Sunday, July 7, 2013

Good Evening on Sunday, July 7

Whew!  What a whirlwind weekend this has been.  Our store was closed Thursday and Friday for the FIRST TIME EVER on July 4th holiday.  How amazing that it just HAPPENED to coincide with Jerry's brother's cry for help.  Jerry was off all 4 days, and while Don was here, he did nothing but listen to and talk to and care about Don.

Don left yesterday, as you know, so today, we did our usual Sunday activities EXCEPT that just as I poured my first cup of coffee and settled in my living room chair, Jerry announced that Joel was on the patio TV.  That would be the TV that Jerry JUST got installed on the brick wall yesterday.

I leaped out of my chair, squealing with delight, grabbed my coffee, and out I went.  I was in one swing, and Jerry was in the other.  We watched Joel who talked about good things happening even after a loooooooooooong period of bad things happening, and how we need to always have a good attitude no matter what we are enduring.

Then, immediately following Joel, Charles Stanley came on.  Charles is an excellent teacher, but a bit too calm for me -- maybe a bit monotone -- not sure.  I can't stand screaming preachers, so I guess I like them somewhere in between too loud and too quiet.

Charles was talking about why Christians need to seek God.  Just because we are Christians doesn't mean we "have arrived" and we know it all and can live it all.  If that was the case, we would all be ready for sainthood.  

Then it was upstairs to the computer as we can't get John Hagee on the TV yet.  Jerry is working on it though.  John's sermon was entitled "Who Are You?".   I think at this point, I was full of sermons, because I can't really remember details of this one.

After that, I did attend internet Sunday School with Matt Hagee.  He is going through the whole Bible chronologically.  He was talking about Jacob and how God told Jacob where to go, and then he told him to STAY THERE.  But Jacob disobeyed and he left.  His wife, Rebecca, died giving birth to their son, Benjamin. 

He told about that story from Genesis 34.  I remember the first time I read it and how I felt SO SORRY for those men.     

Jacob's daughter, Dinah, was raped by Shechem the son of Hamor the Hivite, who was the prince of the land.  Jacob's sons got really mad and decided to get even for what was done to their sister.  Shechem really loved Dinah -- or her body -- and he wanted to marry her.  So the brothers told Hamor that his son could marry their sister if ALL the Hivite men were circumcised according to Jewish customs.  They agreed.  So all the men in Hamor's city were circumcised.  While they were all in anguish from their wounds, Jacob's sons went into their city.  They killed Hamor and Shechem and EVERY MALE and looted the city and took EVERYTHING, including all the women and children. 

Those Bible guys were not wimps!  And I sure am glad I didn't live back then!

Then church was over, and we went about our day just piddling around from one chore to the next.  I made a scarf, and I made it wrong.  HOW ON EARTH could I mess up a scarf?  I got this bright idea to sew the short ends together.  The I folded the long loop in half and sewed the long raw edges together leaving an opening. 

Can you "see" my screw-up???? 

I couldn't.  I just kept going. 

So I have this giant donut sewn together with an opening to turn it.  I start to turn it, and it dawns on my lightning fast mind that it is never, ever, ever going to finish turning because it is a circle, and I would just go around and around forever -- never coming to an end.  Brilliant, huh?

Tomorrow is a brand new day.  ENJOY!

Hugs, Joy

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