Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 2 of Joyful Rehab

Day 2 is drawing to an end.  Don has really come around today.  I went out to the patio a few hours ago, and Don was talking to my husband, Jerry.  I could tell immediately that he was different.  I looked at him, and he was "awake" and coherent and was carrying on a conversation.  I looked at him and said, "Hey, you are back!!!" 

He has been eating like he is starving.  He has been hooked on these pills for six weeks he says.  The day he got here, he had taken THIRTY-FIVE of them that day.  He said he has lost a lot of weight.  He should be gaining it back real fast the way he is eating.  He smoked a lot less today.  He seems to have made pop his crutch today.  Cans and bottles all over the patio!  THANK GOD we just got that patio done.  It has been perfect for him to smoke on and just sit and talk with brother on.  When he isn't out there, he is asleep in a recliner.

He has gotten smart-alicky which is how he is when he is sober.  Don and Jerry went to town earlier today, and Jerry told me when he got home that Don told him on the way back about God coming to Earth and having sex with a nurse.  When Jerry said grace at dinner tonight, Don said, "Why don't you ask God about that nurse he had sex with?"  I asked him where on Earth he ever heard that nonsense.  He didn't say, but he insists it is true.  He said she finally agreed to marry him.  HUH????? 

What a messed up mind!  It truly will be a miracle for him to change his thinking.  He has talked about that crazy stuff as long as I've known him. 

Don and Jerry have gone to get minnows so we can fish for a bit before dark in our pond.  That means I have to take a bath in Deep Woods OFF first.  The mosquitos are awful down here right now due to all the rain standing in puddles here and there.  On second thought, they can go alone and have some brotherly love.  I'll stay here and watch jewelry you tube videos or something.
I better get.


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