Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

What a lovely day this has been.  I picked Margaret up at 11:40 and then we went to TGIF to meet Phylly for lunch.  As usual, all the people at the restaurant had changed.  The new people were VERY GOOD though, and we had excellent service.  They even allowed us to have our FREE chips and salsa, although we forgot to have them give us our Friday points.  OH, NO!  That means we won't get any free food offers now.  The waiters used to always ask us about that.

Margaret doesn't realize that I am constantly on my DESM diet -- or she just doesn't care -- and she ordered some kind of AMAZING cheesecake entre'.  Not only that, she ordered THREE spoons with it.  If I am fatter tomorrow than I am today, I am totally blaming it on Margaret.  After all, I couldn't very well hurt her feelings after she ordered me my own spoon.  I suppose I should point out that Margaret ordered 1/2 a salad with no chicken on it.  I ordered the biggest salad on the menu with Balsamic chicken on top.

After lunch, Margaret and I went to Bernina to pick up my properly-serviced Ebay sewing machine.  I am so glad to have that done.  Didn't have to have a new needle threader, so it cost me only $70.  Since the seller refunded me $128, I felt real good about that.  I have been very fortunate with Ebay purchases of sewing machines.  Some are not so fortunate from what I've heard.

After Bernina, we went to a gift shop in the old downtown part of Edmond, OK.  There is a gift shop called Scruples there.  I never go there because it is one of those streets where the traffic is always heavy, and you have to park on one side or the other of it in front of the little shops.  Then you have to walk ACROSS the street if you aren't on the right side.  Today, we parked across the street from Scruples.

I asked Margaret if we shouldn't go to the crosswalk.  She said, "Oh, you can just cross anywhere."  So we stepped into the street and started to cross and just then I noticed a car coming our way.

Now WHAT are the chances that the one and only car coming down the street was a policeman???  Margaret almost got us put in jail for jay-walking!  I grabbed Margaret's arm and we backed up.  The car  slowed way down and came to a stop in front of us by which time we noticed it was a policeman.  He looked at ME, of course, and informed me that he would have to ticket us for Jay-Walking if we didn't cross at the crosswalk.

Good Heavens!!!  I thought that only happened on the Andy Griffith show if Barney Fife caught you crossing in the wrong place.  We decided we didn't have time to go to jail, so we wandered down the sidewalk until we came to a crosswalk.

When we got to Scruples, I wasn't even off the welcome mat inside the door before I found my first treasure.

I like to have crackers with cheese -- crackers with soup -- crackers with wine -- crackers with crackers, and this darling little cracker dish jumped right into my hands.  Check it out:

I put a salt and pepper next to it so you could judge the size of it.  I can't wait to put some Ritz crackers in it. It's like a little cradle, isn't it?  Margaret made some wisecrack about me not even being off the welcome mat yet, but I didn't let that discourage me in the least.  Margaret announced that they had a "Sale Room".  I wanted to know where that was, and I followed her back to it.  We spent quite awhile in there.  These are the half-price goodies I found in there:

This pretty tote.  I love totes with pockets.  You can't have too many of them, especially, when they are 1/2 off!

And I found this on the floor over in a corner.  I decided I needed this to deliver drinks and CRACKERS to my patio.

Let me see.  What did Margaret buy?  Oh yes, a very pretty gift for a friend.

Then, I took Margaret back home and myself back home.  I did make a brand new blouse yesterday using my SFD blueprint, but I haven't photographed it yet.

I better go do something resembling exercise before that cheesecake goes to my thighs and my waist!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Ah, you didn't eat that much cheesecake; we all three were eating on it. I certainly ate my share. It certainly was really yummy!

    It was so good to see Margaret again. She needs to get together with us on a Saturday. We might not get much sewing done, but we'd sure have fun!

    Please tell me you didn't leave that tote there! It was just begging you to take it home with you. You can fill it with fabric and thread and scissors and all sorts of sewing goods.
    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Oh, yes, I bought that tote. You might forget one of your 50 totes sometime, and I will have a spare. (-;

  3. I really need to make some more purses. Maybe there will be a lull in sewing fall/winter clothes and I can make some then.

  4. Joy I love the cracker dish,It is something I will look for when shopping


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