Saturday, July 6, 2013

Joyful Rehab Goodbye Not So Joyful

Yes, it is over.

Don seemed so "normal" last night, but he woke up this morning hurting real bad and was as grumpy as an old bear.  I tried to cheer him up.  He said he was leaving.  He went into his bedroom, picked up his guitar case, and went out the front door to his car.  I went to get Jerry to tell him.  Jerry hurried out to Don's car, and they talked in the driveway for a long time.  Then Jerry and Don came in, and they had breakfast.  Don left half of his bacon-egg-toast breakfast uneaten, and said he was sick.  He disappeared into his room.

I came upstairs to piddle around, and Jerry was doing something.  He thought he had talked Don into staying.  In a few minutes, Don appeared here in my sewing room.  After a look around and a GASP at how awesome my room is (he had not been in here yet), he came over to thank me and tell me he was leaving.  I stood up and gave him a hug.  Then Jerry appeared.  He came over to where Don and I were, and he stood up against the sink.  Don sat down in one of the chairs.  Here we were -- all three -- and the talking began.

Don started by saying that he was a hopeless mess, and he hated himself.  Jerry told him that God loved him.  Don said, "There is NO WAY God could love me!"  Jerry and I took turns GENTLY witnessing trying to explain God's love.  Don tried to explain everything away with statements about Buddha and Muhommad and all "those other prophets".  I told him that all those guys are dead.  Jesus is alive.  He mumbled on and on, but he actually WAS listening to Jerry and me.  He acted like he WANTED to believe us, but what we were telling him was just too preposterous. 

Don got up, thanked us both and started to leave.  Jerry walked over to him, and grabbed him as though he were a child, and he gave him a big bear hug.  I thought I was going to cry.  That has never, ever happened in his family.  Their father never hugged them or even touched them unless it was to hit them with a farm implement of some sort or to smash them into a wall.  The 3 boys knew only a Mother's love.  I know that one hug had to really minister to Don.  We both told Don that we love him, and he is welcome to come back any time.

And he left.  He has not had a Percocet since last Wednesday.  Today is just Day 3 without them.  We don't know WHAT will happen now, but we do know that Don knows we are here -- that we truly care -- and he can come back.

We ALSO KNOW that we serve a MIGHTY God, and we know He loves Don, and we know He hears and answers prayer.

Jerry and I are going to town for something.  Can't remember what.

Hugs, Joy 


  1. God is Able to do more than we can ever imagine or think. Praying

  2. You and Jerry are such good people.




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