Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Dress Out Of Pinecones and Shorts Out Of Daisies (-;

I can't tell you about church today because I wasn't able to ever get it to come up.  Jerry wasn't able to get it to come up at our other house either.  How strange.  I'll find something to watch this evening.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, being home all alone, and feeling good today because I refused to take the non-drowsy Ibuprofen, I sewed all day.  I made a pinecone dress today.  It is my muslin of the pattern I downloaded to copy with my SFD Dress Kit.

Here is the Kwik Sew pattern I wanted to copy.  I would tell you the number, but as far as I can tell, it doesn't HAVE a number.

And HERE is my SFD copy of that dress on Lucy.  I used pinecones for my muslin, and it turned out good enough to wear.  Only thing is, I may need to become a Go-Go Granny because when I sit down, the slit wants to reveal my entire lower half!  I actually have spun around a pole before in some exercise class I used to take.

I look like Gravel Girty's Great Grandmother today, and I'm not ABOUT to take my picture.  I have not had a shower since Thursday, and I can't take one until tomorrow.  Yes, I do the sink bath bit, but it just is NOT the same.  And I wash my hair every day of the world, but I have only washed it once since Thursday.  It is starting to look more like plastic than hair!

The Kwik Sew pattern has a seam down center front.  I did not want a seam down center front, so I made a facing for the hem.

Here is how I drew the bottom of the front and back to make a facing for the slit up center front from the hem.  Pardon all the lines.  I change my mind all the time.  By the time I get these patterns finished, I have a roll of regular tape -- a roll of removable tape -- and five colors of marker all over the paper and myself!

I almost forgot,
to show you my daisy shorts.

Remember the Burda pattern I downloaded?  I got the puzzle all cut out and put together, and then I noticed that the BIGGEST size available was too small for me.  I wasn't familiar with 38, 40, 42 and 44.  I figured 42 meant 42 hips, and mine are 41, so that should work.  NO!!!!  That is not right.  I still don't know what the numbers stand for, but it isn't MY HIPS!

I had to alter the pattern quite a bit in the waist and the hip, but it was really big in the leg opening.  I have the shorts done except for the waistband.  Here are my daisy shorts on Lucy.  Pretty cute, I think.  Maybe a tad short for a granny, but I don't care.  I can wear them at home and have flashbacks to the olden days when I used to have pretty legs that men whistled at. 

My swing has been neglected today, and I haven't had supper.  Gotta get.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hi Joy,hope you start feeling better soon.I like your dress it will be nice to see you in it

  2. Joy I checked out Phylly's blog and Iam glad I did.I tryed to leave a comment but I had trouble selecting a profile,is there something Iam
    doing wrong.Lyn

  3. Just select "Anonymous" if you don't have a google name. Leave your name when you reply so Phylly knows you aren't a machine.
    Hugs, Joy


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