Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New VLOG, New Pattern, and Almost Relocated Today!

I have SO MUCH to tell you, but it is 5:14 PM, and I have to hurry downstairs to start supper.  Jerry just called and said he will be 20 minutes late, so that is all the time I have!

So much has been happening with the contractor situation that I can't even remember all the details anymore.  They QUIT again for the second time on Saturday night.  Jerry typed up a 3-page document detailing all the stuff we have been through -- all the unkept promises, etc. -- the overpaid thousands of dollars for work not done -- and he called the boss, Grandpa, over for a meeting.

Grandpa showed up yesterday morning at 8:30.  He is the NICEST man.  I like him very much.  He just has the most difficult situation with his son, and it is causing mass havoc in his own life.  They are actually having to move out of their home today and tomorrow because of so much debt acquired due to the son's poor health and accidents.  I feel so very sad for him and his wife.  I wanted to do something SO MUCH.  I begged Jerry to let me just give them however much money they were behind in payment.  Jerry said, "NO! NO! NO!"  He said they would just arrive at the same place again sooner or later.

I was wandering around here this morning just heart sick over this.  Can you imagine???  70 years old, and you lose your home.  I was praying and wondering what I could do that Jerry would approve of.  FINALLY, I thought of something.

Jerry and I own 60 boat and RV storage units in a small town about 12 miles from here.  There are about 15 empty units.  I thought that maybe Grandpa and wife might need a place to store some things for a while.  I picked up my phone, and I called Grandpa.  Now, Grandpa does NOT like me!  Why?  Because Grandpa has not been here much, and he has heard all kinds of lies from DS and DGS about what a witch I am.  Insofar, as Grandpa and I, there hasn't been a single unpleasant exchange.

ANYWAY, I was afraid he wouldn't even answer the call, but he did.  When I said, "Hi, this is Joy", he kind of went silent on me.  I could tell he would rather talk to the IRS or the Mortgage Company than me.  I told him I heard he was having to move, and I was so very sorry.  I told him I wished there was something I could do to help him.  I told him the ONLY thing I could think of that I may be able to do for him was offer him FREE rent in however many storage units he may need.

Well, he suddenly lightened up a bit, and I was crying.  He told me that he may need to take me up on that offer.  I told him to just let me know, and I would take care of everything.  I haven't heard back, but they have several days to move out.

I called Jerry about lunch, and THAT is when I almost relocated.  To hear the details of that, listen to the video I made for you today.  I talk about my new pattern at the beginning, but about half-way through, I talk about the "incident".

I start by telling you that this video is "Take Two", but my lightning-fast mind forgot to tell you why.  The first video in which I held my leg up in the air and showed you my veins was very dark.  I forgot I need to close the blinds before taping.  And after I remembered that I actually HELD MY LEG UP IN THE AIR, I decided it was probably a good thing it did NOT turn out.  (-;

Here's the latest:

And now, I really have to run.  We are having shrimp coctail, fish sticks that Jerry bought last time I was at Nida's -- I NEVER buy fish sticks -- and coleslaw and whatever else I can find to throw together.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Thank God you are okay! What an idiot that guy was. You would have thought he would have hit the brakes and pulled back in behind the truck.

    I'm so sorry Tammy didn't make it. Hopefully, she will be there next week.

    My funky patterns are from Marfy. I received three of them folded flat in an envelope that was about 6"x8". Two jacket patterns and a pattern for a pair of pants. I think it will be fun. There aren't any seam allowances, but that doesn't bother me. No instructions either, but there are points marked with matching letters so you know what goes together. Like you said, its a puzzle and I love those, too.
    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Hi joy,

    I really enjoyed your vlog. Look forward to the next one.

    What a scary experience. Thank The Lord you are ok. Unfortunately there are drivers who act like they own the road, take no care when driving and expect the other drivers to be the ones to take special care in order that no one is harmed.

  3. So glad you are alright Joy.That must have been very upsetting for you.
    Hope your daughter can visit you next week so you can catch up
    and have a good talk and maybe learn to knit.
    Thanking you Lyn


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