Thursday, July 18, 2013

AHA! Blogger Is Fixed and Cute New Patterns

Hello friends!  I am so excited!  I opened Blogger a moment ago, and it looked the same crazy way it has all week, but ALL OF A SUDDEN -- LIKE A FLASH OUT OF THE BLUE -- the icons all appeared in a row at the top of this box.  How exciting is that!?
I was about to give up blogging all together.  I shall not have to do that now.

This MAY be the last day of Todd and family (father, son and grandson) working on our house.  They arrived this morning after an 8-week wait with the WRONG windows.  Unbelievable!  They decided to order the windows from some company OTHER than the one we told them to get them from.  Hence, the windows aren't right.  I will be SO GLAD when we no longer need contractors.

A new crew arrives tomorrow to put a new roof on.  I found this company on the internet.  They are from Texas.  I think they will be really good as they are actually a REAL company with a REAL name and REAL employees and the RIGHT shingles.  I'll let you know how that choice goes.

I found two more cute patterns that I am going to try to SFD.  Now that my legs are being deveined (sounds like shrimp!), I may wear the dresses I have been making.  I have to wear the heavy stockings for just two weeks, and two weeks flies by.  There are so many cute shift patterns now.  They are so easy to make.  Faster than a blouse, really. 

These are both Kwik Sew.  Looks like simple dart-play. 

These little pictures are jumping all over the place.  Hope you can figure out what goes with what.  Think I'll go look for some fabric and get started.   I like this flowery style the best because it doesn't have a horizontal seam across the widest part of my body. 

Hope you are enjoying this week.  We have had lovely soft-falling rain here, and it was a bit cooler for a few days.  Now, everything is green. 

I'll be SO GLAD when these contractors are done.  It really bugs me that they seem to be the only members of their families that work, and the girlfriends and their kids keep showing up and hanging around.  A construction site is NO PLACE for little children, and I don't want the whole world here at my house.  I didn't hire the girlfriends and their kids!  Next time, I will put that in the "contract".  My guess is that we -- you and me -- are supporting the girls and the children.  Our place is very private and hard to find, and the more people the contractors drag back here, the LESS private it is.

Until soon,

Hugs, Joy


  1. Cute patterns both should be easy to adapt your SFD blueprint to copy the style.
    Will look forward to seeing your new dresses :)


  2. I posted a comment to your comment earlier today, but I guess it flew off into Outer Space.

    I'll keep you posted on that dress. Haven't started it yet.

    Hugs, Joy

  3. Please keep blogging I come here every day to read your posts.I like your
    patterns they will be very nice on you.

    1. THANK YOU,Lyn. Since I'm not just about "sewing" or just about any particular subject, I feel like nobody reads but my friends. So glad to know you like my blog.

      Hugs, Joy


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