Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Broken Hearts and Tornados

Guess WHERE we went to church Sunday morning?

On our patio, of course!  It was a gorgeous, perfect morning.  Slight breeze and just the right temperature.  I put my Ipad on the table that the contractors put up for me so I could use it if I wanted to.  How nice!  I brought up GETV.org on the Ipad and got it ready for the sunday morning service.  I was AMAZED at the excellent reception.  It was like God sent a computer nerd angel to make sure we had no interruptions in transmission.  Usually, we have many.

Hagee, Sr. was in London, so Matt, the son, preached yesterday.  The sermon was entitled "What Do You Do With A Broken Heart".  It was very well done with Matthew using a very fun prop that totally infused the message into my brain.  I LOVE it when a speaker uses props.  If you would like to hear a great sermon, please check for it at www.getv.org.  It is available now.  It will be the Sunday Morning Message on 05-19-13 by Matthew Hagee.

Yesterday was the devastating tornado in Moore, OK.  We drive right through that town every time we go to our other house.  Jerry will be driving by all of that tomorrow on his way home.  Hope the traffic is moving freely by then.  It took some of our employees 2 or 3 hours to get home from our store last night.  Bill was on a motorcycle.  He said it was awful sitting in traffic that long on a motorcycle.  Phylly had no electricity when she got home, but it was back on in a few hours.  Phylly lives a stone's throw away from Moore, and Bill lives South of Moore.  So very heartbreaking about the children in the school.  As my daughter said, they are all with Jesus now, so it isn't bad for the kids.  But the parents.  I can't imagine the sorrow.  My prayer is that this will draw all of the people involved close to the heart of God.

I had to work at our store yesterday and today and tomorrow and until I have a full house again.  Gracie -- my employee who just had a baby -- FINALLY called us today.  She has been sick for the entire 3 weeks, and her Mother has been taking care of her.  Her Mother would not let her make any phone calls.  She said her Mom just left today.  Also, the baby has a heart murmur, and Gracie has to take her to a Heart Specialist this week.  We told her we love her and to please come back as soon as she can.  Her brother came to the store today and picked up all her gifts and her paycheck.

On top of all that, the newest employee, Candice, was out this Monday and today because she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her.  If she doesn't show up for work tomorrow, she is going to find out she doesn't have a job either.  That made 3 employees out today. Of course, all of that is NOTHING compared to what those people in Moore are facing, and I am thankful this is my worst problem right now.

Back soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. My heart breaks for those who lost their children and grandchildren in that school yesterday. I cannot imagine how devastating that must be.

    Just like with the school at Sandyhook where so many children died, this nation will mourn and grieve for those children. Somehow, it seems so much worse when it is children that die in a tragedy. But how can we grieve so for them, but then not grieve over the babies that are murdered before they can take their first breath? How can we even allow that? I will never understand that.

    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Totally agree with you on that! That doctor was totally within the law as long as he tortured the perfectly healthy full-term babies INSIDE the womb, but once they were out, he became a criminal. These murderers will stand before God one day!

    Hugs, Joy


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