Friday, July 26, 2013

Rainy Day Blues

I feel like I'm under water inside a bubble.  It is pouring rain here, and it has been all day.

It is pouring rain where Jerry's Mom is also, and she has had to move out of her room into some other room with two other women because the rain came inside her area of Countrywood.

She must be so confused.  Jerry has had several calls about her.  I don't know why they started calling him instead of me, but probably just as well since I'm not moving around much.

I had the second surgery for varicose veins on my right leg yesterday.  They really drugged me for that one, and I am STILL not in my right mind.  I have done the goofiest things today.  For instance, I am not allowed to take a shower until next Monday, so I washed my hair in the kitchen sink.  I went in my bathroom to fix my hair, and I heated up my curling iron as usual.

After I dried my hair, I reached down to pick up the curling iron, and there was a tube of mascara melted to it.  I grabbed the tube of mascara and threw it aside, and then I unplugged the iron and scraped the melted part off with something.  I plugged the curling iron back in so it could get hot again.  A few minutes later, I reached down to pick the curling iron up again, and a red CHIP CLIP was melted completely around it!!!  I use the chip clip to hold my towel up sometimes so that is why it was lying there.  I turned the iron off AGAIN, and I had to get all that gook off of it.  The chip clip was no longer clippable, so it went in the trash.  I was beginning to think I had lost my mind totally.  Thank goodness, Jerry came home to take me to lunch before I melted the entire bathroom!

I want to sew, but I don't dare allow myself to use scissors.  I cut the tip of my finger pretty bad with a rotary cutter on Wednesday.  I have NEVER done that before.  Probably pre-surgery nerves.  It is the kind of cut that is a flap.  The blade went INTO my finger, but not all the way out the other side.  I had to pull the blade out.  YUK!  Blood spurted and I grabbed a paper towel.  I'm hoping there aren't a bunch of fuzzies from the rotary blade embedded inside the wound.  After the cut quit bleeding, I removed the bandaid and dabbed the wound with alcohol.  OWE!  I hope my finger doesn't heal with a hole in it.

Not much to tell you EXCEPT that I did finish those Burda shorts.  If I didn't feel so yukky right now, I would put them on and model them for you -- thick compression hosiery and all.  Maybe tomorrow I'll feel like my normal self again.  I sure hope so.  I HATE feeling drugged.  I don't see how people can get addicted. 

Tomorrow is Saturday, and Jerry will be home with me all day.  He is really sweet to me when I'm hurting.  Sad thing is his knees hurt him just about all the time, and probably more than what this vein surgery is hurting me.  I have to go back Monday afternoon for the Ultrasound verification that the surgery worked.  Of course, I had that five years ago.  Same surgery exactly.  Ultrasound verified it was successful.  BUT, it wasn't.  That is why I'm having it done again now.  When we were at the Marina CafĂ© for lunch today, I saw a lady there who had horrible varicose veins.  She was older than I am and, obviously, had not ever had the surgery for it.  She was wearing shorts, so I guess it doesn't bother her that her legs look so awful.  Large, bulging, twisted, knotted bluish veins -- crisscrossing like railroad tracks all over her legs.   I wonder if she even knows there is a surgery for it.

I better get.  Wonder if my swing is all wet.  The rain just stopped and I see some sunshine!  We don't have any rain gutters yet because we are STILL WAITING for Todd and crew to finish the siding.  Jerry told them he wanted his money back or we were going to court, so they decided maybe they should come back and finish.  They are supposed to return next Monday.  We dread it, and I'm sure they do too.

Hugs, Joy 


  1. I bet you will feel like your normal, speedy self tomorrow morning. Your leg may still hurt some, but I'm sure you will be back to yourself. I don't understand how people get hooked on those drugs either. They make me feel so groggy and dizzy.

    Right now, I'm just sleepy, so it may be time for me to call it a night.
    Hugs, Phylly

  2. It may take a day or two but you will be back to yourself soon. I am right there with you on how people get addicted....I know it is a brain/chemical thing but since I can not stand how it feels to not have my wits about me at all puzzles me. I don't even like how it feels to drink alcohol. I am not anti drinking, I just don't like how it feels to me. I am always the designated driver and that is OK. wishes for a speedy recovery....and yes, stay away from the dangerous objects like rotary cutters and needles and the such for now.


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