn't.  He wanted to know if there was anything else he could do for me, and explained that my 100% satisfaction was their goal.  Extremely nice! 

I asked Jerry when I hung up if he had a twin brother named Patrick as I was sure the guy would crawl across a burning desert if he had to -- like Jerry -- in order to satisfy a customer.

I went outside to survey the situation with the three guys.  THEN I came up with the most brilliant idea.  I suggested that they MEASURE the old window and the new window.  If the new window wasn't right, then they shouldn't put it in.  OH!  They thought that was a GREAT idea.  So work began again.

At 2:45 -- when they were just getting going on this beautiful day of 70 degrees outside -- one of the guys, Gary, came up to me and told me they were leaving. 

I said, "LEAVING"!!??  "WHY ON EARTH would you leave now?"

It seems that he got conked on the head by a falling frame from one of our large windows.  I did notice blood coming from a small cut on the side of his forehead.  He took off his hat and said he had a bump.  He said he was feeling nauseous.  So they all packed up the truck, and off they went.  I pray this 3-day job doesn't take three months!

I better go.  I need to buy some birthday gifts for my grand niece and nephew in Tulsa.  Something to color and something shiny with bells and whistles.  Hmmmmmmm.  Been a long time since I've shopped for that stuff.

Until soon.

Hugs, Joy

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