Wednesday, August 7, 2013

63 Plus 3

Here I am, 63 plus 3 days old, and I am at a loss for words for my blog today.

I am NEVER at a loss for words -- EVER!  Is this something that happens when you cross over the threshold of 63?  Or did I just eat too much for supper?

I KNOW what it is!

I worked my tail feathers off all day long at the store!  Up and down, and up and down from my desk -- a thousand times -- and walking into the room where I build packets and then down the hall to the copier -- and then rushing back to the room where I build packets and then down the hall to the copier -- and all of it over and over and over.....  Maybe that's why I'm not so "talkative" tonight.  I've got to go back tomorrow and Friday and do it some more.  I feel like Phylly, except I don't have 3 little kids waiting for me when I get home at night.

I am making a princess style blouse from my SFD blueprint.  I haven't done that before, so I hope it looks nice.  I want to do something splashy and fun with this top, but I am so tired, those words make me want to get in the Jacuzzi and work a puzzle on my Iphone.

All is well with my legs.  They sure do feel a WHOLE LOT BETTER when someone isn't poking needles in them and cutting little slices here and there into them.  Tomorrow is Thursday and that means I can quit wearing the strangle-stocking on my right leg.  Next Thursday, the left one comes off.  YAY!

Time to watch some episodes of Downton Abby. Love to see the clothes on the ladies in those old timey programs.  And the hats!  I can't imagine having to wear a hat and gloves as everyday casual wear.  They dress up in evening gowns and pearls for dinner at night!

Better get.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Happy belated birthday, Joy. I don't post on many blogs, but felt I needed to on yours. You make me laugh with your comments on society in general; you inspire me when you create totally different garments from your SFD blueprints. I know you're very busy, but I would like to see more videos on altering the blueprint into another design including the steps you go through to do it. I am subscribed to your YouTube channel and have looked at your videos more than once. Oh yes, I love the interaction between you & Phylly.

  2. Thank you, Scotbrit. What is your name?

    I am doing a new design right now. I will try to do a video if I get time today.

    Hugs, Joy

  3. My name is Martha - looking forward to your video

  4. I know how you feel since I'll be 63 tomorrow and saw a doc today about a torn lateral meniscus in my knee. No complaints, though - life is good!


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